Title: Time Bomb
Author: N'kala99
Disclaimer: Not mine!
Summary: A mad bomber is destroying schools, and it's up to Don and Charlie to stop him before the clock runs out.
Author's Notes: It's not like me to write fanfiction so quickly after a new show airs, but I just can't help myself. I just love watching the show, and I really wanted to see more of a familial interaction.

Time Bomb
Chapter One

" . . . was a raging inferno. Fire fighters responded to the scene almost immediately, and were able to contain the fire before it spread to other buildings. This was the latest in a chain of unusual bombings in Southern California. So far, the FBI has had no comment as to who might be responsible, or why. This is Connie Truman; back to you, Dave."

Don Eppes switched the TV off and turned to the agents gathered in the room with him. "This guy is escalating. The time between bombings has gone from one every five days to now one every three. Have we found anything we can use to help us narrow our suspect list?"

"Right now it looks as though our bomber's only targeting the math or science buildings on these campuses," Terry Lake stated, flipping through a file folder. "But we don't know yet why they're targeting certain schools."

"At least it's spring break," David Sinclair spoke up. "Casualties have been minimal."

"Unfortunately, that won't last." Don went to the large map plastered on the wall. Red tacks were stuck where bombings had occurred. "Where's Charlie on those equations? It would help to know where our bomber might strike next."

"He took off this morning," Terry told him. "Something about needing to think. He said he'd get us the equation later today, as soon as he has it pulled together."

"Well, we can't wait on him to finish," Don stated. "Keep working on the link between schools. David, start calling around to some of the local colleges and get a line on dissatisfied students or faculty."

"Where are you going?" Terry asked as Don grabbed his suit jacket.

Don grinned wryly. "I'm going to see how our resident math genius is coming along. I'll see you guys later."

Don Eppes guided his car onto the driveway at his father's home and shut off the engine. Stepping outside, he squinted up at the sky, taking note of the dark clouds beginning to roll overhead. The weather forecast had predicted a slight chance of showers, but it looked as though the odds of that had increased.

Don walked into the house and glanced around the entryway, searching for some sign of life. "Dad? Charlie? Anybody home?"

"Don! Back here!"

Don moved deeper into the house, finding his father in the kitchen. His father grinned welcomingly at him, then resumed his search of his cabinets. "I'm making some chili for dinner; you're just in time to help. Grab me some beans from the pantry, will you?"

"Have you seen Charlie?" Don asked, retrieving the requested item. "He promised me some numbers this morning, but I haven't heard from him since. Our perp is really getting a move on, and we can't afford to wait."

"He's at school, where else?" Alan replied, setting some spices down on the counter. "He came home this morning, but he mentioned something about going there for some materials or something from his office. He may have had an appointment, too; I'm not really sure."

"Thanks, Dad." Don turned and headed back out the door, but paused briefly and glanced back at Alan. "Save me some chili, huh?"

Alan winked at his son, who smiled.

The university parking lot was nearly empty, allowing Don the opportunity to park closer than he was usually able. Truth be told, the campus was actually quite nice, and on more relaxed days, Don liked walking along the carefully manicured paths when visiting his brother.

Several students mingled about the lawn, but with the coming storm, they weren't staying for very long. Don knew that some professors were in their offices, working, but thanks to spring break, they didn't have to worry about teaching any classes.

Don rounded the corner of one building, bringing Charlie's building into view. He spied a window open in Charlie's office and knew that his brother was inside. He took another step when suddenly a deafening explosion shook the ground, knocking Don off of his feet.

End Part One