Chapter 1: Memories forgotten

Inuyasha gasped for breath. Beads of sweat ran down his bloody face. He had been fighting with Naraku for only a few minutes and already he felt all of his energy being drained. Naraku laughed and said "Inuyasha did you honestly think that your weak half demon body could do any damage to me?" I'm going to teach you a lesson for your stupidity!" He raised his arm preparing to strike him when an arrow suddenly shot past him. He looked at the source of the arrow and smirked. He made a swishing movement of his hand and a big ball of light flew right towards Kagome. Kagome stood there stunned and Inuyasha yelled "Kagome!" It seemed like in slow motion Inuyasha jumped in front of her. The ball of light hit Inuyasha and he fell to the ground unconscious. Kagome drew an arrow and aimed it directly at Naraku's chest. She yelled "You bastard don't you ever lay a finger on Inuyasha again!" Miroku looked at Kagome and was shocked. She seemed angrier than Sango when he touched her butt. Kagome let the arrow fly and it pierced right through Naraku. Naraku looked down at the hole in his chest and thought 'Shit! She's going to kill me'. And as quickly as he had come Naraku disappeared. Kagome watched as Naraku disappeared and ran to Inuyasha and shook him. "Inuyasha wake up please!" she said.

Inuyasha looked up at her. 'Who the hell is she and why is she touching me?' he thought. Kagome released a sigh of relief. "Thank goodness you're ok" she said. He hit her hands away and asked "Wench who are you and what am I doing here?"