Finally, we have come to the last part of Anime Hearts. It's been a real blast writing all of this, but now the time has come for it to end… until the sequel(s), anyway. Enjoy.

Anime Hearts 2 Preview- Deep Dive: Another Side, another Story

The teenaged boy named Shotaro Kaneda stood in the middle of a crossroads under the starry night sky, unsure of where to go.

Complete silence…

A message in a bottle floated in a body of water, bobbing up and down.

Pieces of a tale…

A place without you…

The eyes are closed…

On a rocky beach, a man in a hooded cloak stepped out from behind a rock.

Something so real…

In a huge city, a cloaked figure stood alone in the rain. Suddenly, he was surrounded by Shadow Heartless, which were bigger than normal. The figure pulled out two Keyblades - the Promise Keeper and the Infinity- and started to battle.

Beyond the memory…

The figure easily fought them off, jumping into the air and slashing wildly, or throwing one of his Keyblades around. He ran up the steps of a building, glancing at the approaching Heartless, and then turned his gaze to a large TV screen above his head.

Something so simplistic…

On the top of a building, another hooded figure, this one wearing a blindfold over his eyes stood, watching the battle below. The other figure started running up a wall, with the Heartless called "Neo-Shadows" pursing him. He fought them off, but they kept coming. The hooded person on the rooftop looked downwards.

"Where's Kaneda?"

"We have to find him!"

The first cloaked figure ran up the side of the building, throwing his Infinity Keyblade to the blind-folded person on the top.

Dartz's Other Report: "A creation born out of ignorance"

He jumped of the roof, catching the weapon as he fell, and several Neo-Shadows jumping after him.

After the darkness ≠ Door to the light

The two hooded figures, one running up the side of the building, the other falling towards the ground, passed each other, the running figure now held the Egyptian Key Keyblade along with the Promise Keeper.

The Secret Spot

"I can't remember his voice…"

"This time, I will fight!"

Passing each other, the two figures briefly glanced at each other.

A world in between A place that is forgotten

The gathering

Shooting stars fell through the sky, a blindfolded figure stood on the rooftop with his arms outstretched, and the person with the two Keyblades stood in the center of a flaming Heartless symbol.

The third enemy: Nobody

"Who or what are Nobodies? They are the nonexistent ones."

The scene seemed to become filled with static as the figure with two Keyblades, which were glowing blue, was seen, then a black and white image of Kaneda falling, a sudden flash of red, and then another glimpse of Kaneda. The Roman numeral "VII" appeared, followed by more words.


"What took you so long Kei?"

"Can we really do it against that?"

The two men passed each other quickly; a body fell through the sky along with several meteors, a teenage boy held out his hand, the figure with two Keyblades raised his weapons in anticipation. Back on the dark beach, a hooded figure walked to another cloaked person sitting on a rock. There was more fuzz, and then there was a black and white image of Kaneda, then a sudden flash of red, and a black and white image of the falling blindfolded figure. On a dark screen, words appeared.


"We have come for you sir."

"You are the source of the Heartless."

Yet more fuzz and then a cloaked figure ran up the side of a tall building, and then there was a brief black and white image of Kaneda. Then there was another dark screen upon which the number eight appeared, followed by more words.

The Thirteenth Order




"Your Highness! But why?!"

Following that was yet another black and white image of Kaneda. A girl reached out for something, then raindrops were seen hitting pavement. Right after that was a black and white shot of the man on the steps, followed by another flash of the girl – who was now older-looking - staring at a building, and then another image of the cloaked figures passing each other. Then the number five and some words could be seen.Changes

The third key

The blindfolded man fought the Heartless, before the scene turned black and bore the number four and several sentences.

The end of the world

"What is this place?"

"Is this the answer you seek?"

"This is the world's true form."

"Maybe we went through all that for nothing."

A flash of the Heartless symbol in fire could be seen, and then there was brief flash of the girl from before. Then the scene went dark as the number 3 appeared, accompanied by a single word.


The scene became fuzzy again as the Heartless symbol briefly flashed up, and then four hooded figures could be seen. One had glowing yellow eyes, another had a blindfold on, yet another bore two Keyblades, and the last one sat on the beach. Then everything went dark as a sentence appeared.

"We'll do this together."

Yet more fuzz, then the Roman numeral "II" before a cloaked figure jumped down from above somewhere. The figure's hood fell down, revealing a young man with spiky black hair with golden bangs and crowned with red-violet, as well as amethyst eyes that seemed to burn with an inner light. The scene went dark as two words appeared words that only a select few knew what they meant.


Then the words faded away, and the two figures on the beach were seen. The figure on the rock turned to face the approaching figure and spoke, but no sounds could be heard. Instead, they seemed to fade up out of the darkness.

"He seems an awful lot like you."

A figure of a teenaged boy was borne across a stormy gray sky before everything went black and one final sentence emerged from the dark void.

"It's all coming back to me…the real…"

Then everything faded away, into oblivion.

Well, that's it. I'd like to thank the folks at Disney and Square-Enix for creating such a kickass game; as well as all of the creators, artists, writers and voice actors who brought all of these awesome shows to life. And of course, you, my loyal viewers, the driving force behind my completion of this story and its eventual sequels.

Until next time, sayonara, minna-san.