A/N: This is just a stupid little thing that popped into my head while I was working on a new X-men story after i had gone to the Scifi Channel BBorad and read a conversation about if Daniel adn Jack got into a fight then who would win. So her you have it.

Who Would Wim?

"Daniel, you got beat by a girl?" Jack said a loud reading Daniel's mission report he had turned in a week ago. "All right that's it." Jack said putting down the report and walking out of his office. "That boy has got to learn how to fight."

Jack walked into the mess hall where he found Sam, Teal'c and the wimp he was looking for, Daniel.

"Hello Sir, you care to join us?" Carter asked putting her spoon into her blue jello.

"Sure I'd love to, Carter." Jack said pulling up a chair on the edge of the table next to Daniel and Sam.

"O'Neill would you care for a donut?" Teal'c asked holding out his plate full of chocolate covered donuts.

"No thanks though. Carter you want one?"

"No sir I've had five all ready." Sam said with a face that said she couldn't turn Teal'c down.

"So Jack you read my report yet?" Daniel asked eating orange jello and looking at some new artifact the SG-12 brought back.

"Yes as a matter of fact I did Daniel and I found something very interesting."

"Oh yeah what?" Daniel replied not looking up at Jack.

"Oh I don't know something about you getting beat by a girl!" Jack yelled at his friend.

Sam nearly coughed on her jello when Jack said that Daniel got beat by a girl.

"Carter, you okay?" Jack asked as he pat her on the back

"Yes… Sir.. Fine Sir. Thank you. So Daniel was she cute?"


"Oh come on Daniel. She obviously was if you let her win."

"He didn't let her win." Jack said arguing with Sam.

"How do you know you weren't there?" Daniel asked looking at Jack.

"Okay fine, did you let her beat you up?" Jack asked.

"I don not believe DanielJackoson would allow a woman to beat him in combat." Teal'c said finishing the last of his donuts.

"How so?" Carter asked.

"DanielJackson is a formidable warrior and would not allow himself to be beaten by any being."

"Unless she was cute." Carter said with a smile.

"All right fine. I'll admit Vala was pretty but I didn't let her beat me up. She simply caught me off guard."

"Fine." Jack said, " How'd she get you off guard? She hold her nose and pretend that it was broken?"

Daniel was quiet for a moment as he looked from the artifact to Jack and back again.

"Oh for drying out loud!" Jack exclaimed not believing what had happened, "Daniel that's the oldest trick in the book. I could beat Carter with that trick." Jack said and then realizing what he said apologized. "No offence, Colonel."

"None taken sir."

"All right, come on Daniel." Jack said take away Daniel's unfinished jello and disposing of it.

"Hey I wasn't done with that."

"That's fine. You won't need it where your going."

"What your going to kill me just because I got beat up by Vala?" Daniel asked half-scared out of his mind.

"Sir, what are you doing?"

"I'm going to teach Daniel how to fight. The best way is to ump into the ring feet first." Jack smiled as he pulled Daniel from his chair and forced him out of the door and into the hall.

"So who do you think will win?" Carter asked Teal'c as they walked out into the hall as well.

"I believe DanielJackson will do well."


"there is no but. I believe he will win against O'Neill."

"Don't get me wrong Teal'c, You may win against the General but I don't think Daniel will. He's not as buff as you are."

"Are propusing a wager?"

"I guess I am." Carter said," All right here it is. If Daniel wins then Sg-1, including the General, will have to watcha Star Wars marathon next week atmy house.

"And if O'Neill wins?"

"If the General wins then...SG-1 has to come to a motorcross championship race with me next week. Deal?" Sam asked strtching out he hand.

"Deal!" Teal'c said shacking the Colonel's out stretched hand

A/N: Hope you like it. Who do you think will win?