As the Ball Drops

By Anubiana

Here we go again. Another New Year's Eve at the Titan's Tower. Everybody has been extremely busy trying to find themselves dates for the big night. Apparently, one has to kiss somebody as the ball drops.

Like every other year, Beastboy attempted to get me to be his date for the occasion. I have yet to even come close to thinking about saying yes. . . not that I ever will. As usual, Cyborg merely went into the city, snapped his fingers, and found himself surrounded by women. He chose the most stereotypically pretty of them all, a girl of about 17 with shoulder length curly blonde hair and a cheerleading uniform. Normally Robin patrols the city to make sure all of the people are safe.

This time however, Starfire has (somehow) convinced Robin not to think for the city's safety and come join the festivities as her date. He accepted. I don't know what made my stomach feel so cold when I watched her ask him that. I guess its just that she has the same naïve love for our team leader as I had for Malchior. . . Either that, or I'm just je-. Nah. That can't be right. I mean, why would I be attracted to Robin? He's stubborn, obsessed with Slade, argumentative, bossy. . . kind, gentle, caring, handsome. . . Arrgh, get a grip of yourself Raven. You don't like him. You can't like him. You mustn't like him.

"So Beastboy's visiting Terra, Cye and Mary are staying here, Star and I are going to watch the ball drop from the square, and Raven's. . . Raven, what are you doing?" I looked up from my book. My eyes met the empty white voids of his mask, and I held his gaze for a few moments before answering, "Well, I might as well patrol the city while your on your dates. There's nothing better for me to do."

Beastboy looked indignant. "Hey! That's insulting when one of your options was to spend the night with me!" I turned back to Robin.

"Yet again I state, there is nothing better for me to do tonight."

Robin, Star, the girl Mary, and Cyborg laughed while the green elf turned around in a huff, probably not capable enough to create a witty comeback. Finally, we all went our separate ways. Before patrolling the city though, I looked at the silhouetted figures of Robin and Starfire through the mist, and heaved a sigh as I teleported myself to the borders of town to begin my patrol.

Before we had left, Robin had given me his Bo Staff. In the middle of the night, whenever both of us couldn't sleep, he would teach me how to use it, in case I was in a situation where I couldn't use my powers. He even taught me a little kung fu. After a few weary nights, I could almost defeat him in a sparring match. Pretty good for a dainty girl like me, eh?

I gripped the staff tight and pulled my grasping hands towards my body. It was rather cold, and flying through the air at a rough rate of 40 miles per hour didn't help keep me warm at all either. I settled to the ground, and teleported my self towards the interior of the city. The borders were ok.

"Terra? Terra, I know you can't hear me, but I still came to talk to you. I still haven't gotten through to Raven like you asked me to before. She just won't agree with me that every person in this world should love and be loved in return. I know you would have wanted me to go on and find another girl after you, but Raven? It just feels weird. She's like a sister to me, and I don't know if I could love her like. . . like I love you. Yes, I did say that right. Stone or not, I still love you. You wouldn't believe how many sleepless nights I've gone through after you, or how many times I really have broken down and cried. . . anyways, what I'm getting to is, I love you Terra, and I miss you. I know we have doctors trying to resurrect you from your stony tomb, but they say they just don't have the technology. . ."

Beastboy then got up from where he was sitting on the base of her er. . . statue, and walked up to it. He placed his lips on the pewter form of the girl he loved, and then took off, pausing in the mouth of the cave to say, "Happy New Year Terra," and leave. Unbeknownst to him, a solitary stone tear was shed from the rock covered form of the girl, and fell to the ground. He had already entered the city limits again, so he couldn't hear the faint raspy voice that rang throughout the cave. "Happy New Year, Beastboy."

The area near the titan's tower was ok, so I teleported to the last part of the city that I needed to check out for the night, the area where all of the New Year festivities were being held. I had stopped by the Tower quickly to change into civilian clothes, so I wouldn't be recognized as a Titan. It felt rather strange to be wearing a T-shirt, some faded jeans, an old trench coat, and a scuffed up pair of tennis shoes instead of my normal attire. (leotard, cloak, slippers, etcetera) Although I already knew that my chakra gem implanted into my forehead would attract a few stares, I made sure I wasn't too noticeable.

All of a sudden, I bumped into Robin and Starfire, who didn't recognize me. "I am sorry. Please excuse our being in your way," I heard Star's voice say. I turned my head down and nodded, wishing I had my hood to hide my face under. I glanced back at the two. Starfire had already forgotten about me, but Robin was staring at my retreating form. I turned back around and ran out of Robin's view. I stopped in an alley, and took the bo staff from its hidden spot under my trench coat. Bending over, I gasped for air and said out loud. "Phew, at least I wasn't followed."

Suddenly, a familiar voice rang out from behind me. "Think again, Dark girl." My eyes widened in fear and shock. "Who are you?" I was cut off by five pieces of tape that bound me to the wall behind me and covered my mouth. I inhaled sharply through my nose as I realized that the pieces of tape were all red, and in the shape of X's. Red X stepped out of the shadows of the alley, laughing. His voice held lust in it, and it sent shivers down my spine as he said, "Hello Raven. Long time no see." He ripped the trench coat off of me and his eyes traveled up and down my body, gleaming with desire. My eyes widened as he slowly walked up to me and gently kissed my neck, working his way up until his lips were inches away from mine. I struggled for a few moments before he forcefully pushed his lips against mine. I don't know why he was kissing me, after all, I always thought that Starfire was the one he liked. As if reading my mind, he pulled himself away from me and spoke. "You're probably wondering why I'm not kissing your little alien friend, aren't you?" I barely managed to nod my head. "I only put on the act of liking her to make Robin mad. My real target however," he paused, almost as if he was trying to be dramatic, "my real target was you Raven." He kissed me again, and this time, I fought back. I bit his lips hard enough to make him draw away. I saw that I had ripped off some of his mask to reveal the droplets of blood falling from his lips. He licked the blood and spoke to me again. "I love it when they're feisty." He then bound me again, this time, I was off of the wall, and he carried me into the abandoned apartment whose wall I was recently bound to. He gently placed me on the floor and stared at my bound form. I could see the bloody corner of his mouth turn upward into a smile. He slowly took his shirt off, being careful not to take off his mask in the process, and then came to me and began to rip my shirt off, until. . .


A figure flew through the window, twirling the bo staff expertly. At first I thought it was Robin, but then I realized that the boy standing there had no mask, and was not wearing the uniform I had seen on Robin's body only a few minutes ago when I had bumped into him. "Let go of her you perv!" It sounded a little like Robin, but there was something different about this guy. Red X pressed a button on his belt (which thankfully he hadn't gotten a chance to take off) and blew a kiss to me. I flicked him off with the hand that the mysterious boy had already unbound, and Red X faded, teleporting to wherever his hideout was. The boy had finished unbinding me and helped me up. I blushed, "Thanks."

"You're welcome. Sorry I didn't come sooner, I was trying to find that guy's weak spot and all of a sudden he takes you and jumps into a building. I found this stick on the ground, and thought to myself that maybe 4 years of kendo may have actually helped me. . .sorry he got away." I took the time to pay close attention to him. He was wearing a flight jacket over a 'college' t-shirt like the one Belushi wore in Animal House, some cargos, and some high tops. He had handsome facial figures, and his hair was gelled so that it spiked up all over his head. The thing that intrigued me most about him though, were his eyes. They were gold with grey flecks, and for a second, I thought that he looked like a wolf. I snapped back into reality however, when he said, "I'm Richard. Richard Grayson. My friends normally just call me Dick though. . . I don't really like 'Dick' however, so just call me Richard." I shook his hand. "Raven Roth, dark girl, damn glad to meet you." Richard looked a little confused. "What?" I sighed and pointed to his shirt.

"Ohhhhh. Hahaha. So Raven. . . umm, do you want to spend the rest of the night with me? I could help you if any other pervs in costume ever try to rape you again." I forced a small smile and answered, "Sure." Richard brightened up. "Okay, come on!" He grabbed my hand and led me out to the city. We went to a few beatniks, and headed on to a nightclub called Prime. Finally, It was a minute to midnight, and after 2 hours of laughing, talking, and smiling, he led me out to the city square. The ten second countdown began.

10. . .

"Hey Raven?"


"Thanks, I had a great time with you."

9. .

"I had a great time too."

8. .

"So do you want to maybe. . . hang out some other time?"

7. .

"Do you mean. . . on a date?"

6. .

"Well. . ." he blushed, "Yeah."

5. .

I paused and thought for a second.

4. .

"Yeah, sure."

"Great! And Raven?"

3. .


2. .

"Happy New Year."

1. .

He leaned forward and kissed me gently. Richard's kiss was different from Red X's. Instead of being forced and hard, his kisses were soft and tender. He drew away from me to catch a breath, and I pulled him towards me in a tight embrace, kissing him again. We finally drew away from each other. I smiled again. "Happy New Year. . . Robin." Robin took one step away from me. "HOW DID YOU?" I cut him off. "Your kiss."

He stopped. . . and then spoke quietly. "You won't tell anyone my identity. . . will you?" I softly replied, "No, I won't tell anyone." We kissed each other one more time and I teleported us to the tower's front door. After pulling his mask from his pocket and putting it back on, he went inside, and I teleported to my room and changed back into my cloak and leotard. Assuming a bored expression, I opened up a bookmarked page of a book I was reading and walked out of the door, down the hall, and into the living room, where everybody was gathered. Cyborg had taken Mary back home already, so it was only us Titans again. I saw Starfire practically choking Robin to death. "Robin! I am so glad that you are safe! After that rude girl bumped into us, you just ran off and I didn't know where you went so I returned here. Cyborg's friend that is a girl got mad at him and left, because she said she didn't want all of us other Titans to interrupt her and him. . . Anyways, I'm so glad that you're safe!" She then turned to me. "So, friend Raven, how was the patrol of the city." Trying to sound monotonous, I answered, "The patrol went fine, in fact, I finished early and hung out with a. . . a friend." Starfire hugged me, yelling, "Glorious! Raven has a friend that is a boy! I am so happy!" Mumbling under my breath, I sadistically stated, "Yeah well, you wouldn't be so happy if you knew who my 'friend who is a boy' is." The naïve alien girl frowned. "What did you say?"

"Oh, nothing. I'm tired, so I'm going to bed. Good night."

Before I went to bed, I heard a knock on my door. I headed to it and opened it. It revealed Robin.

"So. . . uhhh. . . where and when are you meeting your friend tomorrow?"

"10 PM at Prime. . . and he'd better not be late."

Robin grinned. "I'll pass him the message."

A/N- Wow this is my first post of the year! And although i do know that it's a little late to be posting a new years fic (it is Valentines Day), I got grounded before new years and got gasp both Computer and internet taken away. Damn parents. . .all because i got one friggin C on AN INTERIM REPORT. IT DOESN'T EVEN MATTER THAT MUCH! IT's NOT LIKE I'M PERFECT! deep calming breaths This fic is dedicated to all of yall who are waiting patiently for the next chapter of DOW. All I can say right now is that I'm posting it sometime in January or February. And JUST BECAUSE THIS IS A ONESHOT DOESN'T MEAN THAT YOU DON'T REVIEW IT! YOU SHOULD REVIEW IT, DAMNIT! Oh well, hope you enjoyed.- Nubi