Another Brother, Another Story

Note: I don't own any characters created by S.E. Hinton.

Chapter 1: Just Another Day

"BAM!" I yelled.

Two-Bit laughed, Steve threw down his cards, Dally was just smiling and Johnny cracked a small smile.

I had just won twelve dollars in my third poker game.

We were playing some fast-food restaurant. I'm a greaser, and my name is Trix.

Don't ask, I was never teased from being named after a box of cereal, mainly because I have three other brothers who are tuff and tough like me. My parents are dead though. We took it pretty hard. But I learned to get over it.

I'm the third oldest in my family. My oldest brother Darry is twenty and the other older brother, Soda, is sixteen, he'll be seventeen soon though. I hate calling him by his full name, Sodapop. It sounds cooler by calling him Soda. My only younger brother, Ponyboy, is fourteen.

Darry is became very strict once our parents died. Because of this, Pony thinks he hates him. Nah, it's just cause Darry is nervous about us getting separated. Soda is one wild guy though, a little bit like me. But I'm just plain serious most of the time.

Ponyboy is well…… a little different. He loves to read kinda like Darry used to. Soda and I just find it plain boring; unless it has something to do with me. Two-Bit is part of our gang. He's the joker of the group.

Steve is Soda's best friend. He's good with cars, which is why he works at the DX with Soda. Then there's Dally. Whew, I haven't seen anyone that tough since I met Tim Sheperd, who he happens to be best friends with. He's from New York also.

Now, there's Johnny. We all felt sorry for the kid, he is abused with words and fists by his parents. We sorta took him in. But what made it worse is that he was jumped by Socs a while ago. I haven't ever seen anyone look as bad as he did.

Anyway, the manager kicked us out because we weren't ordering anything. We all walked outside. Darry and Soda were outside. They were probably here to ask me something.

"The cars over there," said Darry nodding his head to the left.

"Did I do something wrong?" I asked.

"Nah, not today," said Soda with a smile. " Have you seen Pony."

"Probably seeing a movie. A new Paul Newman is out."

We all walked towards the car when we suddenly heard someone scream:

"Darry, Soda, Trix!"

Soda and I looked at each other. That sounded exactly like Ponyboy. We all rushed in the direction that we heard the scream. We saw a bunch of Socs around something. When they us they jumped up and ran. I saw Ponyboy laying on his back, I was hoping he was at least unconscious, and not…. dead. Darry went over to Ponyboy while we chased the socs into their car and threw rocks at them.

"Punks!" I yelled, then me and Soda ran to Darry and Ponyboy. Ponyboy was okay, but he was rubbing his cheek while sitting on the curb.

"You got cut a little, huh Ponyboy," said Soda sitting next to him.

"I did!" said Pony looking up. I pulled out a hankercheif and put it on Ponyboy's cut.

Then the rest of the gang came up. We all sat down for a smoke. You know, just relaxing.

Then Steve started up some crap.

"So why were you walking all by your lonesome."

Ponyboy tried to defend himself.

"I was just watching a movie. I didn't think-"

Darry cut in and chewed him out.

"You don't ever think. Not even at home where it matters. You must use common sense at school with the grades you have. But do you use it where you need to. No siree. If you wanted to see a movie so bad, you should have had one of us come with you. If you wanted to be by yourself self then you should have carried a blade."

Ponyboy just looked at the ground.

Soda and I jumped in. Soda usually sticks up for Pony, but I'll jump in if I can figure out something wrong with what he says.

"Darry," I started. "You know you would have chewed him out if he even touch a blade."

"Yeah," Soda jumped in. "Leave my kid brother alone. It's not his fault he likes to see movies. And it's not his fault Socs like to jump us. And if he had a blade. It would have been a good excuse to cut him to ribbons."

"When I want my kid brothers to tell me what to do with my younger kid brother, I'll ask

you two, kid brothers," said Darry.

Two-Bit then leaned over to Pony and said:

"Just ask any of us. One of us will go."

"Speaking of movies," jumped in Dally. " I'm heading to the nightly double toomorow night. Anyone wanta hunt some action."

Steve shook his head.

"Soda and I are taking Evie and Sandy to the game."

Darry looked depressed.

"I've got to work." He never gets to do anything anymore.

Dally looked at the rest of us.

"Two-Bit, Pony, Johnnycake, Trix. Wanna come?"

Pony and Johnny joined in.

"I'll meet y'all there. I've got a poker game to win," I said.

I'm always in card games. And I win most of them. How do you think we can afford to pay for all of us.

"I was thinking of getting boozed up toomorow night. I might come over to y'all."

Later on, I went walking around I was supposed to be home soon though. It was a school night. I do okay in school, my lowest grade is a D- right now. I was hanging out with this kid named Mark Jennings. It was hard to get to him though. He's usually hanging out with his best friend. We were walking out of some drug store when I asked him:

"Where's your best friend?"

Mark smiled.

"He's going out with Angela Shepard. Tim's sister."

I had to laugh at that. The Shepards are nothing but trouble.

"He's gonna wish he never met her," I commented.

"That's what I told them. But I'm not worried. He's tough."

Mark hot-wired a car and drove me to my neighborhood.

I walked in the house and saw Soda giving Darry a back-rub.

"Hey, kid. Get ready for bed," commanded Darry.

I usually would have said something back, but I was tired anyway.

We have three bedrooms in our house. One was my parents, Darry and I used to share a room, which is mine now. Darry sleeps in our parent's room now. Soda has to sleep with Ponyboy, because Pony has these nightmares every once in a while. I went into my room and pulled off my shirt. I got under the covers. Through the door, I saw Soda walk into his room. I could hear him and Pony talking. I didn't feel like being nosy tonight so I went on ahead to sleep.


I opened one eye. Dangit. It's morning already. That's one thing I hate about not having dreams. It makes you seem like you didn't sleep at all.