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It was 2 o'clock in the night. Sakura was traing in the forest. After training with her team she didn't go home.

'I'll show them! I'll get stronger! Just you wait Sasuke-kun!' she thought

She trained till 7 o'clock in the morning but she was so tired thet she fainted.

Sakura's dream

'Where am I?'

Sakura looked around. People were looking at her and laughing.They soon started to chant:

"Weak…weakling…weak…weakling.." Over and over again

"N-no… that's not true! Leave me alone!" she screamed helplessly

"Sakura you weakling!" yelled Ino

"Yup she's right you can't do anything!" laughed Ten-Ten

"SAKURA! SAKURA! Sakura…Sakura…Sakura-chan…"

„Sakura…Sakura-chan… wake up!"

Sakra slowly opened her eyes.

"W-what? Where am I…?"

"Sakura what are you doing in the forest?" asked a worried Kakashi

"F-forest…?" then she remembered that she trained in the forest

"You don't any energy…what where you doing?"asked Kakashi

"Nothing" Sakura replied hotly

Kakashi picked her up ignoring her screames

"I have to train today!put.me.down NOW!"

Kakashi put her down. She tried to stand up but she fell down.

"I just have to rest a bit…" she panted

"no" Kakashi said angryly. Hr kneeled beside her and before Sakura could do anything he pressed her pressure point makind her loose consious. He scooped her up and ran to the hospital.

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