Hi I've done this story with the help of my co workers. I know a lot of people like to use quotations but I think I'm going to stick with a play set out. I've been a writer for 10 years now and let me just say the fan fiction stories are normally not very good and done by amateurs but these stories are really good and a lot of effort have been put into them.

It'd had been 2 weeks of crying, loneliness and anger. "If only he wanted kids, if only he had a better childhood, if only if only!" If only, that was always the case. If some things in the past had changed, maybe they'd still be together, planning their wedding. Rogue looked at her clock. The clock… He got her that. It was for her 20th birthday, a year before this engagement. Everything Rogue saw reminded her of Remy.

Rogue- How ah'm ah ever gonna get over him'?

Rogue sat up. She didn't want to be lonely; she didn't want to be without love. She didn't deserve it. It was time to find a new guy.

Rogue- The only way ah'm ever gonna get over him is t' dump everything he ever got.

Kitty- All his stuff?

Rogue- Well yeah. Ah don't care if its jewellery or my everyday objects, ah'm getting' rid of him.

Rogue gathered all his stuff and put it in a basket. She went over to his old room. He hadn't been in there for 2 years. But he still clamed it as his room.

Rogue- Goodbye Remy, once again.

Rogue walked out of his room pretty pleased.

Kitty- So I'm guessing you did it?

Rogue- Yeah, so now lets go party at that new nightclub.

Kitty- Okay, we can meet some fit lads there.


Remy-She was my girl, she was my only love. It was weird how we met. I tried t' blow her up. But after dat I kidnapped her. Ha ha. We became friends, and after da apocalypse ting, ah stayed wid her fo' a while. Soon we got closer and closer, and then ah kissed er. And fainted. But we were together ever since.

Man- Hey dude, I don't even know who you are.

Remy- Oh piss off!

Remy sounded drunk, but he didn't have a drip. He was depressed. Maybe if he had told Rogue that he wanted kids and just had them, they'd sill be together.

Remy- All alone in dis world.

Giselle- Don't threat Remy.

Giselle was Remy's friend. They'd always been friends. He would help her with her problems, and the same with him.

Giselle- It was the best that you split up.

Giselle had a proper American accent.

Remy- But ah wouldn't of minded havin' a kid Giselle.

Giselle- But that doesn't change the fact that you wanted one.

Remy- Maybe ah should call her.

Giselle- No Remy! If you call now she'd be so angry at you. She's probably trying to get over you by going to a club or something. That's an idea; we'll go to a club and meet some ladies for you.

Remy- If there Rogue, den ah'll be happy.

Giselle- Remy, you have to stop talking like that. You loved her, and she loved you. But it's over now, you both went different ways. So if you love her, let her be free.

Remy- Okay. So, what should ah wear?

Remy had a grin on his face.


Rogue- Kitty! Ya ready t' go?

Kitty- Sure am.

Kitty phased through the floor and scared Rogue.

Rogue- Kitty, don't do that!

Kitty- Wow, who's all dressed up?

Rogue- Ya don't think it's to much d'ya?

Logan- Ya look fine. And I'm glad you kicked that Cajun out.

Rogue- Um… Yeah, me too.

Kitty nudged Logan and whispered.

Kitty- Logan, she still isn't over him yet so shh!

Logan- Come ere kid.

Rogue gave Logan a hug.

Rogue- Thanks Logan.

Kitty- Come on Rogue were gonna be late.

Rogue- Okay, okay.

Giselle- REMY! You ready?

Remy- Yes. Wow, ya look beautiful.

Giselle- Are you hitting on me?

Remy- What if ah was?

Giselle- I'd hit you. Were friends. Right, you got all your stuff?

Remy- All ah need is my hands, eyes, legs and tongue.

Giselle- (Laughing) Okay you idiot lets go.

Remy- Which nightclub is it?

Giselle- Moonbeats. It's a really good nightclub.

Rogue-Moonbeats! Ya got us tickets into that club!

Kitty- Yeah. But before we go, I need to like pick up someone.

Rogue- What! Ah thought it was jus' gonna be us two!

Kitty Yeah but, you know.

They stopped outside the house. Two men walked out. Peter and… John (pyro).

Rogue- Oh my god. John is lookin good.

Kitty- Hey guys, jump in.

John- Hey Rogue.

Rogue- Hiya sugah. My ya lookin' good t' night.

John laughed.

John- Well, you two ladies don't look bad yourself.

Kitty- Here we go.

On the way to Moonbeats, Rogue and John kept giving glances at each other in the mirror. Kitty realised this and got a thought in her head, although she didn't say anything.

John- This club must be good if it's so far away.

Rogue- Were here.

The club had lights flashing out of it. There were people outside and in.

Rogue- Wow.

John- Do you want to dance Rogue?

Rogue- Sure thang.

Kitty- (To Peter) Maybe we should try to get those to together.

Peter- Yeah, she deserves a new guy.

Kitty- It's not as simple as that. Its permanent damage Peter, she'll never trust a man again. I just wish Remy wanted kids, then maybe they'd still be together.

Peter- They was so strong. I just don't understand.

Kitty- I guess it's just love. It's a complicated thing.

Peter- Well, I hope it's not for us.

Kitty- It will be, but we can get through it, right?

Peter- Of course we can.

Rogue- So john, ya got a gal back at home?

John- I have no home, or a gal.

Rogue- Well, ya know ya welcome t' join the X Men anytime ya want.

John- Ya know, I've heard gossip about you.

Rogue- Really? What about?

John- Ya fatal, every time ya bring a man to the X Men, they always leave with everyone hating them.

Rogue- Now who told ya that? Ah'll kick their butt!

John- Me. I've noticed it, but I like you a lot. I always have. I guess it's just a crush.

Rogue- Well maybe, ya know me 'n' you should get t' gether some time.

John- How about now?

He lent in and kissed her.

Rogue- ….Ya not dead!

John- No I'm not.

Rogue- How?

John- Lets jus' say it's a treat.

John and Rogue kissed. As they were kissing, Remy and Giselle came in. Remy's face went blunt. He was angry, hurt and jealous.

Remy punched John in the face.

Rogue- JOHN!

Remy- Ow dare ya touch her! Ah thought ya were my friend!

Rogue helped John up.

Rogue- How dare you!

Remy- Ah dare. What were ya doin' kissing dis… Kissing! Ow did ya kiss her?

Rogue- None of your business and ya know what ah was doin' ah was moving on!

Remy- Rogue, listen t' me…

Rogue- Come on John.

Rogue and John headed outside and Remy followed.

Giselle- Remy, come back!

Remy grabbed Rogue.

Rogue- What!

Remy- Can you two jus' leave us alone?

John- No way…

Rogue- Jus' do it John. We're gonna get this over and done with!

Giselle and John walked back inside the club.

Rogue- Remy!

Remy- Listen t' me Rogue, ah need t' explain.

Rogue- Explain what? Ya don't want kids, ya come over here t' hit my new boyfriend…Ya jus' trying t' ruin everything!

Remy- Boyfriend…Look, that isn't the point. Rogue, ah will have kids with you, ah will pay fo' them t' go t' collage, ah'll do everything.

Rogue- Remy, it means a lot t' me that ya saying that fo' me, but ah jus' can't. Ah don't want t' force ya into having a child ya don't want. Ah want a family, a happy one.

Remy- With John?

Rogue- Well it's a start. Remy, it's hard but, ah wanna move on.

Remy- But ah'm still in love with you.

Rogue- If ya truly loved me, you'd leave me alone.

Rogue walked away leaving Remy with his thoughts.

To be continued….