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It was a sunny day. A pink hair girl was walking down the street. She was humming a song her mother used to sing to her. Her name was Haruno Sakura. A genin. She was 12 years old. She was very delicate.

. : On the bridge : .

Sakura was sitting on the ground waiting for her teammates to come.

'Damn… They all think I like Sasuke for his looks… but I LOVE him not for his looks but for who he is…I want his pain to be mine too…I want to help him…I CAN SEE the pain in his eyes…I…love…him…so much'

A single tear sliped down her cheek. She heard something in the bushes. Quickly she wiped her eyes and took out her kunai. She sighed with relife when she saw Sasuke come out from the bushes. Sasuke looked at her and said

"You've been crying again" he said

"N-no!"Sakura said quickly

"Don't lie. Your emotions are easy to read…"

"W-what…?"Sakura stutered

"your anoying and weak"he said

"hehehe… I guess your right…."Sakura laughed

This supriesed Saske. He thought she would start crying or something. 'What's wrong with her…?' Sasukeasked him self.

Soon after that came Naruto. They waited for two hours for Kakashi. When he came Naruto yelled:


"Ah… well you se…"


Kakashi sweatdroped. Naruto was about to yell something when Sakura cut him by saying:

"Naruto…shut up…or I'll kill you…"

The three men stared at the girl shocked. Naruto asked her:

"Sakura-chan? What's wrong with you? Tell me tell me tell me tell me!"

Sakura hit the railing so hard that she left a hole in it.


Naruto hid behind Kakashi whimpering.

. : In the forest : .

The threesome was training kicking. Sakura's leg was bleeding but she refused to stop training when Naruto begged her.

'I have to get stronger… I hate myself!'she screamed in her mind

When they were done training they all said their goodbyes…well mainly Naruto. The men looked at Sakura as she limped away with out even saying goodbye.

'Sakura..what happened to you…?' thought the three men

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