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Chapter 16

Saturday morningKurama and Hieiset off for the Ningenkai. When they arrived at the apartment Hiei went to the bedroom then said he had to run a quick errand. A now redheaded Kurama called this mother to tell her they were back safe. He also thanked her for her support in his relationship with Hiei. "Did you make your decision yet Shuu-chan?"

He answered her as he watched Hiei reenter the apartment. "Yes mother. This time I won't settle for anything less than happily ever after."

Hearing his response Hiei came to stand by his side as his mother gave her approval. "I'm so happy for you both. I knew I could trust Hiei with my baby's heart. My love to both of you, I'll see you next week."

He said goodbye, hung up then kissed the Koorime. "So, my mother trusted you with my heart?"

Hiei tucked a red forelock behind the fox's ear. "I said she would tell you if she wanted you to know." He took Kurama by the hand and headed for the bedroom. "We don't have to be at the temple for a couple of hours, lets see if you trust me with more than just your heart?" Smiling, Kurama eagerly followed Hiei.


That night at the party their friends were overjoyed at their reconciliation. Hiei received some minor teasing from Yusuke and Kuwabara about the mark on his neck, but he was too proud of it to let them bother him.

Later, Yukina sought him out for a private talk. "Oh my brother, I'm so glad you and Kurama have found love again. You deserve to be happy."

He accepted her good wishes a bit shyly. "Thank you Yukina. I may think Kuwabara is a big idiot, but I know he loves you and I won't ever stand in the way of your happiness. Love is too precious to ever let it get away." With tears in her eyes she hugged him before going to dance with Kuwabara. Hiei watched them for a moment before seeking out his fox.

Seeing the look in his mates eyes, Kurama excused himself from Shizuru and joined Hiei. "Did you want something Hiei-koi?" When the fire demon shyly looked to the other couples dancing close together to the slow beat of the music, Kurama took his hand. "Will you dance with me Koibito?" Hiei nodded and followed his fox. They danced only two songs in each other's arms before silently agreeing they would rather be alone. Bidding their friends an early goodnight they returned to the apartment. Kurama put on soft music, then they danced and made love well into the night.


Sunday afternoon Kurama sat on the sofa quietly watching as Hiei polished his katana at the window. He had been doing a lot of thinking the last few days and it was time for a serious talk. "Hiei, can you join me over here? I want to talk to you about something."

Putting down the katana, he joined his fox on the sofa. "Is something wrong Fox?"

Turning to face him, Kurama drew a deep breath before speaking. "No Hiei, nothing's wrong, but there is something we need to discuss. A little over a month ago I knew exactly what I would be doing tomorrow… going to school. Now I'm not so sure. I love school. I know what I learn in college won't be much use to me in Makai but I'd like to finish my education. I also love my mother and I'm not sure I'm ready leave her yet. More than anything though, I love you Hiei, and I want you to be happy. I know going back to Makai would make you happy. What I'm trying to say is, if you want us to return to Makai now, I will. I'll quit school and leave my mother if you ask me to. I need to know what you want Hiei."

Thefire demonchose his words carefully. "I love you too Kurama. I told Shiori that when you were ready I would take you back to Makai. You're not ready. Some day, perhaps when you finish school, but not today. Yes, going to Makai would make me happy, but being here with you for a while won't make me unhappy. What makes me happiest though is that you put me first, before your mother and school. With that knowledge I can wait, for as long as you need. Then I will take you home."

With a brilliant smile Kurama launched himself at Hiei, planting kisses all over his face, then lingered on his lips. "Thank you my beautiful fire baby. I love you so much. I won't make you wait too long. Just till I finish school. That will give me enough time to adjust to leaving my mother. And I promise, we'll go home every chance we get."

Pulling back from Kurama, Hiei reached into his pocket. "I have something that belongs to you Kitsune. I'm sorry I took it off you. I would have given it back to you sooner but it was incomplete."

He held up a familiar silver chain with two tear gems hanging from it. One he recognized like an old friend, it's silver mount was slightly worn from the many times he had fondled it in the past. The other was the one Hiei had left him the day Yoko's memories had been returned. It was newly mounted in shiny silver. One for each time Kurama had accepted Hiei as his mate.

With tears in his eyes Kurama lifted his hair and allowed Hiei to put it around his neck. "Just promise me Hiei-koi, you'll never take it back again."

He kissed his fox's neck as he fastened the chain. "I promise my beautiful Fox." Once again they were lost in their love. Each one knowing, this time was forever.


Their life happened almost exactly as they planned. Kurama went to school and spent time with his mother. Hiei kept busy working for Koenma, protecting ningen's from demons. They went home on school breaks and for an occasional weekend. They were happy. Everything was perfect, until Kurama graduated. That's when their life changed. They ended up staying in the Ningenkai longer than they had planned. Shiori had gotten sick. Within a few months she was gone. Though Kurama's heart broke at her loss, he got through it with Hiei's love and support. When Kurama and Hiei finally left the Ningenkai for good. the silver youko left with no regrets. He knew his life as a ningen had ended. He knew his mother's last wish was granted. Kurama and Hiei would live happily ever after.



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