Mild references to things that i should have been posting.

It was a lazy Sunday afternoon at Takao's Dojo. Kenny was surfing. Kai was practicing with Dranzer. Rei and Takao were playing cards with Max. Daichi was alternation between annoying Kai and watching to see if Takao was cheating.

Kenny paused in his idle surfing and sat watching his team mates over the top of Dizzy's monitor. He had nothing better to do, so curiously opened a search engine and typed in BeyBlade Fandom.

Fanfiction? He clicked on the link and read the warning. "This ain't no Lemon girls, It's a fucking Five Alive. X9 Warnings: Yaoi, N/C, multiple pairings, Lemon, Lime, Bondage/Submission themes and misuse of chocolate sauce. XD Read if you dare. RR please!"

WTF? It was just a fandom about his friends right? What harm could it do?

He read for a while.

He slowly turned red, then blue, then a dizzy pink colour as blood began oozing out his nose.

"Hey Chief, you alright?" Takao looked up at him.

"I don't think you should see this."

Instantly, even Kai was crowding around the open Web page.

"No! Don't read it!" Kenny threw himself in front of the page full of text.

Max ignored Kenny's panic and cheerfully pushed him aside, taking Kenny's seat to read, as Taka, Daichi, Rei and Kai all looked over his shoulders and head.

Dead silence fell.

Broken by Rei. "Damn. Kai, I didn't know that about you."

"I AM NOT UKE!" Roared Kai. Rei's smirk broadened.

"There is no way in hell I'd be uke for you, Rei," Kai growled, furiously.

"You'd look good in chocolate!" Rei consoled.

"HEY! Why am I not in any of these!" Daichi sounded offended.

"You haven't hit puberty yet," Takao was instantly tackled by the red head.

"I'll show you puberty!" Yelled Daichi.

At the same time Kai tackled Rei roaring, "Call me uke when I'm DONE with you!"

Max began shouting, "TAKAO! You couldn't EVER manage to tie me to a bed!" he hurled himself on to Takao. The five beybladers began brawling.

"I Am NOT uke!"

"I DON'T like bondage!"

"I don't cry after giving head!"

"I have too hit puberty!"

"I don't like licking people!"

Kenny quietly picked up Dizzy and sidled towards the door. There was ten other fanfic's on this page to read and a whole section of links.

Just a silly thing I wrote late at night. I mean it makes sence! What else does Kenny do all day?