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The groups and couples made their way to the other side of the park by either piling into the two available cars or walking over. They found a nice spot that was devoid of most trees and no people. That was easily remedied by Tabitha and her "Boom-Booms" though, followed by Kurt teleporting the remains some other place while Jean moved the rest of the debris out of the way. Kitty turned on the radio in Lance's jeep, letting the music wash over their part of the park.

The girls spread out their blankets so their date—or dates—could settle down to eat the food they had so lovingly prepared. Everyone started pulling out the food except for Rogue. She stood there as Gambit went through the contents of the wicker basket and made content noises. She tried to silence her heart, which couldn't help but beat a mile a minute as she watched him.

"Femme, this looks just like Remy used to have back home."

"What do ya want?" She asked hesitantly, watching him closely. Why does he have this…power over me? A magnetic attraction. Don't tell me Magneto's found a way to transfer powers.

"To enjoy a little taste of home with a beautiful fille like yourself, Chérie," He responded lightly, as if it was the most foolish question in the world. "Sit."

She rolled her eyes, but sat, keeping a good distance away. "Listen, Gambit, if this is a plot against my friends or my team of just to humiliate me, then you'd better-" Before she could finish her sentence, Rogue froze as he did the unthinkable.

He kissed her.

She sat there, eyes wide as his lips pressed firmly against hers. Rogue grabbed on to his trench coat as she hesitantly kissed back, watching for any signs that she was killing him. After a brief moment, he pulled back, then turned to the food like nothing had happened.

On the other hand, the X-man known as Rogue remained in the same position, going over the scenario again and again in her head. She pinched herself, wincing in pain, just to make sure it wasn't a dream.

"Hey, Rogue!" Tabitha called. "C'mere for a sec!"

"I…I'll be right back," she whispered, then went to go help her blonde friend.

Remy followed her with his eyes, a smirk now playing on his lips. He reached up and pulled off an extremely thin strip of rubber from his lips. "Why, thank you, Batman and Robin," he grinned, naming the movie he had ripped that off from.

Rogue rolled her eyes and took the picture of Tabby and her "dates" before returning to her own. Ok, just…we have to get straight what happened. I mean, was it him, was it me? And stop breathing so fast! He's just a guy! He's MAGNETO'S guy. Stop thinking about him like that…She blushed at her own personal fantasy.

"Have some gumbo, Chérie," He offered her a bowl as she sat down, flashing her that smile that made her legs go weak.

Carefully, she took it from him. …I guess I can ask him later…that's right, later…

About twenty feet away, Kurt was singing sweetly to Amanda in German. Finishing the song, he kissed her head, then bit into another burger as his girlfriend gushed, "Oh, Kurt! That was beautiful!"

"Not as beautiful as you, liebchen," was his reply. She snuggled against him, rubbing her cheek against his fur. "I wish we could go out next weekend," Kurt continued, "But I don't think your parents would like that…"

Amanda sighed. "If they really got to know you, they'd love you! Maybe we could get together in a more…neutral setting? I love you, Kurt, I don't want to have to sneak around anymore." She kissed him. "I will if I have to, but…"

"I know, Amanda. If you want me to get together with your parents again, then I'm all for it. I love you too. And I love these burgers!"

She grinned and cuddled up again. "I knew you would."

Kurt glanced over at Remy and Rogue, who were eating and chatting lightly. "Rogue looks a little flushed…What did he do to her?"

"Maybe they're just enjoying each others company," Amanda suggested, but this didn't keep Kurt from staring. "Kurt, leave your sister alone. Besides, I'm over here.'

"Sorry, sorry. I'll pay attention to you know," He leaned over and kissed her softly. "Now, tell me about my Amanda doll…"

Meanwhile, the New Mutants were talking and chatting about random things: school, clubs, the yummy track team (well, that was only Tabitha and Amara, but you know what I mean). Tabby picked up a warm soda from her basket and tossed it to Bobby, "Wanna cool that off for me, ice machine?"

He rolled his eyes, but partially froze it and tossed it back to her. "Here you go, Bum Bum."

"You know, I was thinking about changing my code name," The blonde mused.

"But…you're not on any team," Roberto pointed out.

"It's for show, 'Berto, for show!" Tabby elbowed him in the side playfully. "How does Time Bomb sound?"

"Not nearly as good as Pain in the Ass," Ray muttered under his breath.

Of course, Berzerker was never that lucky, and Tabby heard him. She made a little bomb in her hand and tossed it at him. He was prepared though, and smacked it away.

"Hey!" Bobby yelled, freezing it midair as it sailed towards him. Unfortunately, that didn't stop it from exploding. Ice Man turned around, his back getting all the impact as he attempted to shield Amara at the same time.

"Oops…" Tabitha said guiltily. "Sorry, Amara."

"Oh, yeah, ignore my sacrifice," Bobby grumbled.

Despite Bobby's moanings, Tabitha had certainly noticed the way he had instantly jumped over Amara, as if it had been a natural instinct. She leaned over to grab a Slim Jim, at the same time whispering to Sam, "We have to set them up."

His look said, "No way in hell, you crazy bitch."

"C'mon," she hissed. "He so obviously likes her. You weren't on the island when we went on the cruise, remember? And my girl is blushing! You know our princess doesn't blush."

"I guess…" Sam glanced back and forth between Amara and Bobby. He knew his friend wouldn't like being set up, and it was never good to mess with a temperamental princess who could throw balls of fire.

Tabitha smirked, then grabbed a Frisbee. "Hey, who's up for a game?"

They were all sick of just sitting around talking; I mean, seriously, they lived together and had a lot of classes together, what more could they have to talk about? So they all spread out across the field and started throwing the blue disc to each other.

"Hey, Roberto," Sam whispered to his friend as he caught the Frisbee. "Could you throw that past Drake really hard so it lands in the woods?"

The Brazilian frowned. "I guess…But why would I do that?"

"The crazy blonde wants to set up Bobby and Amara. I've been recruited to help," Sam said sadly. "So will ya do it?"

Roberto shrugged. "I guess." He powered up, then took the Frisbee lightly, and let it fly through the trees.

"What'd you do that for!" Bobby demanded. "Ugh, I'll get it."

Tabitha smiled. Everything was going according to plan. Soon Amara and Bobby would be the happiest couple on Earth, all thanks to her! Of course, she still wouldn't have a boyfriend, but that was completely beside the point. After a minute, she nodded to Sam, giving him his cue to cannonball in there and get the Frisbee.

He did so, returning back in a second and hiding it back in Tabitha's basket. "You know, if Drake ever found out about this, he'd kill ya."

"Which is why we can't let him find out," Tabitha rolled her eyes. "Hey, guys! Let's eat until the Popsicle gets back!"

Jean laughed at the kids antics as Scott started on his third piece of pie. "I'm glad you like it…"

"It's great, Jean! I never knew you could cook like this," He swallowed the sugary apple goodness.

"I used to bake with my mom and my sister," Jean shrugged. "It's not a big deal."

"Well, I think it is," Scott leaned over and kissed her cheek. "This was the best date I think we've ever had."

She kissed him on the lips as he wrapped his arms around her waist and drew her into his lap. They made out for about a minute before realizing they were sitting out in the middle of a field with their teammates probably staring at them. "Um…" She ran a hand through her hair. "We're kind of on display here."

"Oh…right…" He looked around quickly, to see if anyone happened to be paying attention to them at that very minute. "C'mon…"

Jean blinked in surprise, but followed him as he got up. He walked through the trees until he came to a partially covered section and sat down, pulling her into his lap. "Did you plan this, Summers?"

"No, just worked out this way," he smiled, placing a kiss on the tip of her nose. "We hardly ever get time to ourselves with school and training and making sure everyone else doesn't kill each other."

"You're right. For the rest of the day, it's all about us!" Jean kissed him again, holding him close.

They made out for a while, something they hadn't been able to do for a while, because of circumstances. Each was quite into the other until someone cleared their throat behind them. The two teenagers froze, then turned to look up at Bobby. "What do you want, Drake?" Scott asked in an extremely annoyed voice.

"You two haven't seen a blue Frisbee, have you?"

Jean and Scott shook their head.

"Oh. Right then. Carry on," Bobby waved to them before jogging back into the forest, cursing Roberto under his breath.

The two X-men stared at each other for a moment. Then, before they could contain it, they started laughing loudly. Nothing ever changed and they couldn't complain.

Amara glanced at the woods yet again. "Bobby's taking an awful long time. Do you think he got lost?"

Tabitha shrugged nonchalantly. "Maybe. Why don't you go look for him?"

"And if I get lost too?"

"Don't worry about it, Amara! You've got built in flares with your power!" Her friend winked at her.

"…You ever hear the term 'forest fire,' Smith?" Ray asked.

"What about it?" Everyone looked at her as if she was crazy. "Fine, fine!" Tabitha grabbed a bottle of water and tossed it to Amara. "There, now you can put out any fires. Go get our ice machine, my soda's getting hot!"

"Ok, I'll be back as soon as I find him." The princess got up, jogging into the trees. She had no idea where he had actually gone, so she took whichever route she felt he would. "Bobby! Bobby! Are you over here?"

For about ten minutes, she wandered aimlessly. Mentally, she started to curse trees. Really, didn't she get enough of them in her life? What she needed was a mall right now. Finding people in the mall was a lot easier than finding people in the trees. I mean, all the trees look alike, so you never know if you're just walking in circles. And with malls, if worse comes to worse, you can just page them over the intercom.

As she silently made a longer list of why malls were better than woods, she ended up running into a very solid thing. This thing, surprisingly enough, was not a tree. It was a Bobby. "Bobby! There you are!"

"Oh, hey, Amara!" A grin spread over his handsome face. "What are you doing here?"

"You were taking so long, I decided to come look for you. No luck in finding the Frisbee, I see."

He sighed. "I think a squirrel must have stolen it or something. We should just get back, Roberto'll just have to buy Tabby a new one." Bobby put an arm around her shoulders and looked around. "So, which way back to the picnic?"

Amara looked back and forth at the surrounding foliage as her face fell. "Knew this place shoulda been a mall…"

"What?" Bobby asked, cocking his head to the side.

"Nothing…I just can't remember which way I came from. I got pretty lost myself. Tabitha said that my powers gave me built in flares, but I'd rather not start a huge fire. Unless they decide to build a mall here instead."

"The other one is closer to the Institute."

"It's the principle of the matter, Drake. The trees mock me."

He laughed and retightened his arm around her waist. "Ok, so it's just you and me getting back there! Magma and Ice!"

"That's right. We're X-men, nothing can stop us!" she giggled.

"Whoo!" He took her hands and started moving through the complexities of the trees, wondering why he suddenly thought she was so cute when her face flushed like that…

In Lances dream, he was laying out in the sun. Kitty was in his arms, feeding him ice cream and giggling about how cute he was. But, he decided that he'd have to wake up soon or his roommates were likely to kill each other. When he opened his eyes, he was greeted with a site of a smiling Kitty. "You're here?"

"I was like only gone for a second. I stole two pieces of Jean's pie, but she totally won't mind," Kitty said lightly, scooping out ice cream onto the apple pie.

"Kitty, pinch me, please."

She gave him a look that says 'Did you hit your head while I was gone?' "Um, why?"

"Just do it. Please?" He held out his arm, and she took hold of it with her index finger and thumb, squeezing. "Ow!" He pulled away and nursed the small bruise. "You've got sharp nails!"

"You told me to!"

He kissed her again, enjoying her soft sigh of contentment. There was no way this could be happening, no matter how close she had been to drawing blood. Everything was perfect. The most beautiful, smart, wonderful girl in the world was kissing him, Summers was no where to be seen, and no one—even Tabby—was trying to blow them up.

Kitty watched his face carefully as it slipped back into that happy, far-off look. He was so cute. To tell the truth, she always felt safest around him. She wasn't sure she could have gotten through the 'plane fiasco' if he hadn't been there, supporting her (even if his stomach didn't agree with it).

Lance leaned back, trying to finish the can of soda he had swiped from Tabitha when he heard Kitty whisper, "I love you…"He choked on the soda, spitting it out into the grass as his lungs demanded air. "Oh, my god! Are you, like, ok?" Kitty asked, patting his back as he continued coughing.

He grabbed her wrist, staring at her startled face when he finally stopped choking. "Did you just say what I think you just said? Did you just say that you love me?"

She nodded slowly. "I'm totally sorry. I shouldn't have sprung it on you like this. I wanted to tell you later, but I just couldn't help myself…I'm really sorry, Lance."

He rolled his eyes, picked her up bridal style and twirled her around as she stared at him as if he was nuts. Carefully, he set her down on her back on the kitty blanket and kissed her thoroughly.

"Lance Alvers, what are you doing?" Kitty giggled once she had regained her breath.

"Showing you that I love you too," was his rely. He surprised himself how smooth that was. Or how smooth it would have been if he hadn't been smiling like the eager puppy he truly was.

Kitty blinked. "Really? So…we're in love then?"

Lance grinned. "Yeah, I guess we are."

The two kissed again, reveling in their love for each other. Neither of them was quite as self-conscious as Scott and Jean. Basically, they didn't care who watched. If they wanted to kiss each other, no one was going to tell them to stop! After a few minutes, they sat up and continued their lunch, with a few kisses here and there. If Scott had been there, his head might have spontaneously combusted by now, so it was a good thing Jean was keeping him occupied.

"I don't think Blue Boy is liking me very much right now…" Lance commented.

Kitty looked over to see Kurt narrowing his eyes at Lance. She motioned for him to turn around. "He's kind of protective. It's nothing personal." Even so, she stuck her tongue out at Kurt's back, making Amanda laugh.

Kitty snuggled against her boyfriend. "Hey, Lance?"


"Will you go steady with me?"

He paused for a second, then looked at her face. "You did not just ask me that."

"What? What's wrong with it?"

Lance ran a hand through his hair. "First of all, it was cheesy as hell. And I kinda thought we were going steady…Does anyone even use that term anymore?"

She blushed lightly. "I just wanted to make it official…"

He smiled at how cute she was. "Ok, like, I'll totally go steady with you."

Her mouth dropped open. "Oh my god, you're totally making fun of me!"

"Kitty, I love you. Why wouldn't I want to go out with you?" He asked, brushing a piece of hair away from her face.

"I dunno…" She whispered. But as he kissed her, all doubts disappeared.

"Excuse me guys," Jamie stood in front of them with a camera. "Jean wants to make a collage for the Professor and Storm, as a thank you and stuff. Can I take your picture?"

They did a few poses as Jamie snapped shots of them. "Thanks, Jamie!" Kitty grinned at him, and blew him a kiss as the younger boy jogged away.

Unfortunately for Bobby and Amara, they were not nearly as happy as any of the other couples. They were lost in the woods. With no food, a small water bottle, and no way of finding their way out. Of course, they were pissed. Actually, both were seriously debating actually burning down the forest just to get out of there. Until, that is, they remembered that they'd get a big lecture about proper use of powers and probably two weeks of extra lessons with Logan. Nothing was worth that.

Finally, Amara sat down on a long tree root. "We're getting nowhere."

Bobby sat next to her and wrapped an arm around her shoulders. "Hey, we'll make it back. How big can this place be? Plus, if it gets too dark I'm sure someone will come look for us. Mr. Logan could find us in a snap."

She rested against him and sighed. "You're right. I'm just sick of looking at these trees."

"Then look at me!" He turned them around so they were facing each other. "So…how's school?"

"Bobby, you're in almost all of my classes," She pointed out. "What are you going to point out next, the weather?" A grin spread over her face.

He easily matched it. "Well, it is unseasonably warm…"

She pushed him lightly. "Bobby!" He grabbed her wrist, and kissed her softly.

Then he actually realized what he was doing and jumped off the log as if it was on fire. Which it actually could have been if Amara couldn't control her powers. Luckily, she hadn't been holding any molten magma. The look on her face was actually much worse. "Oh, god, Amara, I mean…Please, please, I'm sorry, I'm sorry!"

"Bobby…?" She whispered. Part of her was livid: How dare he, a mere peasant, kiss the only daughter of the King of Nova Roma. She was a princess, for goodness sakes!

On the other hand, part of her was screaming, "GET A GRIP, GIRL!" This was Bobby. Cute, sweet, funny, do anything for his friends, but tended to be reckless Bobby. And he had just kissed her. And it floored her, if her shaking hands were any proof.

"Oh man oh man oh man oh man oh man!" Bobby was walking back and forth, mumbling to himself. "Drake, I know you're impulsive but you're also an idiot! You just kissed Amara! She's a princess! And she's your friend and you're an idiot idiot IDIOT!" He started banging his head against one of the trees.

"Bobby…" she started again, getting up from her seat on the log.

"Amara, I'm so sorry!" He apologized again, usually bright eyes clouded over with concern. "You can hit me if you want. But please don't throw fire at me or tell your father and create an international incident or anything! You can never speak to me again or kick me or whatever!"

She rolled her eyes, took his face in his hands and kissed him firmly. When she pulled away, he watched her, eyes growing wide. "Or you could do that…"

"I think we need to talk, Bobby," Amara sat back down, gently guiding him along with her.

"So you don't hate me and aren't planning on threatening bloody murder because I kissed you?" He asked softly.

She shook her head. "No…I mean…it was nice. But I just…Weren't you dating Jubilee?"

"Amara, how long has it been since I've seen Jubes?" He grinned. She shrugged. "We were pretty close when she was here, but I mean, she's kinda young. Besides, you're so sweet and pretty and nice…I mean, c'mon, how many girls would I make an ice canoe for?"

She smiled, remembering how he had done everything he could to help her when she got sick on the cruise they had taken. "I had always figured you two were still together. I guess I don't understand things as well as I thought…"

He was surprised at her admittance at not knowing something about American culture. She hated to let someone know she was ignorant. "That's another thing. Amara, you're royalty. I'm just a kid that can turn water to ice. Big deal, any freezer could do it. You can't say your parents would approve."

She looked back and forth, yet all there was were trees. "I don't see my parents anywhere. Or anyone else from Nova Roma. As long as I don't say anything, I don't see how they can protest. I'm willing to take that risk if you are," she blushed lightly.

He reached out and stroked her cheek before leaning in to another kiss. She responded happily, melting in to his hug. "You know, your hair's even softer than it looks," he told her.

They kissed a few more times, each time growing bolder and happier. Finally, Amara broke away. "We need to get back."

He groaned lightly. "Yeah, ok. But you have to promise me something first."

She raised an eyebrow. "What is it?"

"You'll go out with me tomorrow," he grinned mischievously.

Amara laughed and nodded. "I think I can do that."

The two held hands and made their way back through the woods, which, surprisingly enough, had ceased their mocking. After about ten minutes, they heard voices. Familiar voices. Voices that could perhaps belong to housemates.

Bobby and Amara made their way through the trees into the clearing and sighed against each other. After all that, they made their way back. He wrapped an arm around her shoulders, hugging her with one arm.

"Well if it isn't the Lost Boy!" Tabitha called as they approached the group. "Took you guys long enough."

Unbeknownst to them, the REAL Lost Boy was wandering behind them, staring at a map of London, "Now…which way was the Tendo Dojo?"

"Sorry guys, couldn't find the Frisbee," Bobby shrugged, but his happy look didn't falter.

"Oh, don't worry about it," Roberto said, munching on a brownie. "I found it, it was right over there." He pointed to the very edge of the forest.

Bobby's arm dropped from Amara's shoulder as he stared at the Brazilian. "Roberto…I'm gonna kill you!" He leaped at the younger mutant, barely giving him the chance to get up and run away. "Get back here!"

Tabitha had certainly not missed the way he and Amara had been all cozy and the looks they had given each other. "Told you it'd work," she told Sam righteously.

"You told him what would work, Tabitha?" Amara asked from behind the pair, arms crossed over her chest.

The two blonds turned around to face an irate princess. "Hey, Amara, babe…I mean…You guys are together, right? I was just trying to make you happy!" Tabitha pleaded.

Through their long hike, Amara had not forgotten the water bottle, and had barely used it besides for a sip here and there. Bobby had routinely chilled it and the contents had stayed quite cold. So she pointed to tip at her two friends and squirted them long and hard.

"Aaah!" Sam screamed, holding his arms up to shield himself from the barrage of cold liquid.

Amara smirked. "That's what you get for messing with my love life." She sat down on the blanket and bit into one of the cookies she had made. "But, for the record…Thanks."

Tabitha wringed out her shirt, letting the excess water fall into the grass. "Ok, but we're totally even. Just be glad I wasn't wearing a white shirt."

Jamie was waving everyone to the center of the field. "Hey, everyone! Can I get a group shot?"

Jean and Scott had returned from their expedition as well, so they, as well as everyone else, gathered for a shot. Jamie was the only one who knew how to work the timer on the camera, so he set it up as he glanced at everyone.

He had classes with Mr. McCoy and the other day the two had gotten into a discussion about love and relationships. The youngest mutant glanced at his friends. Tabitha had her arms wrapped around her boys, the epitome of friendship, since she tended to get along with just about everyone.

Rogue and Gambit stood together as well. He had an arm around her shoulders as she tried to keep the grin off her face. They were the two from the exact opposite teams. He supposed that even though he couldn't touch her, he had touched her heart and that was what really mattered.

Kurt and Amanda were completely different in every way. But they still loved each other and were willing to brave anything—even disagreeable parents—to be together.

If there was a title for people that had more different backgrounds, it had to be Bobby and Amara. They were practically from different worlds. He was just a normal kid, and she was a princess who had never seen a phone until a couple years ago. Though social decorum said that she shouldn't stoop that low, it didn't matter to her. She wanted to be with the one she wanted to be with and that was Bobby. That was probably one of the reasons he loved her so much.

As he looked at Kitty and Lance, who were finally snuggling together like they had always wanted, he recalled what Mr. McCoy had said about couples that had to work hard to be together. These two had faced everything that had been thrown at them. They had fought each other—physically and verbally—while caring for each other deeply. Lance tried to fit in for her sake, just as she ignored her team's wishes to be with him. If there was anything that could last, it was them.

Even through all these, there were certain couples that defined romance. These were the pairs that when people saw them together or heard about them, their immediate thoughts were that they belonged together. This was the ultimate of ultimate when it came to love. These two were the stuff that people wrote epic stories about. Loves that transcend time. They were impossible to break, the bond deep and connected by the soul, the very essence of the person. This was the love of Scott Summers and Jean Grey.

Jamie finished setting the camera, programming it for five shots as he moved in his place in the picture. The flash went off each time and after it was finished, everyone began chatting.

There was an outcry as Jean shouted. "Jamie! You left the lens cap on! Has it been like that all day?"

"Um…oops?" The small boy took off at a run and was chased by six girls. Tabitha caught up with him first, grabbing him around the waist. She fell down to the ground, taking him with her, but keeping his landing soft so that no multiples were formed. The rest of the girls swarmed around them, layering him with kisses, except for Rogue who was simply content with tickling his stomach.

Eventually, they gave up, leaving him on the ground. He checked his face on the back of a serving spoon. His cheeks were covered in lip gloss and lipstick, many different shades. He rubbed at it, which only seemed to smear. Jamie sighed. "Oh, yeah. This is love."

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