What happens when you take Souta's sudden interest in his Grandfather's seals, a newly discovered cellar, and a devious plot? One heck of a Valentine's Day for Kagome and Inuyasha, that's what.

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Cellar Confessions

Chapter 1: Operation MIAKFIL

I have been a part of the Higurashi shrine for nearly 100 years. I was a nice quite place, perfect for working on wards and reading scriptures, that's what I was built for. Unfortunately for me, my existence was secret. It was so the master of the shrine wouldn't be disturbed. Sadly, my existence and my legacy were taken to the grave; my doors were locked and covered by plants. I was forgotten.

Then one day, about a month and a half ago, something happened that would end my period of solitude. It was all thanks to one soccer ball, not to mention the boy who kicked it…

Souta was fed up.

"You can't play video games right now Souta; I need the living room to host my reading circle!" Mama had said.

"Get out of here!" Grandpa yelled, "You'll break something playing in here like that!"

Even Buyo had attacked him when he tried to engage the cat in a friendly game of Pull-My-Whiskers.

And it wasn't like he could just hop down a well and go to a world of non-stop action packed fun like Kagome. (Who, he thought bitterly, was allowed to skip school to do so.)

He absently kicked the soccer ball around the yard, wondering what super-fun thing Kagome was doing 500 years ago. (At that exact moment (500 years ago), Kagome happened to be playing mediator for a crowd of disgruntled villagers who were not only outraged by having a hanyou in their midst, but also deeply offended by the outrageously short 'kimono' Kagome was sporting… Miroku had already worn out his welcome (which consequently didn't help) and Sango was too angry to assist her… Super-fun!)

With a sigh, Souta let loose his frustrations on the ball. It smacked against the backside of the house and disappeared behind some over-growth. Souta trotted over and began milling around for his ball.

That was when he saw something odd… two old looking wooden doors that were held shut by an old rusty lock that looked like it would fall off with one swift pull. So he pulled it.

It was even rustier than he thought.

That was how I came to be this boy's safe haven. Honestly I couldn't have asked for more.

But my rediscovery is not what I set out to talk about today.

It's true, walls can't talk…

But I'm sure you've all heard the expression "the writing's on the wall"…

I just happened to take it a little literally, is all.

Souta began to spend a lot of time with me. Every afternoon it seemed he would pound down my steps, if I had a watch, I'm sure I could have set it to him. He even got me a new lock.

Soon he found the old wards and scrolls of my previous keeper. He took an immediate interest in them, considering his lineage I suppose it was only natural… Although from what I've over heard, Souta's grandfather missed the trait that was common for most Higurashi's. There really is one in every family.

Eventually, Souta grew so skilled with the craft he could make working seals, strong seals. I was impressed. The boy was gifted.

One day, just outside my locked doors, I over heard (as I had many times before) an argument. The words were muffled, but I definitely heard the word "SIT" which was followed by a loud thud. Someone was angry, that much I could tell. After that things quieted down a bit.

When Souta came to see me later I knew he had something up his sleeve. He had that look about him. He was an open book with his emotions, one with very simple words.

… Not that he was simple minded, for in all actuality he was a very complex, intelligent boy (his skills with wards for example), but as a rule children tend to be very 'black and white' about things.

Oh, do forgive me for getting off track, but you see I don't do this often.

So Souta began to devise a plan, he had sketches and notes, and scrolls all over the place. I noticed a picture of a girl who bore some resemblance to him, and an "Inuyasha" whom he often drew pictures of.

Little did I know… I would be spending a lot of time with them in the very near future.

The calendar on my wall (courtesy of Souta) read February 14. Last I knew there was nothing incredibly special about this day, but I guess a lot had changed since I had last been in commission.

This was the day Souta had chosen to execute Operation "MIAK-FIL". I wasn't sure at the time what "MIAK-FIL" stood for, but I would soon find out.

Souta spent a long time setting up. He brought down a large battery (being so old, I didn't have any outlets, Souta even had to hook up lights himself which were plugged into an outlet on the side of the house), a microwave, a few bottles of water, candles, a liter, a 'walky-talky' switched 'on', and many, many packets of "Insta-Noodle" instant ramen.

On his way out he laughed sinisterly, which, coming from him, would have made me laugh if I could. Sinister just didn't fit Souta's personality.

A couple hours had gone by since Souta had left. A ball bounced down my steps, then I was assaulted by unfamiliar voices.

"Sota!" the girl exclaimed. "It's not my fault you lost your ball down there!"

"Keh," a boy said. "You're afraid of a little hole in the ground?"

"Can you blame me?" she asked. "Last time I got to close to a suspicious, sealed off hole I got pulled down by a big demon and had a jewl ripped out of me!"

"Fine, I'll go down with you," the boy replied.

"No!" the girl cried, "I don't see why either of us should go down there! It's Souta's fault!"

"Please Kagome!" Souta begged.

"Oh! Not The Face!" She sighed. "Fine, come on Inuyasha."

"Oh thank you!" Souta cried with delight. "Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

Kagome and Inuyasha came down my steps. The minute they reached the bottom, the cellar doors swung shut, followed by the click of a lock.

They were locked in and they were not happy about it.

"He shut us in!" Kagome exclaimed.

"Heh," Inuyasha flexed his claws. "Doesn't he realize I can just break the door down?'

He ran for the door, but his advances were stopped by a blast of blue lightening. Inuyasha fell down the stairs. Kagome ran to him.

"That little twerp put a seal on the door!"

"Souta?" Kagome asked, "But how?"

"How the hell should I know, wench!" Inuyasha yelled.

"It was a rhetorical question, you jerk!" Kagome retorted. "Urgh. I'll go try it; the seal shouldn't have any effect on me."

The seal didn't have any effect on Kagome. The new padlock on the outside did.

They were stuck and I was happy because I was sure this was going to provide hours of entertainment.

Operation 'MIAK-FIL' was in full swing.

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