Oberon looks over at So'bal with concern. He deactivates the energy field and lets Jin Wan drop to the ground. Taking hold of his arm he picks him up and begins to carry the weakened Jedi out of the prison.


More Jedi fighters and ships begin to appear out of hyperspace, as they group with each others and begin to attack the surface of the planet. But, rising fast out of the atmosphere, the enemy rebellion fighters counter attack in full force. A confusion of ships now dance above the planet as they battle amongst each other. The larger ships continue their heavy barrage of missles to the surface, which strike the desolate rocky region causing it to quake from the destructive impacts. The Razorclaw lands on the far side of the canyon wall, a small outcropping from the caverns is used as a landing pad. Unknown to the others, except Nevari, she's used this landing area many times. The ramp lowers down as Yoda, Nevari and Tirana come running out of it.

"Stay with the ship!" Tinara screams at Mort looking at her through the cockpit window. "We won't be long…"

"Hurry…my Master in danger he is!" Yoda shouts running into the cavern depths with his lightsaber in hand.

Nevari follows him with every step, for a small boy, Yoda is incredibly fast in his pacing. The Force helps him to sprint beyond what he would normally do, like gliding on air, the boy is fast as the wind itself. Tirana is in awe of the Padawan, his quickness is a surprise to her, even when she notices that she's falling behind him and Nevari.


The inner caverns shake and rumble with the sound of Jedi bombardment. Each hit causes the rocks to shatter, dirt flying everywhere and corridors to collapse. As B'Taknor rushes along side his two robotic white warriors protecting him from the debris and falling rocks, he holds up a communicator and presses the button to speak.

"I thought you said you were coming to protect us?"

"We didn't expect them so soon…" A snobbish male voice answers back in the crackling radio transmission. "But have no fear….the Black Sun is here."

"Hold them off till I arrive."

"As you wish." The voice replies.


As the space battle continues to rage above the planet, the sudden appearance of the massive Black Sun vessel streaks out of Hyperspace and engages the Jedi as well. The dark black cruiser nearly dwarfs the main Jedi fleet ships; its cannons unfold along the hull and instantly shower the area in streaks of massive laser fire. The Jedi were caught off guard by the ship and some of the small fighters perish from the deadly crossfire that now showers about.

Inside the massive black ship, Anako Sentoi sits in his comfortable leather-bound command chair on the bridge and sips from his small cup of tea.

"Signal the rebel Jedi that we are ready for docking…time to leave."

The officers near by nod as they obey his command. The bridge is rather sparse and yet very military looking. The window in front is massive and rounded to give a wide view. Control stations are on either side of Anako's chair and down below built into the floor is two circular stations where the dual pilots helm the ship. The interior of the ship's bridge is full of well-polished black paneling and grey metal; the typical color scheme of the Black Sun.

Outside the vessel, the Rebel Jedi being to retreat into the massive ship as it continues to provide cover fire for them all. Even though the other Jedi forces are still trying to prevent them from escape, other rebel fighters rising out of the planet hinder their efforts.


Oberon carries So'bal though the cavern maze as he tries to catch up with B'Taknor and the others. The camel faced man finds it hard to lug Jin Wan through and breathes heavily as he holds on to him tight.

"I never knew how heavy you were my old student."

Jin Wan chuckles and gazes up at him.

"You can leave me here, I'll catch the next flight."

As they reach an opening in the narrow cave, a blast sends more debris down on top of them and causes Oberon to drop him. Jin Wan lets out a painful moan as rocks topple on him. Oberon quickly removes the small chunks of rubble and tries to pick him up again. Jin Wan suddenly leaps over the man and brings his arm around him in a chokehold. The camel faced Jedi gasps for breath as his former student keeps the lock on him tight.

"Now then Oberon…time to yield and surrender to the Council. This war is over."

"No…" The old man grunts. "Its not….you don't know how powerful B'Taknor is…."

"Powerful?" Jin Wan snickers. "His power will diminish as soon as the Order finishes him off here."

"You don't…you don't understand" The old man continues. "He has allies…high above the planet is a ship that belongs to the Black Sun."

So'bal's eyes dart in amazement. He couldn't believe his ears, the Black Sun was loyal to no one, and how could a group of former Jedi ever bring themselves to work with a ruthless crime syndicate like that?

"You have no choice but to let me go my boy…" Oberon gasps again. "Let me go or be prepared to face them as well."

Jin Wan pauses while he thinks for a second and then releases his hold on the old former Jedi Master.

"This is udder madness." So'bal breathes in contempt. "This is not the Jedi way at all…even if you are trying to be a new order, to involve a crime group like that is beyond evil!"

"They have their uses, where else were we to turn for getting supplies, ships and passage to planets without the council's knowledge." Oberon admits as he adjusts his neck.

"This isn't the way Oberon." Jin Wan pleads. "I've seen the path…the real path we should be on. And this is not it."

"What do you mean?" The old camel-faced Jedi inquires.

"Come with me. Let me show you something I've discovered."

"This mystery planet you mean….the one you trying to tell me about earlier." Oberon gazes at him.

"Yes." So'bal nods. "We'll take a ship, we'll leave all this behind and I will show you the reason why I was out there in the first place."

"You…you were tired of the Order. That's why you left."

"Not really…" Jin Wan says brushing his hair back. "I was on a mission. A mission that Master Daus sent me on in secret."

"What?" Oberon gasps. "What mission? You are trying to confuse me again So'bal!"

"No my old friend. I'm trying to make you see the light." Jin Wan spoke softly to him. "Come with me…I'll show you something that only he and I knew about."

Oberon looked deep into his eyes and could see the sincerity in them. So'bal was letting go of his hatred against him and trying to reach him with his feelings. The old man couldn't help but feel the trust returning between them, softness grew in his gaze back and stroked his chin in thought.

"Bring him!" A voice boomed from the other side of the room.

Both men turned to see B'Taknor waiting with the two white robed droids.

"Do not let him cloud your judgment my fellow brother. He's deceiving you and using the Force against you."

"Only a Sith would do that." So'bal sneered at the multi-horned creature. "I'm a Jedi…and the truth is what I speak."

"You're truth." B'Taknor scoffs. "Oberon…use the device…we'll keep him as a prisoner while we make for our escape."

Oberon bows obediently and takes out a small device that So'bal once used to immobilize rebel Jedi to take back to Coruscant. The old man gave a deep sigh and came close to his face as he placed it on his forehead.

"I'm sorry my friend. But we'll have to take that trip another time."

As the device activates, So'bal convulses and goes limp in Oberon's arms. As the old camel-faced man glared up at his leader, the multi-horned being smirked back at him and signaled the two droids to carry So'bal.