Inuyasha was a sweet boy. He didn't understand... couldn't understand... why the villagers hated him. All he wanted was to play, and to see his mother smile, something she did far too seldom. He looked back and forth in excited wonder at the many fine Lords and ladies around him. His mother was on the other side of the stream, she didn't like parties, but she hadn't said that he couldn't come. They were playing with a ball, and someone called to him to catch it, but they threw it too far for him – a mistake he was sure – and it rolled across the bridge. He ran to get it, ears twitching as someone said something that struck him as strange – he had never heard that word before, but it seemed they were speaking about him. Whatever else they said was lost to the sounds of laughter. He picked up the ball and turned to take it back, but the people were all leaving. He was disappointed, he had wanted to play, but his mother called him and he smiled as he ran toward her. He slowed as he approached, remembering what the courtier had said.

"Mama?" he asked innocently, looking up at her, "what's a hanyou?" he continued curiously, and, to his surprise, his mother began to weep. She dropped to her knees, embracing him. The ball rolled away, forgotten, as he wrapped his tiny arms around his mother's waist.

"Oh, my son..." she whispered brokenly, hugging his confused form tightly; slowly she pulled back to look at his face, and he tentatively reached to wipe away a tear with a short clawed finger. His mother gave a small, sad smile and wiped away the remainder of her tears herself, "have I ever told you about your father?" The boy shook his head, staring at her uncertainly. Sitting, she drew him into her lap.

"To begin with, your father was a man of unparalleled compassion..."


Pretty depressing for a fic that started on Valentine's ne? Sorry about that... you know how I hate tragedy, but it had already happened! (since he ain't around in the series.) I just delved into it a little... Oh, and obviously my theory on Inuyasha is that he was a sweet kid (with a bit of a tendency to sulk) before he lost his mother and had to fend for himself...

This fiction has got to have the least dialogue of anything I have ever written. I tend to write very conversation based stuff- probably because I'm an actress... but I have noticed that in relational stuff I tend to put a lot fewer conversations. Check out 'Forever' if you don't believe me. BTW this is my second, purely relational fic, the other being 'Forever'. And did you notice that both are IY fics? I've been considering an Inu/Kag fic that would also be almost strictly relational... very strange... can you tell why I watch this series? It ain't for the shard hunting


Hime – princess

Taiyoukai – demon Lord

Youkai – demon

Inu – dog

Hanyou – half demon

Shoji – in Japanese architecture: the portion of the wall that slides back to serve as a door.

A/N: Way short, I know... but it was just to tie it back to something you'd recognize. Anyway... thanks to all the people who gave me info and all of you who've stuck with me all these weeks. Please send a parting review