Andrew looked around nervously as he slipped the pie into his mouth and chewed it slowly. Buffy wouldn't be able to tell the difference. And if she did he'd just blame it on Spike.

He was about to head off into the kitchen when Willow appeared in front of him and he squealed in fright. "Willow, what's wrong with your…" His eyes shot out with shock and he tried running away but found himself glued to one spot.

"You know the problem with boys like you. All you care about is being popular, and making other peoples lives miserable in the process. You wouldn't be in this position right now Andrew if you hadn't gone along with him. You helped Warren achieve his power and by the time it was too late for you to do anything about it Warren was stronger than you. But you and Jonathan are responsible for Tara's death. You killed Tara and you're going to pay!" Willow magically started choking Andrew.

Andrew clenched his throat desperately but found he couldn't breath at all. Fear coursed through him like an electrical current and he knew that it would be his time soon. Willow smiled, "See Jonathan? See what grief does to people? It makes them very angry!"

Andrew was about to drop to the floor unconscious when suddenly he felt breath come back into his lungs again and the magic, which bounded his throat, had been released. Willow looked back at the witch who stood there with her arms crossed. "Amy!" She sneered evilly.

Amy nodded, "Yeah, it's me. I'm here to stop you Willow. You're really messed up now, and its not you that did it. This is all a spell that made you like this. All we have to do is stop it." Amy waved her hand back and forth and Willow found herself bound up in a green glob.

She rolled her eyes in annoyance, "Not again." Giles had already bound her up when she was like this and now she had to go through the pathetic process again.

Amy walked over to her looking her straight in the eyes. "Tara isn't coming back, but killing people is so not the way to go. Andrew didn't kill Tara. Warren did, and that's just something your going to have to face. Now I know once this spell is broken you won't even think about killing another person, but I'm saying this so it will stick in your mind so in the future this won't happen again. I know I lured you into the dark magic and I'm truly sorry for that. I never wanted it to end up in a result of an apocalypse."

Willow sneered, "Amy, there's no need to be sorry. After all, I'm proud of what you made me. Finally for once, I can be the bully. For once I don't have to be called a geek or a loser. Now everyone will be afraid of me."

Amy shook her head, "Not for long. As soon as the spell is broken you won't even think about hurting anyone."

Willow's eyes reduced to little slits, "And what makes you think I'm going to let that happen?"

Amy pursed her lips cleverly, "Because I have you in my trap." She knew exactly what she was doing; why she was doing it was still a mystery to her. She's not Willow's friend and she has always been jealous of her. But still that eagerness to change made her feel as if there was no other choice.

Willow struggled to get out of the binds but they were too powerful, which seemed almost impossible to a women of her power. "These can't hold me for long. Soon you and your cartoon pals will be dead. Including Andrew." She shot a look at the blonde huddled over in the corner, supporting his throat.

Amy sighed, "It won't be long till the spell is reversed. Don't worry. The old Willow will finally be safe and not stuck inside the evil that courses through her body."

Willow glared at the other witch, "The old Willow is a fool."

Amy shook her head in disagreement, "You're wrong. She's the best girl I've ever known."