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Chapter 1 POWER

"Kurama"… The name was whispered and lost on the evening breeze. His name alone had the power to affect Hiei as no other ever had. The power to make a lonely fire demon sigh with contentment. It was not only his name that had power. His voice, Kurama's soft alto voice, also had power, the power to calm his restless soul. Though it was the power of his touch that confused Hiei the most. Kurama's touch was both a heaven to experience and a hell to be endured. Hiei craved that gentle touch. A touch that could be so comforting yet so very exciting. He also dreaded that same touch. It was getting hard to hide the pleasure Kurama's touch created. When Hiei was expecting his touch, like when Kurama was tending his wounds after a battle, Hiei could mask his gasps of pleasure as pain. But lately Kurama had taken to touching him when he wasn't expecting it. Nothing big, just a calming hand on his shoulder when he was ready to kill that big idiot Kuwabara, or a touch on the arm to get his attention. These times were the hardest. So far he had managed to swallow his sighs and gasps of pleasure, but feared one day Kurama, or worse, one of their teammates, would hear him.

Hiei was perched, as usual, in a tree near Kurama's apartment. Not the tree by his window, Kurama had always been able to sense him that close, even if he masked his ki, but a tree across the street. His view was not as good from that distance but at least he could still watch his fox. His Fox. He had long ago stopped fighting the urge to call Kurama his fox. Hiei felt Karama had been his fox since the beginning of time and would be till the end of time. So he kept his vigil, as he did every night he was in the Ningenkai, some nights just to be near Kurama, others he would go to Kurama's window, to Kurama's room, to be closer to him. Tonight would be one of those nights.


As usual, Kurama was at his desk, trying in vain to do his homework. How could he concentrate on homework when he knew Hiei was in the Ningenkai and had not come to see him. He had called Yukina earlier, as he had gotten in the habit of doing, under the pretext of just calling to say "hi" to a friend. He wondered if the little Koorime had any idea he only called when Hiei had not been around for a while. He wondered if she knew he was only checking to see if she had seen Hiei. Today she had, and it was driving him nuts. How could Hiei be here and not come to see him, his best friend?

Best friend. Such an inadequate term to describe how he felt about his favorite fire demon. For years now Kurama had cloaked his true feelings under a mask of friendship. Best friend however was the title he knew Hiei would accept. What would he do if he knew Kurama would give anything to change that title to lover, or maybe someday, mate? As much as he wanted to know the answer to that question he would not risk the friendship Hiei accepted from him. If Hiei rejected Kurama's feelings he might return to the Makai and Kurama would never see him again. No, the risk was too great. At least this way they could be together as friends and fighting companions.

It was hard though, hiding his feelings for the one he loved. Yes, he had finally admitted that his feelings had passed friendship, passed lust and grown into love. Oh, he did lust after that sexy fire demon, a lot, but it was so much more than that. Never before had Kurama been so content to just be with someone. His heart smiled when Hiei just entered a room. It sang when he was privileged with even the smallest amount of attention from his reserved little friend. In his past youko life, attraction of almost any kind meant sex. Even his love for Kuronue had been centered on a physical attraction first and friendship second. Not so with Hiei. His friendship meant the world to Kurama. If someday he was blessed with his friend's love there would be no words adequate enough to describe how happy that would make him.

Just then he smiled and turned as he heard and felt the object of his thoughts land at his window. For tonight, friendship would be enough.