As the Ball Drops

Chapter Seven: Shayx

By Lady Croww (Anubiana)




The sound of metal slamming upon metal rang through the hallways of the Jump City Prison Facility's Alpha Wing; The wing where those who the Titans caught were put. A masked boy with a muscular figure and reddish hair that matched the bright orange jump suit he was wearing walked with his head down as he was being escorted by two particularly large men to a white room that seemed brighter due to its fluorescent lighting. The only bit of colour that he could see in there was a bright yellow, red, and green costume that belonged to a boy who looked to be his age.

"This who you need Mr. Titan?"

Robin looked up and eyed the prisoner warily. His lips curved upward slightly as he answered, "Yep, that's the guy. I'll take him into custody from here."

"Will you require any assistance on escorting him to your tower?"

The hint of curve disappeared, and his face showed no emotion.

"I think I can handle him on my own."

"Okay, Mr. Titan . . .and what about his belongings?"

"I'll take those for examination and evidence."


The three men handcuffed the prisoner, and then shuffled out of the room, leaving Speedy and Robin alone in the room. The empty voids of each others' masks met the other's. When Robin spoke, breaking the silence, his voice was laced with malice.

"You have a lot of explaining to do."

Raven's POV

"Ehhh . . . well, Beastboy, this is Rorek. Rorek, I see you've already . . . uhhh . . .met Beastboy."

Rorek's eyes narrowed in Beastboy's general direction, though his question was directed to me.

"He isn't a tamer, is he? I don't know of any Elvin tamers."

"No, he's a shapeshifter. The tamer you've met already is Robin."


"The wolf whose chest you slashed at in the shape of an X. You know; your sovereign."

I put extra emphasis on the last two words, pointing out that Rorek should not have hurt Robin. Beastboy waved his hands in my face frantically.

"Heeellllloooo? Earth to Raven and her spooky little feelings; Why is he here? Why'd you let him out of that book again?"

I turned to Beastboy, wondering how he knew what Malchior had looked like anyway then stopped. I had forgotten that he had snuck into my room multiple times and seen Malchior and I.

"This is not Malchior; This is Rorek—"

"Yeah, yeah, Rorek of the Divine Light, only son of Corin the Great, brother to Malchior of Nole, heir to the throne, yadda, yadda, yadda."


Something must be wrong . . . Beastboy has me confused? Beastboy! Rorek visibly cringed and I turned to him with an inquisitive pasting itself to my face.

"Why, whatever is he talking about, Rorek?"

After sending a quick glare towards Beastboy, Rorek turned to me and spoke.

"I believe that is none of your business, Milady Raven."

I smirked. Maybe being the Sha'menr'a isn't all that bad after all.

"As your supreme sovereign, I demand that you tell me what you told Beastboy while I was unconscious."


Rorek shifted about and looked around, his eyes settling behind me and Beastboy. We turned around and saw Starfire and Cyborg in the doorway giving the three of us confused looks. I spoke with a newfound eloquence that I seemed to never have until now.

"Hello, everybody. This is my captor, Rorek. He was supposed to come here to destroy Malchior, but he instead decided to try and seduce me and repress my powers so I could give him a VIP pass. Apparently, he and Beastboy don't seem to agree on all issues political, although they both seem to want to keep me in tact. By the way, how is Robin healing? I'm making Rorek tell us all about his life for nearly killing him, not to mention kidnapping me."

Starfire still looked at me quizzically, then she looked to Rorek and tentatively made her way into my room. Speaking of which, I need to kill Beastoby and Rorek for going into my room.

Starfire looked to me and asked, "Is he a friend to us, or a foe?"

"Oh, don't worry, he's required to be a friend whether he likes it or not. I'm his supreme master, so he has to like me and you all unless he wants to be killed by me."

"Oh, OK."

She flew over to Rorek and wrapped her arms around him in a death hug, squealing like a pig at the slaughterhouse as he began to choke.

"Ooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh, Welcome Friend Rorek to our humble abode. According to Beastboy, we are the Titans and we majorly kick the proverbial donkey multitudes of times! I'm Starfire! Oh! I could make some pudding of happiness! It is such a joyous occasion, for we do not receive many visitors here!"

As Rorek tried to gasp out his answer, and Beastboy laughed at Rorek being choked, I felt Cyborg's hand on my shoulder. I turned around to see him look at me, stone faced.

"We need to have a talk."

I nodded and turned to the others.

"Starfire, stop choking Rorek and go and make your pudding of happiness. Beastboy, show him to Speedy's old room and try not to act macho. As for you," I turned to Rorek, "Teleport your things from that apartment into your room then go and eat Star's pudding. No spells, curses, or hexes on Beastboy or the pudding at all, got it? Good, then go."

"What's the difference between Beastboy and the pudding anyway?"

"Just go."

Starfire looked at me confusedly before letting go of Rorek and floating to the kitchen; She obviously was not used to having me speak more than one sentence or give orders for that matter. Beastboy sulkingly led Rorek out of the door and towards Speedy's old room. I then beckoned Cyborg to come in and shut the door. He frowned.

"Raven, are you ok?"

"Well, let's see, that's a great question . . . hmmm . . . every minute of my life, I have to worry about being possessed by my father, and—"

"You know that's not what I mean? Why are you acting so . . . differently? I mean, normally less than two sentences leave your mouth, so what's with the paragraphs?"

"Robin and I founded the titans together. We made a pact that when he was incapacitated, I would take over. Though he named you his second in command officially, I'm the unofficial one. I took charge when I needed to . . . after all, it's not too often that we have magical guests that only I can really handle at the tower."

"So you're sure you're ok?"


"Well, this won't help then. I just went in to the infirmary to check on Robin, and he wasn't there. I didn't find anything that signified how he left."

My eyes narrowed. Robin; gone? Why?

"Did you try him on his communicator?"

"Nope. I wanted to tell you first," He smiled a little, "I acknowledge your unofficial second-in-commanded-ness."

"I'll call him then. Don't worry. Go get a plastic bag and head to the kitchen. I'll be right there."

"A plastic bag?"

"Sure, just in case Rorek needs it. I don't want him to stain the carpets when he vomits, and I have a feeling Beastboy may not show him where the bathroom is."

Cyborg laughed a little then left.




"Are you gonna get that?"




"Just hold on a second."

Robin? Robin, are you ok?

"Raven! You're alive!"

Ditto. I guess you're alright then if you've already left the sickbed?

"I am after all, the Boy Wonder."

You should change that to something like, I don't know, the Teen wonder or something. You are seventeen. (after all)

"Oh shut up. Is that all you called me for?"

Yes. When'll you get back to the tower?

"Don't worry, I'll be back soon."

Alright, bye.

a beat.

"So, you and Raven close or something?"

Robin looked to Speedy, contemplating whether or not to do it; and after a few seconds, he decided he would. He peeled off his mask and combed his fingers through his hair, deforming the gel and making his hair look more natural. He blinked, turning to Speedy with his eyes glinting dangerously, then said, "I'll let you decide."

Speedy's eyes widened in recognition. His voice sounded venomous.

"It was you. You were that annoying jerk who kept me from Raven."

Laughing, Robin threw the box of belongings to Speedy.

"Change. We're gonna fight to the finish. You'll pay for New Year's Eve, whether you harmed Raven or not."

Speedy (surprisingly) quickly changed, combed his hair, and then fitted an arrow to his bow.

"Bring it on."

"You are evil."

My lips held a faint trace of a smile.

"No, you are legions beyond evil. You are the child of Satan himself."

I barely winced. The barbed remark had hit a nerve, and it took a ton of control for me not to . . . 'explain peacefully' that his comment was dangerously close to being true.

The scene before me was interesting. Beastboy and Cyborg were on the floor laughing, Starfire, standing next to the remains of her pudding of happiness, was confused, and Rorek had his face buried into the trash bag that Cyborg had provided him. I stood in the corner, watching him receive his punishment for hurting Robin and seducing and kidnapping me. I think that was punishment enough.

Once Rorek ceased to throw up, I gave him a glass of water, and we made our way into the living room. I bid him to stand in front of us and whispered into Beastboy's ear so only he could hear.

"If he lies about anything, tell me."

Rorek glared in the green changeling's general direction, as if he had heard us, then began his tale.

"My mother was Fianna, a minor sorceress. She had always held a passion for . . . well, passion. The townsfolk always came to her for herbs or to get healed. However, the only customers she would take were men, and if they couldn't pay her or refused to pay her, she would sleep with them for her charge."

At this point he paused, as if trying to recall something. I looked to Beastboy inquisitively, and he nodded once. Rorek was telling the truth so far. After a few minutes, he remembered and continued.

"The King had heard of her powers, and wanted her to help him. For years, he had never been able to produce an heir, and whenever his wife had a girl, he killed the wife and the child. He came to my mother to make sure that his next child would be a boy. She performed the procedure, and then he refused to pay her, knowing full well what would happen. They slept together that night. The day after the king left, a young peasant man went to my mother with his sick daughter. He was too poor to pay, so naturally they slept together. The next morning, he revealed himself to her as Corin the Great, the most powerful enchanter in England."

"He told her that she had two children in her womb, one was his child, one was not. The elder would grow to be full of greed, like his father, and the younger would be just as powerful and proud of his family and himself as his father. Nine months later, she gave birth to Malchior of Nole, heir to the English throne. One day later, she had me, Rorek of the Divine Light, son of Corin the Great."

"The King did not know that I was not his son yet, and when he took my mother, brother, and I in, we became his family. Corin's prophecy was proved true when Malchior stole three golden crowns and refused to give them back, and I constantly went on walks in the forest, where I would meet with my father and be tutored. On one such day, Malchior followed me and I didn't notice. That day, my father and I continued the lesson on beings called tamers, the only magic users stronger than enchanters. He taught me the spell to force a tamer to change to its animal form, and the moment I said them, I was a wolf, and an enormous dragon was standing outside of the cave."

"The moment the dragon spoke to me, I knew it was my brother, Malchior. He said, 'You dare call this one your father?' 'He is my father,' I replied. I was too proud not to admit so. Malchior had a terrible temper, and he killed my father, then turned to me."

"I was desperate. I wanted to live more than anything, and my father had not taught me the words to force tamers back to their normal forms. I told Malchior that I could teach him everything he'd need to know about basic magic. He allowed me to live. I taught him everything that my father had taught me, and he soon began to study alone at his own rapid pace. I was thankful that he had seemingly forgotten that he wanted to kill me until a few days after we turned twenty-one. I went down into the town to propose marriage to a young girl who I had been seeing for a while. When I went into the house, she claimed she had never seen me before and was already engaged to her true love, Malchior."

"I was angrier than ever. He had stolen my one love away from me, only because I had something that he didn't that made me happy, and for that reason only, he wanted it. That same night, the King died mysteriously, but my mother and I both recognized the magic as Malchior's signature. She killed herself for fear that her son would kill her too. The day before my brother's coronation as king, I went to my father's old cave to brood and came upon two books, one black, and one white. Each held only one curse. The black's curse erased absolutely everything that happened in a period of time chosen by the user of the curse. This curse was called the Shayx curse. The white's told me how to capture a powerful being in the book. That was the Shixe curse."

"That night, I performed the Shayx curse and erased everything from that century. Though I had originally thought that it would cancel out even me, Malchior and I were the only two left, standing in the wreckage of what looked like an abandoned castle. We began to battle, and once he realized the odds were against him, he shifted into his dragon's form. I am—was more powerful while I was not in my tamer's form, so I first charmed myself so I could not be force changed."

He stopped and gravely smiled in my direction.

"I believe that you already know the rest, milady."

The odds were looking bad for Robin. Speedy had already caught him with six arrows, four embodied with elemental magic, and two with light and dark magic, and yet the archer had no scratch on himself. The Boy Wonder was seemingly about to lose when he suddenly thought of his tamer's form. That could give him enough shock value to creep out Speedy, and he would still have the advantage of being more lithe and agile. However, no matter how much he had wanted to bid himself to change, he couldn't.

Robin was majorly lagging. He was on the verge of collapsing by the time that Speedy had fit his most powerful arrow to his bow. At this point, Robin had the insane urge to put Speedy into a coma. He reached his free hand out, clenching Speedy's invisible skull. However, he did not notice that at the same time, Speedy was clutching his head in agony. The minute he saw that, he frowned, and the squeezing immediately stopped as Speedy fainted. Robin waited a few seconds before getting out his communicator.

"Hello, Bruce?"


"I need you to get in touch with Green Arrow for me."

. . . Why?

"Just send him to the tower to pick up his apprentice. I'll fill him in when he gets there."

. . . Okay. . .

The two hung up on each other, and Robin only had enough time to mentally call for help before he collapsed on the ground next to Speedy.

It was normal for Raven to stay up late while the others slept, but this night was important. She had meditated for seven hours to prepare herself for this moment. With that, she stood and walked over to the black chest in the corner, and opened it. After blowing the dust off of the book, she was not surprised when the book began to speak.

"Lovely day for forgiveness, is it not, Sweet Raven?""


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