Hi I've done this story with the help of my co workers. I know a lot of people like to use quotations but I think I'm going to stick with a play set out. I've been a writer for 1 years now and let me just say the fan fiction stories are normally not very good and done by amateurs but these stories are really good and a lot of effort have been put into them.

Logan- WHAT!

Storm- Now Logan be happy for them.

Logan- Happy! HAPPY! He's going t' propose t' her for god sake!

Storm- Yes and is there a problem with that?

Logan- Yes, yes there is!

Storm- Now can you tell me and Remy what that problem is?

Logan- Yes I can. There, there too young for number 1. Number 2, there nothing like each other and number 3, it's this stupid Cajun has hurt her a million times and he'll do it again!

Storm- Number 1, there 21 and lots of people get married at 21. Number 2, it's good there not like each other or they'd be too much like each other and number 3, there in love and all has been told of Remy's past now so it's alright.

Remy- Ah promise Logan, dis fool won't be a fool t' Rogue. Ah love her, and dats all what can be said.

Logan- What ever Cajun!

Logan walked off in a mood.

Remy- Great, ah really need his trust. Ah know ah'm not an X Man, so he deserves t' hate me. But ah need him t' be happy fo' us. Ah need his blessing. It'd mean a lot t' Rogue and t' me. And without him, Rogue might so no.

Storm- Remy I am sure Logan will get used to the idea soon enough. Give him time. And as for Rogue, she loves you for who you are, not for what people think of you. Logan may be her father figure, but she won't mind him being a bit adjusted to the thought.

Remy- Ya right.

Storm- Now then, you better get cleaned up. You'll be late for your dinner.

Remy- Can't b' late for dat den.

Rogue and Kitty were looking forward to this day. Valentines Day was there favourite day. Rogue brushed her long urban hair whilst Kitty chose an outfit for her.

Rogue- And he's taking me t' a dinner show and the whole lot.

Kitty- Aw. I'm so happy for you guys. You've been together for 3 years now. And you've had your ups and downs, but tonight you're going to feel special.

Rogue- Ah do everyday with him. He makes me feel special.

Kitty- But especially tonight.

Rogue- What d'ya mean…. Kitty ah told ya a million times, he is not going t' propose. We're jus' not there yet.

Kitty- Well, you might not be but he certainly is.

Rogue- What…

Kitty- Come on Rogue. He's paying 200 just for a dinner show, he's got a new tuxedo and he's actually got some shoes with shoe laces.

Rogue- Oh my god Kitty! Ah don't wanna get married.

Kitty- Carm down. Me and Peter got married, it was great.

Rogue- But he's an X Man now. Oh Kitty, it' be too difficult.

Kitty- Okay Rogue. I'll help. First of all when he asks you, smile and pretend your about to say yes and then faint.

Rogue- Oh ah can't do that Kitty. Ah love the guy!

Kitty- Well you can't so no to him or you two will be done for.

Rogue- Alright ah'll do it.

Kitty- I hope that you'll say yes though. I mean, what's the problem? You two are great. And you love him and want to be with him. Marriage is just making sure that your love is stronger and better.

Rogue- Ah jus' can't. Ya know about Kurt and Amanda. They got married and the divorce led to death. He got killed Kitty. And every time ah think about it, it's like ah can't get married.

Kitty- Rogue Kurt got killed because Sinister drained him to much. And Amanda was in tears. But that won't happen to your love. Now stop crying. Kurt is happy now.

Rogue- Ah'll jus' faint then. Ha ha. It sounds funny but evil.

Downstairs Remy walked Rogue to his bike. They hoped on and off to the dinner show.

Kitty- Storm, do you think she'll say yes.

Storm- If I know Rogue, she will.

Kitty- But she told me that she…

Storm- She's happy Kitty, and once she looks into his eyes she'll see that love. Just like I did with Logan.

Kitty- I hope she does. I really do.