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How to Clean an Attic

Chapter Two

The group began their dusting of several objects before beginning to relocate them, not wishing to dirty themselves too much. Puchiko stood on tip-toes, her brush barely reaching the top of even the smallest stacks of junk. Her mouth was formed into a tiny X at her height-challenged legs. A certain rabbit-eared girl was prancing around from stacks of boxes, dusting them off with her usual over the top cheeriness. Dejiko was seated on the ground, not even looking in the direction of the junk she was dusting off. Her energy from earlier had quickly worn out as she grew bored.

Of course Usada noticed Dejiko's slacking off and set down her boxes in front of the cat-eared mascot with a purposely loud thump. "Dejiko! Your brush isn't even touching anything. You're just waving it in midair!"

Dejiko, who had jumped at the sudden load noise, immediately turned her brush to the closest thing possible, Usada. "You're annoying-nyo!" A cloud of dust immediately sprang from the brush into Usada's face.

"Kyaaa! Achoo!" The girl sneezed and stumbled backwards into a stack of boxes, sending them sprawling over onto the ground. She coughed a few times and held her throat, trying to get the dust out of her windpipe.

Dejiko snickered at first and stood up, holding the brush out in front of herself as if it were a spear. "The great Dejiko triumphs again-nyo! Now the universe will really know who is the best after all-nyo!"

Puchiko simply shook her head at the all too familar antics. "The best at what... nyu? Causing trouble... nyu..."

Just as Dejiko was about to retort (correct) Puchiko, a strange object rolled from one of the tumbled boxes. It sort of resembled a tiny figure head from Easter Island. At this point the manager had made his way over due to the commotion and made eye contact with the small statue. "Ah, I had got this on eSlay a while ago for dirt cheap. Make sure..."

Dejiko ran over to the item and scooped it up in gloved hands interrupting what the manager was about to convey. "Oh, this is cool and I want it-nyo. What is eSlay? Dejiko has never heard of it-nyo."

The manager seemed to go silent for a moment as if he was unsure of how to continue or if he even should continue. By now Usada had recovered from her coughing fit and made her way over to view the object in the cat-eared girl's hands. The girl poked the object with one finger as if to make sure it was real. "It looks creepy." Her anger at Dejiko simmered down under her curiosity.

The manager cleared his throat and answered Dejiko's inquiry. "Er... its a website that sells cursed stuff to people for really low prices. As I was about to say, make sure you don't touch it or you'll be cursed."

Both Dejiko and Usada both froze at the same moment, turning completely white. "Dejiko touched it-nyo! Now Dejiko is going to be cursed forever-nyo! This can't be happening-nyo!" She dropped the idol which began to roll along the ground.

Usada faltered a moment, dropping to her knees with both hands on the floor. "My maiden purity is ruined forever... to a curse..."

After the idol stopped, Puchiko wandered up to it and picked up the object. "Puchiko wants to be cursed too... nyu." A question mark appeared out of nowhere above the tiny cat-girl's head. "What's cursed... nyu?"

While the manager sweatdropped at the unfolding scene, Dejiko regained her composure (somewhat) and once again aimed her brush towards the overly dramatic wailing Usada, "This is your fault, Usadaaaa!"

The rabbit-eared girl looked up with rivers of tears coming down her eyes. The tears then vaporized into steam instantly as her face lit up with anger at Dejiko. She hopped on her feet quite fast, almost as if the animators forgot to draw her in between. "Dejiko! How dare you blame this... this... whatever it is this is on me!"

The air around Dejiko darkened dramatically as her eyes flashed into bright yellow four pointed stars. "Me kara beeeeeeam!" The all too familiar lasers shot from both eyes towards the target: Usada.

Ducking quickly, the lasers passed over Usada and straight into the tall standing mirror directly behind her. The beam ricocheted off the mirror and towards a tiny attic window. The window was quite small, about the size of a salad plate. The likelyhood of the beam hitting that would be astronomical...

*Sound of beams bouncing off window is heard. Followed shortly by the sound of a throat clearing as the author attempts to regain control of the story*

The me kara beam headed straight at Dejiko, who made a move to dive out of the way. However, her foot found a way to step onto the idol which had been dropped by Puchiko during the attack and miraculously rolled straight towards Dejiko. As Dejiko's hands flailed through the air, the me kara beam hit her directly in the back. Now covered in black smoke, the princess blinked a couple times and coughed once, smoke coming from her mouth.

Usada couldn't believe the hilarity of the situation and gripped her sides in laughter.

"This... STUPID IDOL!" Dejiko kicked the idol off the ground, causing it to sail through the air. It bounced off the attic rafters and headed right at the laughing Usada. As Usada jumped into the air to dodge, time seemed to freeze for a moment as several thoughts went through her head. Ha! First I dodge the me kara beam, then get to see Dejiko roast herself and now I'm not going to get hit in the face by the idol! I must be a god. I'm invici...!

The idol hit smack dab into the bottom of the mirror. As many standing mirrors go, they tend to rotate on a horizontal axis. This one was no different. The top of the mirror came down into contact with Usada's head, stopping her delusions of grandeur. She shook her head to clear the stars from her vision. As she thought to herself how in the world could that have hurt so bad when she had two large, fluffy bunny ears on her head, she rubbed the sore spot gingerly. Wait. Her bunny ears were gone. She looked up and happened to see that the tip of one of the ears had gotten snagged on a nail. Must have happened when she jumped. Of all the rotten luck...

The manager witnessed the entire scene and sighed loudly. "Just as I said... you have been cursed."

While Usada attempted to regain her bunny ears Dejiko attempted to dust herself off the best she could and addressed the manager. "How long does this curse thing last-nyo?"

Puchiko had to make a comment. "Dejiko, you're getting more dust on everything-nyu..."

The manager shook his head and made his way over to the box that idol was found in. He took out a piece of paper and began to read, "Congratulations on purchasing the CurseMaster 4000. Please use at your own risk... yadda yadda... not recommended for children under 4... please store at room temperature... our company is not liable for bruises, broken bones, torn ligaments, dismemberment... yadda yadda... and death. Ah here it is... unit will continue to curse while powered. Unit is powered by... well what do you know, it looks like this part was chewed up by rats."

The ever enigmatic Puchiko muttered to herself. "This isn't good-nyu..."

End of Chapter Two

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