Author's Note: This was quite a random act that caused me to write this story. I was reading the short story The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka in Literature class, and it got me to thinking, "That sounds an awful lot like something I would write." Then, the more I thought about it, I got to "Why not?" It seemed like Beast Boy from Teen Titans was the perfect candidate for the story. While at first the idea I had for the fanfic was very similar to the story The Metamorphosis, I made many changes to the story as the plot developed in my head. So now it is not based on The Metamorphosis, but rather just inspired by it. This is a three part story, I hope you enjoy it. Please review.

Edit: I'd like to thank a pair of people for helping me notice two very important things. Thank you Dragonic Darkness for reminding me that Beast Boy's transformations are always green. And thank you Hieibandit for telling me that my punctuation glitched. I checked the original and I did have commas and spaces before the quotation marks, but for some reason, they vanished when I uploaded the story. I fixed that now. I don't know why it happened.

Edit2: Wow, the punctuation problem was worse than I thought. What is really strange is that there are two types of quotation marks in this story, " " and " ", and I have no idea why. I would greatly appreciate if anyone could explain it to me.

Forever Changed: Part I

Electricity coursed through his body. Beast Boy tried to scream, but his form wouldn't allow it. All that passed his lips was an inhuman cry of pain. Every inch of his being screamed for it to end. He thought he could smell the scent of his very flesh cooking mingling with the horrid stench of burnt fur. Then everything went black.

He had been on a reconnaissance mission. The Titans had reason to believe that Slade had created a hidden base in the woods north of the city where he was building a new super weapon. It had been Beast Boy's job to take the form of an animal and try to secretly find out where the it was located. Apparently, there was something hidden out there, because he had fallen into a booby trap. He never saw the thin micro fiber stretched between two trees. That tiny metal thread had enough electrical current running through it to easily kill a human. Lucky for Beast Boy, he was more than human; he was an animal. But the electricity had fried his Titan communicator. As a result, it was many hours that he laid unconscious in the woods before the Titans were able to recover his barely alive body.

"I think he's coming to."

Beast Boy moaned, trying to think through the pounding in his head. He opened one eye and quickly closed it to the spinning world around him.

"Oh I am so glad that Beast Boy is the better." He felt a hand gently stroke the fur around his neck. He sighed. He could change back in a minute, this felt so good.

"Yo BB, you've been out cold for several days."

"Why don't you change back? I think I deserve a thank you since I was the one who saved your annoying self."

The hand stopped stroking his fur. Beast Boy sighed. It was nice while it lasted. He fought to collect his thoughts together, focusing on bringing his dizziness to an end. He opened his eyes again, this time to a still, non-spinning, world. Around him stood the four of his friends.

It wasn't any sort of chore for Beast Boy to use his unique talent. The power waited, read to answer to any command that touched it. He could touch his power at the speed of thought. Beast Boy now thought of his human form and reached for the power inside of him. He touched where his power resided. There was no tingling feeling running across his body as his form rearranged itself. There was no brief instant of confused senses as they heightened or weakened to compensate for the new body. No power at all. His ability to change shape, his very life blood, always at his beck and call, simply wasn't there.

A moment of confusion was quickly replaced by panic. It had to be there, it couldn't be gone. He raced through his mind and body, scouring every inch , searching for the familiar energy that gave him his power. It was nowhere to be found. The power that he had his whole life and was able to summon as easily as he could blink or take a breath, was completely and absolutely gone.

He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. All he had to do was focus. Cyborg had said he was unconscious for several days. It was understandable to be a little addled. He needed to stay calm and focused. One last time, slower this time, in denial of what he knew was his new reality, he searched for his power so that he could touch it and become human again. What he feared was true. How could something that he had been able to do since birth just go away? A horrible thought came to him. A person that could see all their life could lose that ability and become blind. A person could lose their sense of sight or hearing. The same thing had happened to him, only, instead of being blind or deaf, the loss of his ability meant that he could never again return to his human form. He was forever trapped in the body of a wolf.

He slowly looked up at his friends, his fellow Titans. They were all holding their breaths. They knew all to well that it was taking Beast Boy far to long to change shape. He couldn't bare to let them wait any longer. Slowly, not certain how they would react to the gesture, he shook his head.

Starfire was on the verge of tears, "Please friend. Stop the joking. It is not funny." She knelt down beside him and resumed stroking his dark grey-green fur reassuringly, "Please, return to your human form. I know you can."

Beast Boy shook his head again, big wolf tears beginning to form in the corner of his eyes. He placed a paw on top of Starfire's free hand near the edge of the bed. How could he make her understand? He wanted more than ever before to return to his human shape.

Robin put his hand on Starfire's shoulder, "I don't think he's playing around. I think he is serious."

"No! He is not. It is not true! Beast Boy, please change shape."

Robin forced Starfire to stand up and face him, "Do you think I want it to be true anymore than you do? But denying it won't change reality. Now stop making it harder for Beast Boy."

Raven took Beast Boy's paw in her hand and stared into hisemerald eyes, trying to understand him. He pulled his paw away and whimpered slightly. Raven nodded, comprehending his meaning, "Would you like to be left alone for a while to think by yourself? To help gather your thoughts"

Beast Boy grinned showing his full set of massive teeth, and even though the effect was something more terrifying than friendly, it's meaning wasn't lost upon Raven. He was so glad that somebody was able to understand him. But what surprised him most was that it was Raven who was able to connect with him despite his animal shell.

For some reason, Raven really sympathized with Beast Boy. She knew what it felt like to be different and to want nothing more than to be alone. She knew that sometimes, being alone was the most important healing tool. That odd sort of kinship, something she had never felt in Beast Boy before, made her really want to defend him. Raven brought her self up to her full height, enhancing herself slightly with the shadows around her, and glared at everyone in the room threateningly, "Beast Boy wants to be alone. Now respect that everyone and get out."

Raven followed the scurrying Titans leaving the room. She looked back at Beast Boy. He looked at her sadly, wanting nothing so much as to say thank you. But the words could not come from his wolf mouth. She smiled and nodded, "You are welcome." Beast Boy stared at the back of her head as she left.

A short distance down the hall, the Titans could hear a mournful howl echo through Titan Tower.