Hello Everyone. I've written very little but I still want to finish this one. I can't believe how much my writing skill (er... go with me here) has degraded over the time. Granted, I was never a master but this is pretty sad. I couldn't even bring myself to read it over so be prepared for more grammar and spelling mistakes than ever before. Yay. But here's a short chapter just let everyone know that this story enters my mind every once in a while and if I had a working computer I would be writing all the time. Thank you every one who reads this and everyone who's read in the past. You all have made my time on this website very memorable.

Love and Poptarts :)

The Cursed No More

No One Bleeds in Paradise

Heero's face turned cold, his fists gripped into his palms at his side as he stared out the window into the night. The most terrifying creature in the world, something that should only exist in the worst nightmares, had just kidnapped and flown away with the man he had recently admitted to being the great love of his life. He had never before felt like this, it was like more than half of him had just been ripped out and left in its place was a hot angry empty space. His head felt like his brain was trying to crawl out through his eyes sockets and there was this odd stinging right at the back of his pupil. He never even heard Quatre come storming into the room.

"Heero I got here as fast as I could. Did I really sense what I thought?" There was no response from the vampire prince just a dark silhouette against an even darker night sky.

"Then he really is here. What are we going to do Heero we can't just let him roam free?" Quatre's voice flitted through the dark fog that had clouded the vampire's head. He turned to face his long time friend, but he had no answers for him. He didn't know what to do. For the first time in his extremely long life Heero Yuy had absolutely no idea what he was going to do.

"Heero, are you crying?" The vampire lifted a hand to his face and felt a little dampness at the corner of his eyes. It wasn't exactly tears streaming down his face but it was more than Heero had ever cried in his existence. He was puzzled but Quatre's next question nearly made him start all over again.

"Where's Duo?" And the look on the vampire's face answered everything for him.

"Oh dear God, we have to get him back." Quatre felt his chest tighten uncontrollably.

"I don't know where they've gone." Heero stated, his usual monotone slightly broken.

"Well then, use your vampire power shit. You have to sense them Heero! We have to get him back." Heero just hung his head in defeat.

"I can't. Don't you understand I can't. Dilluvia's stronger than I am, as much as it pains me to admit it, and he's put a block around himself." Quatre eyed the vampire like he was an idiot.

"Then sense Duo! You're bonded to him aren't you? Nothing Dilluvia can do could hide that. It's too deep, he won't be able to touch it." A spark of life flashed in those deep blue eyes. He had forgotten that the bond kept him connected to Duo in a way that Dilluvia could never understand because he had never loved anyone but himself. He closed his eyes and let the more ancient parts of his soul reach out into the night. It flowed over streets and people but they didn't matter. It looped around buildings and headed out to sea. There, it was faint, just a blip of violet light brushed against his soul but it was enough. At least he knew Duo was alive and was somewhere west toward the ocean. His eyes snapped open to a very hopeful looking Quatre and a very worried Trowa running into his room.

"Quatre, Heero, is it true?" The tallest boy asked as he slammed the door shut behind his hasty entrance.

"Yes." Heero responded then launched himself up onto the windowsill with a quick unnatural jump.

"Where are you going Heero?" Quatre asked, more out of habit than anything, he knew exactly where the vampire was going.

"He's to the west, near water. I'm going to get him." A slender arm on his shoulder stopped him in his rushed pursuit.

"He'll be at the Canneries. The abandoned warehouses on the docks, Wufei's been getting some disturbing reports coming from down there." Heero nodded, but Trowa shook his head.

"You're not fighting this one alone Heero. The last time you fought Dilluvia on your own you ended up nearly being sucked up into nothingness along with him." Heero glared but Trowa stood firm.

"He never wanted me to. His plan was to keep me here the entire time until my humanity was completely lost and I embraced the life of the vampire. He used ancient magics and the fucking soul of his own sister to do it, but now he's back and if I don't do something I'm going to lose Duo. So forgive me, but alone or not I have to find him now." Heero ended his speech by leaping out of the window and gracefully landing on the roof next to him. The second his foot touched the next rooftop he was gone with a speed unmatchable in this world.

"So you got a hold of Wufei?" Quatre asked, his blue eyes still full of concern. This was not going to be easy even with all the help they could get.

"Yeah, when you ran out of the room screaming about that monster's return I called him immediately. Despite wanting to chase after you." Trowa's tone was mildly scornful but he understood the blonde's panicked dash. After all, he had been right about the evil man going straight for Heero. But that didn't stop the fact that Trowa had worried himself sick about his blonde coming face to face with Dilluvia.

"Sorry…" Quatre's sentence died when Trowa kissed him desperately. The taller boy just needed a little more reassurance that his love was indeed unharmed. He broke away after a few brief moments. Now was not the time.

"Wufei said he'd gather everyone he knew. All the hunters across the city are going to be there in a few minutes and all of them in the state will be there in an hour. Plus he's got a lot of contacts with vampires who would never want to see Dilluvia's return. They'll all be there ready to fight. Heero won't have to face this alone." Trowa's words were reassuring but it didn't mean that fear wasn't settling into the both of them for the long night ahead.

"I hope it will be enough. There are those out there who have been waiting for his return, powerful vampires who are sick of hiding in the shadows and want some kind of rule over humans." Quatre chewed his bottom lip, a nervous habit that Trowa found endearing, but right now he couldn't much think about that without it bringing up the horrible thought that after tonight he may never see his blonde again. But he had to push his fear side because right now they had to get to the docks and help Heero.

When Heero finally arrived at his destination it wasn't hard to spot where the ancient bloodsucker was hiding. The darkness seemed to seep up out of the ocean itself and down from the night sky. Everything was drenched in shadow and the stench of freshly spilt blood was so thick it clotted in his throat. Just a few hundred yards from where he stood an enormous battle was already in full swing. From Heero's vantage point on the rooftop he could see vampires attacking each other with enough ferocity to kill and yet it seemed like nobody was dying. The speed of the battle was unnatural but Heero's piercing blue eyes tracked every movement. Every flash of throat, every bared fang, every curse muttered, was caught in his glowing eyes. Vampires were thrown across great distances as multiple curses hit them. Some dropped to the floor, their bodies bound by an invisible force. It was mostly physical attacks, the drive of battle forcing out all rational thought so that basic instinct was all that remained and the result was gruesome. Eyes were being scratched out, necks and wrists or any other vital point on the body, were being chewed through by bloodstained pairs of unnatural teeth. Heero felt his own fangs spasm in response and lower at the sight and smell of all that blood. He knew it would be hard to resist joining the battle outside and taking a little taste for himself, but he had lasted this long without taking another's life and he only sought one tonight. He would fight the urge to feed and he would battle only those who stood in his way of getting to Dilluvia. Still, this would not be easy. He really wished he had brought something with him, some kind of weapon or protection. He had so many why didn't he think of it before he left?

He took a step off of the roof, his last safe place, and floated unnaturally down to the ground below. The second his foot hit the ground his senses were on fire. He could hear the mutterings of the vampires in battle and smell the mix of their sweat and blood. Hell, he could even taste it in the air. All around him time seemed to slow as he walked towards what he was sure was to be his final battle. He moved forward with a deliberate pace and Death licking at his heels. He was close enough now that he could touch the vampires locked in battle but none seemed to see him. Then the dream was broken and the whole world shattered into deafening noise and time sped up before his eyes.

It was a low-level grunt vamp that attacked him first and a simple swipe of his nails across the man's neck sent him screaming into the shadows. His eyes flashed silver and stayed that way. His head lowered as a woman ran at him whispering curses as she flung herself in his direction. He roared at her as he unleashed a powerful and invisible shield that he had learned from the ancient texts. Not many knew the magic he did and the pure force of it threw her back. Her spells ricocheted back onto her and she screamed as her body twisted and cracked then finally caved in on itself. He watched her gruesome death with little more than a sneer on his face before he was attacked from behind. A young blonde man had snuck up and grasped him around the neck. A growl rumbled low in Heero's chest and he sent a kick out straight behind him. The heel of his sneaker sunk deep into the man's stomach and the hands dropped from around his neck. This was starting to take too long and Heero was beginning to panic for Duo's safety. He dropped to the ground and roundhouse kicked the man's shins forcing him to fall to the ground hard. The kid rolled over and puked but it was mostly blood. Heero wrapped his hand around his face and began to apply magic force to the man's brain with the intent of imploding it.

"What side are you on?" He asked. He wasn't sure but somehow he knew that everyone out there could sense who was on which side. He felt so strongly that this man was his enemy but he wanted to make sure that what he was feeling wasn't some trick from Dilluvia. If Dilluvia was doing it then chances are everyone who was dying was on his side and they were just killing each other. It was something the ancient vamp would do if he knew how.

"I asked you a question." Heero snarled and applied a little more pressure. The man continued to pretend that the pain was too great to answer. Heero decided to just kill him and cut his losses. He had to get to Duo before it was too late. Sensing Heero's rush and the end of his life approaching the vamp looked straight into Heero's eyes and spit.

"When this is over we will never have to hide like vermin from those filthy humans again. Fucking apes deserve to …" Heero cut him off and let the energy in his palm rip through the man's head. Wiping the spit off his hand he stood to face his next opponent when he saw that somehow he had ended up next to Treize.

"When did you get here?" The taller vamp asked and Heero smirked.

"I've always been here." Treize rolled his eyes as he sent another grunt vamp realing with a swipe of his sword.

"I meant to the battle, not the century, you ancient asshole." Treize grinned as Heero kicked a man in the face and spun the vamp directly onto his sword.

"Not long, but I need to get inside quickly." Heero sent another blast of energy at a large group of vamps and rendered most of them paralyzed.

"Nice shot." The shout cam from just a few feet away but who ever had said it had to yell over the sudden increase in noise. The battle had just exploded into a chaotic blur that Heero couldn't comprehend, but he knew that voice.

Wufei and an army of Hunters had just arrived to battle. Flashes of bright gold and blue shot from their unusual weapons as they blasted their way through vicious angry vamps. Wufei led it all with his enormous gun in front of him taking out one of the opposing vampires with every shot. He threw grenades that burst with something like sunlight when they hit the ground. Even Heero had to shield his eyes from it but when he looked up again Wufei was already heading over and clearing a path for him to get inside.

"You still trying to kill me Hunter?" Heero asked as Wufei took a wild shot somewhere behind Heero's head.

"You know the whole world doesn't revolve around you blood-breath. Now are you going to go save him or do I have to do that too?"