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-A Valentine in the Making-

The chilly winds nipped at his cheeks, turning them a bright, rosy color. His hair flew in all directions, the ruby tipped onyx spikes blowing everywhere, as the blonde bangs stuck to his face. A gloved hand shileded large amethyst eyes as the boy walked into the warm building, sighing in relief when he was finally out of the cold.

"Hey, Yugi! Over here!" he heard someone call to him. He turned in the direction of the voice and smiled when he spotted his friends. He waved to them and went over, rushing through the crowd of students that were just coming in.

"Hi guys," he said as he finally reached them. Suddenly he was pulled into a massive hug by a very energetic boy. "Who gave Malik sugar?" he asked, mock glaring at Marik, as Malik started to nuzzle his cheek.

"Why must you accuse me?" the other asked, putting on a hurt face, though amusement shone in his dark lavender eyes.

"I don't know, maybe it's because he's your boyfriend," Yugi replied breathlessly, his air supply thinning because of the hyper Egyptian that was glued to his waist.

"Malik, I don't think Yami will appreciate it if you hugged his aibou to death," Ryou said, pushing his silver hair out of his face as he continued to read his book.

Malik pouted, but let go nonetheless, attaching himself to Marik. "Where is Yami, anyway?" he asked, looking around for the spirit.

"He had to help Jii-chan with something, so he's coming in late," Yugi responded. He sighed as he pulled out his note books, thinking of his other half. Lately he had been getting weird feelings whenever he was around Yami, even when he was thinking of the spirit. He knew the reason he was feeling so strangely, it wasn't the first time he had had weird feelings around Yami. But it was the first time they had been so strong. "Where are the others?" he asked, trying to get his mind off of his darker half.

"Bakura is still sleeping, like the lazy thing he is," Ryou responded, glaring at the ring that hung around his neck. "Jou and Honda went to find a teacher, Otogi isn't here, and Anzu is sick. I don't know about Seto."

"Oh," Yugi said. He then sat down in his desk, and looked outside. The sky was clear and the sun was shining brightly. It was still windy and the snow was still on the ground, as it was only the beginning of February. It was hard to believe that in three months they were going to graduate from high school. So much had happened since they started, only four years ago. Freshmen year was the easiest, as he didn't have to deal with anything too bad. But when sophomore year came, his whole life changed completely. He solved the Millennium Puzzle, met Yami, saved the world a few times, and so many other things, he couldn't remember them all. And here he had thought that he would have a normal life. But looking back on it now, he realized he wouldn't have changed any of it.

Vaguely he heard the teacher walk in and begin classes, but Yugi was still caught up in his thoughts. In three months, he would be out of high school and preparing for college. To say he wasn't scared would have been the biggest lie he'd ever tell. He was petrified. He never expected college to creep up on him so quickly, but here he was, a senior, months away from starting at a new school. What was worse was that some of his friends would be going to other colleges.

Ryou was going to go to one on the other side of town, and naturally Bakura was going along with him. Though he trusted that Ryou would do good in his chosen field, a medical proffesion, he was a bit scared to think of Bakura being a doctor. Though the spirit was pretty good in biology, which shocked everyone. Malik and Marik were going to the college that was a few minutes away, and so were Jou and Honda. Anzu was moving to America, and Seto and Otogi had their companies to run.

Yami was accepted to one of the countries top law schools, one that was far away from Domino. In fact, it was on the other side of the country. Yugi, on the other hand, was going to a different college to study journalism. It was still here in Domino, because he wanted to stay with his jii-chan. He would be with Jou and the others. When Yami realised that he'd have to leave his aibou, he wanted to decline the invite to the school. But Yugi stopped him before he had a chance. Yugi didn't want Yami to give up on this opportunity because of him. Yugi knew the spirit would never get the chance again, and the boy didn't want to live with guilt for the rest of his life. He wanted his other half to have the best, even if it meant that he would have to leave.

Yugi felt an ache start to build in his chest as he thought of Yami leaving. It had been happening since they got their acceptance letters. He brushed it off as it being that he was sad that Yami was leaving, but he knew it was more than that. Yami was his best friend, his protector, the other half of his soul. The two had never been closer than this year, and yet Yugi wanted more. He knew it was selfish of him to want more, but he just couldn't help it.

He felt something poke him in his side and he turned around to see Jou smiling at him. He smiled back and turned to face the front of the room. He was able to catch the last few minutes of the lecture before the bell rang. Yugi packed his books and walked out, walking alongside his friends as they went to their next class. He partly listened to their conversation, his thoughts mainly focused on looking for Yami. The spirit still hadn't come in yet, and Yugi was beginning to wonder if his Jii-chan was going to keep him all day.

He said his goodbyes and followed Ryou up the stairs towards their next class. As they passed the windows, he looked outside in the parking lot, hoping to see his other half walk up the steps. But no one was out there, the silver car that the two owned missing from it usual spot. He sighed sadly, then turned to find Ryou staring at him.


"He's not here yet, huh?"

"Yes. Jii-chan might keep him all day," Yugi replied as they walked into their classroom. "But what's Bakura's reason for not being here yet?" he asked with a smirk.

"He's a lazy ass," Ryou replied as he sent another glare down to the golden ring. In response the ring glowed brightly, and when the light died down, Bakura was standing in front of the two. The spirit glared at his hikari who just glared back.

"Who are you calling lazy?" Bakura asked.

"You. You better get to your class before you get another detention," Ryou said, turning his back on the spirit. Bakura just rolled his eyes, and sat down on the top of the desk.

"I don't want to go. That class is so boring!"

"You'd still better go," Yugi said. "Too many bad marks on your record, and they won't let you into the med school."

Bakura just growled at him, but stood up. "Fine! Since you people seem to want me gone so bad. I'll see you two later." He gave Ryou a light kiss on the cheek, and tapped his nuckles lightly on Yugi's head before walking out. Ryou sighed as he watched his dark half leave and sat down.

"Finally," he said as he let his head hang over the back of the seat.

"Oh come on. You know you didn't really want him to leave," Yugi teased as he sat behind the boy. Ryou glared at him, though a glare upside down looks pretty funny.

"Oh hush! I'm just glad he isn't like Marik. I don't think I'd survive if Marik was my yami."

"Yea, but then again, Malik is just like him, which is why those two work so well."

"What about you, Yugi?"

"What about me?"

Ryou sat up and was about to continue, when the teacher walked in. The silver haired boy mouthed the word 'later' and turned around to listen to the lecture. A while later, the teacher surprised them and gave them the last ten minutes of class free. The room was filled with cheers as the students got up and started talking to their friends.

Ryou turned around in his desk to see the top of Yugi's head. The smaller one had placed his head in his arms, and was starting to fall asleep. Ryou smiled and tapped the other, but he got no response. The boy tried again, but still Yugi didn't wake up. Ryou bit his lip as he thought of a way to wake the boy up when an idea came to him.

"Hey, Yugi," he whispered into Yugi's ear. "Yami's running around naked in the hall."

"WHAT!" Yugi yelled as he jerked his head up and looked around frantically. It was then that he noticed the entire class had gone silent and was staring at him strangely. "Um…sorry," he said, blushing.

Ryou laughed at his outburst, making Yugi glare at him. "That wasn't nice," the amethyst eyed boy said as he threw an eraser at the other's head. Ryou continued to giggle while rubbing the spot where the eraser hit.

"I'm sorry, but it was the only way to get you up."

"Thanks a lot. Now I have images in my head," Yugi groaned as he banged his head lightly on the desk.

"You don't seem to be complaning."

Yugi looked at his friend wide eyed as a bright red blush took its place on Yugi's cheeks. Ryou only smirked at him, causing the blush to grow bigger. "I…I don't know what you are talking about," he said quickly.

"Uh huh. I've seen the way you look at him. I know you like him," Ryou said with a soft smile, eyes full of understanding and care.

Yugi didn't say anything, he just stared at the desk while trying to make the blush go away. It was true. He did like his other half. No, it was much more than a simple crush. He fully and completely loved Yami with all his heart and soul.

"How long?" Ryou asked.

"Since the beginning," Yugi responded, as he lay his head down on the desk. He felt his mood dampening, and he let out a small, sad sigh.


"And nothing."

"Are you-"


"But why?"

"Because-" Yugi's answer was cut off as the bell rang. "I'll see you later," he told his friend as he grabbed his things and rushed out the door. He headed downstairs and to his next class. He practically ran through the halls, bumping into many people. He was in a rush to get to the classroom, hoping to see if Yami had finally come. He turned the corner and ran into someone. The two fell into a pile on the floor, the other person lying under him. Before he could move, he felt two arms wrap around his waist and heard someone chuckle. "You know you aren't supposed to run through the halls, aibou," said a voice.

Yugi felt his mood brighten immediately, as he lifted his head and looked into amused crimson eyes. "You came!" he said as he smiled brightly. "I thought you'd be home all day."

"And miss being with you at school? Now we'd better get up before we are late," Yami said as he sat up.

Yugi nodded and climbed off of Yami and stood up, helping his dark half up from the floor. He then grabbed Yami's hand and practically skipped to their classroom.

"What's got you so happy, Yugi?" Yami asked as he was dragged down the hall. He couldn't help but smile at his aibou's happy face. His hikari was so cute when he was smiling, his amethyst eyes shining brightly.

"Nothing. It's just been really boring without you."

"I'm touched. You missed me that much?"

Yugi just smiled at him and they walked into the classroom and took their seats. "What did Jii-chan need you for?"

"Jii-chan seems to think that my sole purpose in life is to do hard labor for him. He made me deliver a few packages, and move new shipments inside. My arms feel like they are going to fall off."

"Aww, poor you," Yugi said as he pet Yami's head. Yami just smirked at his light, and placed his chin in his hand.

"So, did anything interesting happen while I was away?"

"Well, if you ignore the fact that Malik almost hugged me to death, the classes were boring as hell, and that I ran into the entire student body, nothing happened."

"Your tale amuses me to no end," Yami said, earning a light punch from his pouting hikari.

"It wouldn't have been so bad if you were there," Yugi said turning around before Yami could see the blush that was creeping up his cheeks.

"So you did miss me," Yami said, a smile plastered on his face. He saw the smile that took its place on Yugi's face, as the smaller rolled his eyes at his dark half.

'You don't know how much I missed you, Yami. After all, once we graduate, I won't see you again for a long time.'

While they were doing group work, Yugi took the time to watch his darker half. He had done it millions of times before, yet he couldn't stop. He couldn't help but admire his yami. Yami's facial features were perfect. High cheek bones and a perfectly formed jaw line. A smooth nose and full red lips. Beautiful crimson eyes that were soft and caring whenever they looked upon him. Lightly tanned skin covered Yami, giving him an exotic look that could melt the hearts of anyone.

Yugi's eyes roamed over the Pharaoh's body, taking in everything. A graceful neck and broad shoulders. Strong arms that were always there to hold him. Long, delicate fingers came from soft hands. He could see Yami's ab muscles from the tight black shirt he wore. Poweful legs completed the lithe body of the spirit, the one who held Yugi's heart. Yugi looked back up to Yami's face and smiled. Yami was bitting his lip as he thought over the answer to the problem. He looked so cute, and at the same time he looked amazing and gorgeous.

Yami looked over and saw Yugi staring at him. He looked back down at his paper, then looked back up at his aibou a few seconds later. He looked at his paper, trying to answer the question. He could sense that Yugi was still looking at him, and a few minutes later looked back up. "Is there something interesting about me?" he asked with a smirk.

"Huh? What? Oh…um…n-no s-sorry," Yugi said, blushing in embarrassment that he was caught staring at Yami.

"Is everything ok?" Yami asked as he took hold of Yugi's hand.

Yugi looked down at the hand holding his. "Yea. I'm fine," he replied quietly, pulling his hand away, not looking back up at his other half.

Yami frowned, and opened his mouth to ask something else, when the teacher interrupted. He turned his attention back to the teacher, though he kept looking at Yugi from the corner of his eyes. 'Something seems off about him today. I wonder what it is.' The bell rang half an hour later, signaling the beginning of lunch. Yami waited while his hikari packed his books. The two walked out of the room and towards the cafeteria, where they met their other friends. The two sat down and started to talk to the others.

"Yugi," called Ryou.

Yugi looked over at the silver haired boy, and Ryou stood up, silently asking Yugi to follow him. Yugi stood up as well and walked out of the cafeteria with the other. Yami watched them leave, and looked over to Bakura, who stared at him then turned away to talk to Malik. Yami looked back over to the doors, wondering why those two had left.

Outside, Ryou pulled Yugi into an empty classroom. He then shut the door and turned towards the smaller. Yugi just leaned against the teacher's desk, staring at the floor as he waited for Ryou to talk. He knew what the other boy had called him for.

"Why not?" Ryou asked.

"Because I can't."

"Why can't you?"

"Too many things," Yugi said with a sigh, as he lifted his gaze from the floor and towards the boy in front of him.

"Like what?" Ryou asked as he sat in the teacher's chair.

Yugi sighed again, as he sat on the edge of the desk. "I couldn't do that to him. If I told him that, he wouldn't leave. He would turn down the chance to go to the law school. I can't take that away from him. I want him to have every opportunity in this life."

"I doubt that Yami will care if it comes to that," Ryou said.

"But what if it's the opposite? What if I push him away? What if I tell him that I care for him, and he hates me for it? Then he'd leave me even faster. I can't take that. I don't want him to leave. I don't want him to hate me."

"Yugi, he would never hate you," Ryou said as he placed a comforting hand on his friend's shoulder. "You can't think that. There is no way that Yami would hate you, no matter what you told him."

"You don't know. You can't say that he won't hate me," Yugi said looking away from Ryou. "I refuse to get my hopes up just to have them dashed."

"So your not going to tell him?"

"No. I won't hold him back. Not anymore."

"When did you ever hold him back?"

"I can't count the number of times I've kept him from doing something. He's given up so much for me, and I just keep asking for more like a selfish little kid. He really wants this, he wants to go to this college, and I am not going to keep him."

"But what about you?"

"I……will get on…somehow," Yugi said as he lowered his gaze to the floor again, his voice softening.

"You won't be happy."

"But he will, and right now, that's all I care about. I can live with heartache, but I can't live with guilt."

"Yugi, I just can't believe you can be like that sometimes."

"Like what?"

"So giving. That you can give up everything you want for someone elses happiness. I would never be able to do that. I would never give up Bakura for anything."

"I envy you Ryou."


"Because you had the courage to tell Bakura your feelings. I will never be able to tell Yami."

"It will work out. You just have to believe in it."

"Don't you ever get tired of being so optimistic?" Yugi asked, a small smile on his face.

"It's a gift. And it's good to be optimistic when around someone as stubborn as you. Bakura is just the same."

"Don't compare me to him, please. That creeps me out."

Ryou laughed at the comment, as Yugi smiled again. "But seriously, Yugi. don't keep this to yourself. It's not good for you. When Yami leaves, it will hurt being away from him. I don't want to see you unhappy."

"I won't be alone. I will have you guys."

"Bakura and I won't be able to come back untill the weekend. The others might be here, but that won't take the place of Yami, and you know it. Yami will be on the other side of the country. Who knows when you guys will see each other."

"I can handle it. I can always talk to him by phone or on the computer."

"Do you really believe that you will be satisfied with that? And think about it. Do you really want him to leave?"

Yugi didn't answer him. He just got up and walked over to the door. He opened it, but didn't walk out. He stood in the door way, his back turned to the other boy. "No," he finally whispered. "But it's not my choice to make." Then he walked away.

Instead of going back to the cafeteria, Yugi walked up the stairs and walked out on the roof. He leaned against the railing, and sighed. He replayed the conversation over and over in his head. He knew Ryou spoke the truth. He didn't want Yami to leave. He wanted to tell Yami that he loved him, and he wanted the spirit to say the same to him. He wanted the fairy tale love and the happily ever after. But he knew he wouldn't get it.

Yugi felt his eyes start to water, the tears stinging his eyes. It happened every time he thought of his yami leaving. He had never thought that one day Yami would have to leave. He thought that they were going to be together, yami and hikari, forever. He never thought that they would get accepted to different places. He wiped away a tear that escaped his eye and sat on the ground, leaning his back against the building. He brought his legs up to his chest, and wraped his arms around his legs, and placed his forehead on his knees. He didn't want to feel this way. He wanted to love Yami without all the pain. He wished that love was simple, but nothing was ever simple for him. He could never have an easy life.

'Maybe I should just tell him,' he thought as he closed his eyes to prevent anymore tears from falling. 'Then at least I won't be breaking apart inside. But I don't want to risk loosing him. I'm already loosing him physically, but I won't survive if he despises me." Yugi heard a door open to his right, but didn't open his eyes. He knew who it was that had come up. He heard footsteps come closer to him, and heard the person sit down next to him.

"Yugi, what's wrong?" he heard the deep voice of his yami ask, the question laced with concern.

Yugi turned his head away and shook his head. He was afraid if he talked now, he'd blurt everything out.

"Aibou?" Yami called out. He placed a hand on Yugi's shoulder, noticing how tense the other was. He scooted closer to his light, and wrapped an arm around his waist. He gently caressed Yugi's cheek, surprised to find that they were wet.

"You're crying!" he exclaimed, now very concerned. "Why are you crying? Did something happen to you? Did someone hurt you?"

Yugi pulled away, pushing Yami's hand away from his face. "I'm fine. I was just thinking."

"What could it have been that made you cry?"

"Nothing. It was stupid of me to start crying. I'm fine now," Yugi said as he wiped his tears away, trying to smile for his dark half.

Yami wasn't fooled for a second. He decided not to press the issue, for now. He tightened his hold on his aibou, pulling the smaller boy closer to him. They sat like that for a few minutes, neither wanting to break the silence that was surrounding them. Yami looked down at Yugi and noticed that the light of the sun was reflected in his amethyst eyes. The violet orbs shone with such brilliancy, and they were so mesmerizing, that Yami felt as if he could drown in their depths. They were so beautiful.

"Valentines Day is coming soon, aibou."


"Yep. In two days. Do you have anyone in mind?"

"…No. I did, but I realise that it can't be between us. So I've decided to give up on him."

"You can't do that, Yugi. You can't give up on love. I think you should tell him," Yami said despite the pang of jealousy that coursed through him.

Yugi just smiled as he looked out across the school yard. Typical Yami. It seemed like everyone wanted him to tell of his love. Who knows, maybe he would. "Maybe. Most likely not, but who knows."

"Good. Wait…this person isn't the one causing you to cry, is he? I don't care if you love him or not, no one makes you cry and gets away with it," Yami said with determination.

Yugi laughed loudly. Yami could be so funny sometimes. He sighed and leaned his head on Yami's shoulder. He heard the bell ring, but made no move to get up. It seemed that Yami didn't want to move either. "We should get back to class."


"So we will get in trouble if we don't."


"You want to stay up here?"


Yugi laughed and rolled his eyes. "Fine then. We'll stay up here, but when the school calls Jii-chan and complains about us skipping, I'm telling him that you made me do it."

"And somehow I don't care."

"Yami, you are so annoying sometimes," Yugi said as he snuggled closer to Yami.

"Just one of my many qualities," Yami said as he placed his cheek on the top of Yugi's head.

The two sat there, the peaceful silence engulfing them. Yugi sighed happily, feeling Yami tighten his hold. 'I want to tell him. I really do, but I don't want to loose what I have now. But Valentines Day is coming soon. Maybe I'll tell him then. Maybe I'll finally ask him to be mine.'

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