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Naxos has taken Ayame's father prisoner; Kichiro's guild obliterated. An amusing, witty, and genuine tale of friends as they journey in the land of Rune-Midgard. A story of ADVENTURE…a story of ROMANCE…a story of FRIENDSHIP….

Silver Wings

By: Kirameku, Hikari

Chapter 2

Ayame awoke with a start, throwing off her blanket. She sat quietly, dazed, looking around at the dreary atmosphere. 'Rain,' she thought, 'Fits my mood…' Her thoughts stopped when she noticed a strange presence in the room with her. She glanced around the room, her eyes slowly adjusting to the gloominess of the day, she saw a form sitting by the window. Ayame opened her mouth to speak, but the shock of realizing who it was stole her words away from her. 'Kichiro?' She thought, slowly laying back down, trying not to be noticed.

"The rain is quite soothing isn't it?" His voice spoke softly, but clearly, all the same, Ayame nearly jumped out of her skin. She couldn't even think of what to say. Kichiro, who still had his back to her gave a loud sigh.

How had he known she was up when he had had his back turned away from her? 'No' She corrected herself. 'I think the proper question at the time would have to be-why he's in my room?'

"Then again," Kichiro continued, "You've always liked it when it rained."

She was quick to shut her eyes close when she heard footsteps come nearer to her and she pretended to be asleep. She felt his presence coming nearer, nearer to herself…nearer to her face…nearer to her lips…she froze.


Ayame shivered as she felt icy, coldwater splash on her face. She slowly opened her eyes and came face to face with a... water basin? 'What the..' Before she could finish her thoughts, she heard a loud laugh from Kichiro.

"AAAAAH!" Ayame suddenly bolted up and shrieked. Hitting the laughing Kichiro in the head during the process. "OW!"

Ayame looked at the Kichiro in front of her as they both held their heads in pain.

"Atashi no atama, itai!" trans: Ouch, my head!

"Yuck! You could've just shook me to wake me up!" Ayame groaned and held her head in pain.

Kichiro instantly recovered. "Dear, dear Ayame-chan. Tsk, tsk, tsk... Didn't you know? You had an accident and wet yourself in bed AGAIN like you used to." exclaimed Kichiro as he waited for Ayame to respond in a stubborn, irritated state, but was surprised when she didn't.

"What? How could I wet myself in bed if the water is on my face?" Ayame smiled.

"Oooooh... Well, it's a talent only YOU have my dear." cooed Kichiro in a cool calm way.

Ayame laughed at Kichiro's witty remark. She sighed. She was actually glad to see Kichiro up and at it. His mischievousness made her forget about the little incident the night before, instead, igniting the child-like playfulness she had within.

Kichiro noticed that Ayame was in her own little own world at the moment. 'Ayame-chan... always daydreaming…wait,' his thoughts came to a pause when again, he couldn't help but notice how cute she looked. He shook his head and smiled. He reached out and playfully brushed the back of his fist against Ayame's chin. She looked at him and smiled, that kawaii smile that she does.

Those dark blue eyes immediately stunned him; they seemed so clear and deep for someone so young. But these were still naïve-ones that shine with the joy of being young. He loved her eyes. They were so deep and caring. When he wandered into them the whole world would melt away and he wouldn't be able to pull away from them. It was an odd feeling but he liked it. They stood there smiling and laughing for a while until something snapped them both out of it.

"Poooooorrriiiiing!" BAM

Kichiro fell face flat on the floor as Niu charged at him.

"Kichiro-kun, Daijobou ka?" Ayame asked very much concerned as she headed over to comfort Kichiro but slipped when she tripped on her nightgown and fell over, landing on-top of Kichiro, who instinctively brought up his hands to her waist to catch her.

Ayame stared at Kichiro wide eyed. She could feel her heart rapidly beating and her cheeks turning red as she had both of her hands on the floor, each extended on each side of Kichiro's shoulder to steady herself from the fall. She was face to face with Kichiro who gripped her waist tightly with one hand and had his elbow to the floor with the other. For a while they froze, as Kichiro stared back at Ayame, their faces just inches apart.

Kichiro felt his heartbeat pounding intensely in his chest as he took one huge gulp. Strands of her long dark hair had fallen carelessly on her face in an attempt to conceal the apparent shade of scarlet on her cheeks as she lowered her face a little though still keeping her timid eyes on Kichiro.

"Ayame-chan! OHAYOO-O-oh.." sweat drop

Ayame and Kichiro briskly turned away from each other to glance at what seemed to be an uninvited guest.

The door to Ayame's room had been slid open and by it stood a brown haired stranger.

"Shinno!" Ayame shockingly exclaimed.


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Now for another set of Japanese vocabulary:

You may have noticed the sentence, "Atashi no atama, itai!" which meant, "Ouch, my head."

Atashi- I (This is a young girl's version of standard-polite and is a little more casual.)

no- another particle (a part of speech in Japanese), and it serves several purposes. A common is the equivalent of "'s" in English to mark a possesive. For example "Akane no iinazuke" means "Akane's fiancee".

Atama- head

Itai- ouch

2.Ohayo- good morning.

Why all these Japanese in my story? Well since it was inspired by the Japanese Ragnarok Animation, I figured I'd keep the inspiration alive by putting in some Japanese. Ja ne! (see ya later!)