Title: Forever (1?)

Author: granger2malfoy

Pairing: BZ/HG

Rating: PG-13

Warning: …. Plenty of angst.

Disclaimer: Not mine, all rights belong to JK. But Blaise and Hermione belong to each other. Plus, The Marriage Law was not my idea but has been adjusted from here: http:f4.grp. This bunny came to after watching a Hallmark special. So, yes, the warning is going to be true. But with the perfect amount of romance with a slightly different Blaise than I have done in the past and not often done.

Summary: With a new Marriage Law being passed, Blaise Zabini makes Hermione Granger an offer of marriage but not all things go as planned, by either of them.

Chapter One

December 16th, 2001

Hermione Granger and Ginny Weasley entered the crowded Flourish and Blotts to escape to cold air and to pick out a few Christmas gifts. The white snow was falling quickly outside as the shoppers went busily around from store to store with many bags in their hands. It was the first Christmas since the end of The Great War and all were grateful for those people who were still alive as they spent much money to show that love.

The two young ladies headed to the new releases as a pair of indigo eyes from the second level followed them around the store. The young wizard was from Granger's class at Hogwarts but in the Slytherin house and knew both girls personally because of coming together through the war. His soft dark-brown curls hit the collar of his blue dress shirt. The Italian ancestors had passed on to him his luscious olive-colored skin and god-like form under than navy suit he wore.

Blaise Zabini watched their excited shopping but mainly kept his eyes on the lovely brunette. It was no longer a secret that he was a member of the Order of the Phoenix and had been since his sixth year. During the war, very few had known where his loyalty lay because the Zabinis had never taken sides during the first war. Yet, his parents were killed during the first month of his sixth year and that was what pushed him to go to Dumbledore to offer his allegiance.

Zabini had not seen Granger since the last Order meeting, which was a about a week ago. But they had not held a conversation since the few quiet, hectic hours before the final battle. Neither spoke of the war but on their future, should they survive. Hermione spoke of her engagement to Ronald Weasley and her wish to be an Auror. Blaise had spoke on wanting to get back to a normal life without spying or killing.

Blaise thought back to her question right before they parted ways to prepare for the dawn.

'Blaise, what of love? I don't know you well enough to know if you are seeing someone?' Hermione asked as she clasped her cloak around her and pulled her hood over her bushy, beautiful hair.

He stared into her eyes before looking over the castle walls of Hogwarts. 'No, I am not seeing anyone.'

Hermione placed a reassuring hand on his broad shoulder as she stated, 'You're an amazing guy. Any girl would be lucky to be called your girlfriend, Blaise. You'll find someone.'

With a chaste kiss on the cheek, she left him alone on the top of the Astronomy tower as he looked down at the hundreds people on the side of the light busying themselves for battle. As the door closed with her already heading down the stairs, Hermione did not see a tear that rolled down his cheek as he gazed up at the stars and whispered, 'Unfortunately, I already have, Hermione.'

The war had killed many people from both sides but Voldemort was gone for good because of 'The Golden Trio', who brought their powers together to end the reign of terror and the evil man, who created it. But shortly after the Voldemort fell to the ground, Lucius Malfoy raised his wand to Ronald Weasley and killed him instantly. Hermione had dropped to his side but luckily Blaise was near by and saved her from Lucius' wand as he killed the senior Malfoy, himself.

Zabini held books in hand as he headed down the bookstore's steps to greet both of the girls. They needed to talk about what happened at the Ministry that morning and what he had done. Once he reached them, all thoughts left his mind as she glanced over to him and flashed that breath-taking smile of hers. Blaise opened his mouth but his tongue felt tied as he hunted for words… any words at the moment.

Hermione laughed as she put back the new book she was looking at and greeted him. "It nice to see you, Blaise. Are you doing some Christmas shopping?"

He nodded and winced as he saw the youngest Weasley trying to hold in her laughter. Blaise gestured to his tomes, as he finally was able to speak. "Yes.. um… no. I mean it is very nice to see you too, Hermione. Ginny. But no, these books are about …eh … for …"

But his stuttering was interrupted but the annoying draw from behind them. "Well, imagine finding the know-it-all in a bookstore. Don't you have every book memorized yet, Granger?"

"Shut it, Malfoy. Or I'll shut it for you," Blaise threatened as he stepped in between Hermione and Draco Malfoy. Draco had been charged with Death Eater activities during the war. But since he did not have the mark, all the charges had been dropped and he paid a heavy fine to clear his name completely as far as the Ministry was concerned.

"Look the silent Slytherin speaks. Will wonders ever cease?" Draco smirked as he watched Blaise make a movement to pull out his wand, which was stopped by Granger.

She tightly held his arm still and stared down their nemesis. As Hermione was about to speak, Severus Snape approached their small group and glanced over all of them before he stated, "Miss Granger, you need to come with me immediately. Miss Weasley, I would suggest you follow as well."

With that said, the dark man known as Severus Snape headed toward the glass doors of the bookstore and was quickly followed by the two girls, which left Zabini and Malfoy alone in the section of the store. Blaise had a good idea what was going on but by the look on the ferret's face, it seemed that he didn't have a clue or could care less.

Draco smirked as he leaned against the shelf of books and commented, "I can't wait till that law is passed. Then she'll regret that she was ever accepted her letter to Hogwarts."

Blaise turned as he stared to the blonde and he tried not to hex him within an inch of his life. Yes, he knew which law Malfoy was referring to. Since they had left Hogwarts and the war had lost many lives, the Ministry of Magic has finally acknowledged, publicly, that the wizarding world is in danger. The continued intermarrying of the Pureblood line had caused more and more stillbirths, squibs and barren children. In an attempt to save the old families The Marriage Law was being considered. Under the law any Pureblood wizard or male head of a Pureblood family could petition for a betrothal contract giving them legal power over a Muggleborn witch. The step is being deemed necessary as they discovered Muggle families feel that betrothal contracts are too 'old fashioned' and would rather let their daughters 'fall in love'.

Since Draco was the only Malfoy, that meant he was able to petition for Hermione. But Blaise had two things that his former housemate didn't know and that would kill any plans the blonde had for 'The Golden Gryffindor Princess.' Zabini cocked his head to right and hid the books that he was buying behind his back as he said, "Really? And what makes you think you'll get her? I am sure that once the law is passed that she'll have plenty of petitioners. What makes you think she'll pick you?"

"Well, I have a friend that is an assistant at the department. Once the law is passed, I will know within fifteen minutes and I have my petition for her with me at all times. I have many plans for that Gryffindor bint. The petitions are reduced to the three with the purest of bloodlines and I am assured a rank within then. Then I will … persuade her to choose me," Malfoy explained in a lower voice as he watched the shoppers outside by the large windows.

Zabini didn't want to think about all the things that Malfoy had in mind for her but he would never let any of those happen. No matter what it took to ensure that. The clock chimed from the Alley as it told that it was noon and the blond stood up and adjusted his clock as he stated, "If you'll excuse my Zabini, I hear that law is due to pass any day now. I want to go pick out my engagement ring for Granger. How do you think she'll look in emeralds?"

With that said, Draco left with a huge smirk on his face and Blaise just itched to smack it off. But he knew that any of the other Slytherin's plans were not going to happen. He just wished that he could see the look on Malfoy's face when he found out. The dark hair wizard chuckled to himself as he made his way to the counter to pay for the books he already picked out, plus the one that Hermione was looking at earlier.

A/N2: So, how do you like it so far? There is very few, if any fics, with him and her for the Marriage Law. I just felt so inspired to do with that Law in place.