To all those that enjoyed "The Legacy Returns", I thank you for reading and hope that I can continue to bring you interesting stories and action packed adventures. Each new "episode" of The Legend Continues will be posted on their own and won't be tacked on to one posting. For those just joining this new adventure, I suggest you go and read Batman Beyond: The Legacy Returns to understand where and when this story takes place.

And now…the series begins again.

Batman Beyond: The Legend Continues - The Series

Based on "Batman" created by Bob Kane and the "Batman Beyond" Animated series.

By Jetplague (a.k.a.) Jeff Walker

"Frozen In Time"

Gotham City.

A hub of never ending buildings, flashing neon lights and holographic displays glistening in the night air, a busy city full of air traffic and loud noise. In the depths of this labyrinth of chaos is a guarded building of Wayne Enterprises, one of the many technology labs that store some of the latest in computer and technological achievements. The few guards that walk about the base of the building keep a regular pace as they go about their nightly duties. Two men walk up to the guards in similar uniforms and greet each other; the time has come for a shift change once again.

"Hey Phil!" The on duty Afro-American guard says. "You guys are kinda early."

"Yeah." His other younger Caucasian partner says. "Usually you're draggin' your butts and nearly missing the punch-in time. What gives?"

The bulky middle-aged Caucasian man they're addressing gives a sigh and rubs the back of his neck. The guy beside him, an Asian American, looks lean and well built. He folds his arms over as the two stop to chat with the guards and gives a bit of a smirk as he sees his friend try to explain.

"Well…the wife has been giving me crap about all that lately. Frankly, I think I just want to get the dreg out of there before she gets on my case again." Phil says with a tired look.

"Man, you're whipped." The Asian American friend laughs.

"I ain't whipped!" Phil says back in anger. "She ain't the boss of me! I can do whatever I want…."

"Yeah…so long as she lets ya." The friend snickers.

Just as the guard was about to lash out again, a deep, yet serious sounding male voice booms out from the shadows beyond their view.

"Sounds like the woman is cold to me."

The guards notice the eerie glow of the man's red round eyes as he slowly steps forward; the night still hides his whole appearance from them but soon raises his hand up at them. The hand is light blue with grey metal strips around his wrist, as he continues to walk forward with it palm open to them, the guards draw out their weapons and face him.

"Ok buddy that's far enough! Put both hands up and stay where you are." Phil shouts to him in a commanding tone.

"Aren't you supposed to say…Freeze." The mysterious man says as he stops.

Suddenly a large blue blast of energy comes out of the man's hand and hits the group of guards standing there, a sudden gasp from them all is the only moment they have before they quickly begin to turn to ice. The mysterious man turns off his strange power as soon as the guards are completely frozen over. The sound of his footsteps can be heard as he walks up to the men incased in ice and taps on it with his finger.

"Now you are just as cold as she is…a perfect match."

Another wintry blast from the man's hand now directs at the building's doors, the freezing cold turns it into pure ice and shatters to pieces from the severe temperature. As the mist and shards of the ice settle, the intruder stands in the entrance and glares into the opening with his glowing red eyes. More night guards come running down the hall as the man walks down in a calm pace. Each of them tries to stop him as they come in his path, but are met with a similar chilling fate. Now using both hands, the intruder uses his strange cold powers to stop them all. As he turns down the hallway and heads for a door that reads:


As the silhouetted individual reaches the door, he once again brings both of his similar styled hands up and prepares to blast his way through them. Unknowing to him, a lone young male security guard is hiding near by and prepares to leap at him. With a smile on the guards face, he jumps out and reaches over to grab the intruder.

"I got you now, Frosty!"

As he touches the blue shoulder of the man, his hand instantly freezes and soon spreads to the rest of his body as he becomes frozen like the rest of the security staff. The man screams in pain as the cold becomes unbearable, a short moment that last for only a second as he soon becomes silent and solid. The extremely cold man looks over his shoulder and stares at him with those round red eyes. A grey faceplate covers his features and the red eyes he bore looked as if they were built into the mask itself. He looked more like a robot close up; his entire body was blue with grey metal wrapped around him like the design of a computer chip.

"Forgive my cold shoulder…but I have other matters to attend too." The icy man quipped.

He removed the guards hand from his person by lifting it off slowly, once he was clear of it, he turned back to the doors and blasted them open just as he did earlier. Entering the dark room, the man placed his hands on his hips and stood proudly as he stepped in.

"Now where is it I wonder?" The cold man whispers to himself.

Stepping into the room he wanders through the many devices and prototype creations laying about on tables and protected behind glass safety walls. As he walks though the room, the cold from his feet freezes each step; icy footprints are all he leaves behind as he wanders through the place. Suddenly he stops in his tracks and notices something in the distance, his red eyes focus on a small black box on the table and saunters over to look at it. As he opens the lid, his unemotional round red eyes almost reflect the object he now sees.

"Success." He says with pride. "One down…many more to go."


Across the city, in a boardroom in the Wayne Enterprises, Terry McGinnis sits in his chair at the head of a very long black boardroom table. Wearing a dark blue suit and a white shirt, the young man's sleeves where rolled up to the arms and his jacket hanging off the back of the black chair he was in. The lights are dimmed down and a few papers are lying in front of him as he holds his head in his hands. The long day of working have drained him out and now gives a soft sigh as he struggles with being the head of a major corporation. Tapping on the door at the other end of the room, a female voice calls into him as he sits alone in the dark.

"Mr. McGinnis? Sir?"

"Yes Rosie…what is it?" Terry responds loudly so she can hear him.

"Sir…the meeting ended hours ago. Are you alright?"

"Yes I'm fine."

The man rises out of his seat and walks over to the door. Opening it slowly he glances up at the older woman's face. The middle aged Caucasian woman, with her fading blond hair and thin silver rimmed glasses, gives him a comforting smile as she finally sees him face to face.

"Oh there you are!" She giggles. "Sir, I'm about to leave for the rest of the night…do you need anything else before I go."

"No, thank you Rosie." McGinnis smirked at her. "I'm really ok. I'm just drained from the meeting with the Wayne stockholders."

"Don't stay up too late." She said as she closed her small red leather purse. It seemed to match her outfit, which also was red leather and very business-like attire. "We've got another meeting with some of the other company executives and the employee unions and…uhm…oh yes…Mr. Smythe called again."

Terry gave a long sigh and his eyes drooped down with a tired expression.

"Yes, yes…fine. I won't forget all that. What did Mr. Smythe want?"

"Lunch." Rosie smiled as she finally closed her purse and looked back up at him. "He wants to meet with you tomorrow…the restaurant name and number is on my desk if you like to see?"

"Thanks Rosie…Bruce hired an ace secretary, glad you're here to help me with all of this."

She patted him on the face and gave him kiss on the forehead.

"Thank you Terry. I'm sorry you don't want to keep this company any longer, but I'll try to do the best job I can to help you see it handed over."

The woman gave him one last look and walked down the hall towards the elevator, Terry quickly closed the door and leaned up against it with his back.

"Right." He breathed. "Handed over…more like torn apart bit by bit."

As he walked over to his chair, he took a moment to stare out the window of the room. The long wide glass was nearly the size of the room's width; the view was spectacular as night showed all of Gotham in its electric glow. Putting his hands in his pockets, the young man gazed out and folded his arms together.

"Sorry Bruce. But believe me…I think it's for the best."

Suddenly, the phone on his boardroom table began to beep and the light on it flashed repeatedly. Turning it on, a holographic image of Police Commissioner Maxine Gibson appeared in a half frame visual. Her hair was still in it's same ponytail fashion and the green hue of the holographic showed no color of her at all; only the color that holographic phones tend to use.

"Hey wonder boy." She smiled.

"What's up Max? Is this a personal call or something else?" Terry snickered back at her.

" was going to be personal…but things have happened to make this something else."

"Oh?" Terry said as he raised his voice inquisitively.

"Looks like one of your labs got ransacked tonight…I'm going to need you down here to help out."

"Look can we do this another night…" Terry yawned. "I don't feel like coming down to give a statement and all that."

Max shakes her head negatively at his remark and leans in closer. It almost seems like her hologram moved in closer to him as well.

"Naw, man…you don't get it. I mean I need 'you know who' tonight!"

Terry stops in his yawn and turns around with a sudden realization.

"Oh…him. Be there in a sec then…I'm on my way."

The hologram turns off and Terry double taps on his belt, a quick flash of red light in the middle happens, and suddenly his whole outfit changes, as the slick business suit becomes his dark bat suit. The nano-technology within the fibers allows him to convert the clothes into temporary everyday wear, but once activated, the suit emerges into its true form. The only part that isn't part of it is the jacket sitting on the chair. Reaching into its inner secret pocket, he takes out the old Batman cowl and places on his head to complete the whole outfit.

"Or should I say…Batman is on the way."

Pressing a hidden button underneath the long black table, the glass window suddenly slides to the right and opens half way. Batman jumps out of the window and spreads his arms open in mid-air. The suit wings unfold and he now glides through the city as his boots activate rockets to whisk him away. The building window slides back into place and Batman continues to fly off into the distance.