by Amy Fortuna

What do you do
in the middle of a
Force-forsaken desert?

When all you have
is your wits, tenously,
and a small seed of hope
that won't bloom
for twenty years?

If you're one of the
last Jedi knights,
maybe the last,
and the person responsible
for destroying your Order
was your former apprentice?

When the only things you own
are a small box
filled with memories,
a lightsaber,
and Jedi robes?

How do you survive?
And why?

With difficulty.
You hold on.
Sometimes your only food
is dreams and memories.
Sometimes the only water
you can find is
your own sweat.

You grow old.
Your clothes become rags,
your hair grows long.

You meditate.
You remember.
You try not to remember.
You learn to beg.
You learn to lie.
You watch a golden-haired boy grow up.

You dream.