-Author's Note-


Okay... I normally don't do author's notes... especially ones that take up whole chapters,but then again I've never done fan fic so big with intention of putting it online.

I've been doing some research on Teen Titans, trying very hard to piece together the old comic book series that I've never had the joy to read. I am going to try now to combined what I know about the comics with the new animated series that I love so much. Of course, it's not going to be right. Of course, it's going to be a bit awkward, but I couldn't reject this story. For that reason, if you know more about the comics than I do, please feel free to tell me about it, but do not get angry or hate me as an author because I got it wrong. I know I'm getting it wrong. It's a FAN FIC, get over it.

Also, be a little patient with me. I told myself that I would never post a fan fic without having finished it first, but this story is just too long. It may be a while between chapters, it may not. Please, hang with me.This story is really good, I swear it is. I put all- well all but one- of my TT Fan Fic ideas into one large one. It will get REALLY serious, though, just a warning. Really serious. If you want something happy, there willbe at the beginning... but after it really gets rolling it becomes horribly serious. There will be murder, blood, actual fighting where people actually get hurt, character deaths (Not necessarily a character on the team, just a character... though I won't give any hints.), and deep depression with thoughts of suicide. If any of this does not appeal to you, then please do not read it. I do not want any bad reviews because people did not heed my warnings. Thank you for giving up your fan fic time to read this stupidly long author's note. I will now let you read something entertaining.