Chapter 1: Part One

Leon Scott Kennedy ran down the metallic hallways of the Umbrella lab. Looking to his right he saw a youthful figure, it was the one of Ashley Graham, and on his left he saw a stronger and not to much older body, it was a close friend of his Claire Redfield. The two had become very close after the horrific events of Raccoon City, as for Ashley, well, she owed him her life. They had come into contact when he was assigned to rescue her on behalf of the president.

They kept running and turned down another hallway, they all looked the same, gray walls and a dark fiber glass floor with pilot lights underneath. The three had heard of the base from someone who wanted to destroy Umbrella as much as they did, his name was Trent, Leon and the others weren't sure if it was his real name or just an alias. Of course they all never had met him in person, he would just tell them crucial information that only someone from the inside could know, and they would proceed to do the deed that was 'cleaning up' Umbrella.

"Leon we have to get out, the troops are right behind us." Claire looked at him worried, a large 12 Gauge pump action shotgun was slung across her, and it bumped up and down every time she took a running step.

"I know. Ashley radio Chris and Jill, tell them we need immediate evac, Umbrellas force are way to much." Leon gripped the Desert Eagle harder with both hands, he could hear shouting from behind them, and could hear bullets just barely missing there running bodies.

"Leon the radios... Its uh... Its dead." Ashley looked ashamed, her green eyes looking dead and hopeless, she only had a small revolver on her as defense, Leon had been trying to train her for combat situations before they had been called by Trent.

"Great, just our luck." Leon mumbled as the three turned the corner. Just then he heard a scream, and saw Claire fall, him and Ashley took a few more steps before they stopped and turned around. She was lying on the ground, holding herself up by her left elbow, blood trickled from her leg, she had been shot.

"Go, you and Ashley get out." She said in a weeping tone of voice.

"No fucking way, your coming with us" Leon began to run forward.

"NO! Get out now! I'll be fine." She unslung her shotgun, and prompted herself against the wall, pointing it in the direction of the turning point in the hall.

Leon grunted unsure of what to do, he knew trying to get her to come with them would be a waste, if he knew one thing about Claire it was that she was stubborn. "Ashley lets go."

"But..." The presidents daughter said hesitantly.

"NOW" Grabbing her arm he pulled her down the hall as they turned the corner they heard gunshots and a loud scream, it was Claire...

Chapter 1: Part Two

"Leon... We... Ugh... Gotta go back for Claire" Ashley could barely speek, Leon was pulling her so fast and hard down the hallway, at the end they saw a large steel door, it could lead them to freedom or to death.

"Ashley, there is no time, you heard her... She said for us to get away." He was speaking slowly, almost lifelessly. "That door should get us a bit farther away from the threat." Just then Leons radio made a buzzing noise.

"'Ello? Anybody der'" It was Carlos Oilveria.

Grabbing from his side pack Leon put it to his ear. "This is Leon, talk to me."

"Eh'! Leon, amigo, I finally figured out what I am gonna get you and Claire when you two start dating, a strap on! Dat' way she can pleasure you the way you like it" Carlos was very amused with his joke and Leon could hear him laughing a little.

"Shut the FUCK up man, Claires fucking DEAD" He yelled it to him, to make Carlos fully absorb the words. Ashley saw the anger in his face and the hurt in his eyes as he spat it out.

"Whoa... Shit... Senoritas dead? Shit... OK well, I got a copper' comin' your way, it will meet you 2 miles from the Boston lab." He had lost all the funny tone in his voice, Carlos knew he had made a MAJOR mistake.

"Alright, just don't fuck this up, for a comment like that, you owe me. You son-of-a-bitch." Leon put the radio in his side pack and pulled at the door handle opening it. Maybe on the other side there would be a little luck.

"Shit..." Leon barely had enough time to say that as bullets tore through the closed door and flew towards him, Ahsley reacted quicker as she dove at him knocking them both into a doorway, away from harm. "Thanks I owe you a million."

"I won't forget it." She winked at him as she said it, they hurrily opened the door that was beside them, and ran in closing and locking it. "We should be safe for a while in here, eh Leon"

"Yeah..." His eyes were lifeless now, and so was the tone of his voice, he was like a zombie, heh, how ironic. Actually he was more like the shell of a man, with the soul stripped out. Could it be that he loved her? Could it be that his soul mate had been taken from him in an instance"We need to press on, they will get that door open soon enough."

The two were in an cubicle type area, with many offices, they remembered how every scientist and worker had been evacuated the moment they entered, Umbrella really couldn't afford to loose any staff. They had just been rebuilt under funding of an anonymous doner, and worked underground, only studying making biological weapons. It made then a hundred times more dangerous, rumor had it, they had made the G-Virus in mass amounts, allowing for everyone it came in contact with to become a horrible creature like William Burkin, or Nemesis. Leon looked around his gun raised ready for anything, then something came through on the speakers, a deep voice sounded into the room.

"Hello humans, what a nice day to play a game." Leon and Ashley heard the sicking lock of all the doors at once.

"Arch, who the hell are you" Leon said looking around to see which speaker it was coming out of.

"Who am I? My name is Albert Wesker."

Leons eyes widend, Chris and Claire both had told him about this mad man, one who possessed great powers from a dose of the G-Virus.

"Wesker, you bastard what do you want" Leon yelled at the speakers.

"What do I want? I want you and your littler girlfriend to suffer." He laughed and the speaker clicked off.

"Leon I'm scared." Ashley grabbed his arm, as the sound of something opening rang through the offices.

"Don't worry, whatever is coming, we will be able to handle." He raised his gun in the direction of the noise, Ashley let go of him and did the same, pointing at the dark spot in the room.

It sounded like nails against a chalkboard when the creature screamed, they could hear claws against carpet, it was slowly moving there way. It came into view, it looked like a licker but was green instead of the average red, its tongue flailed around as it exposed its sharp teeth, jumping it clung to the ceiling, Leon and Ashley opened fire on it, the bullets went into it but exposed no blood, or sign of it stopping, the thing jumped from the ceiling at them, Ashley dropped her gun as she jumped out of the way, and Leon dove backwards still firing, landing hard on his spine.

"Ashley! Get out of here" She nodded and ran through the open door it had come through, the creature didn't follow her, instead it looked at Leon with hunger. "Oh man..." The creature rushed at him, he opened fire, three rounds later he heard the click of empty, the thing was on-top of him, the ghastly tongue trying to kill him. Putting his foot under its belly, Leon managed to kick it off unhurt. Standing he too ran towards the door, opening it, then slamming it behind him, he heard the thing slam its body against it trying to get in. Turning around he looked at Ashley, reloading at the same time. "That door will not stand up to that 'thing' and when it gives I don't think we wanna be around." She nodded in agreement, and the two started walking towards there uncertain future...

Chapter 1: Part 3

Claire gasped as the a bright light shone over head, she looked around, she could see her reflection in the two way glass. She was strapped down on a white table, a bandage covering her left leg and right arm. She was only in her black corset, and black thong, Claire saw a man come in through a door that looked like it had just been another wall before. She knew the man, it was Albert Wesker.

"You bastard let me go."

"Shah, Claire, don't fuss, we are going to have some fun." He smirked, taking off his glasses revealing pitch red eyes.

"Let me go NOW" She squirmed trying to get free.

"Common, don't be like that." Putting his glasses down on a small counter beside the table Claire is on, he pulls a needle from his pocket. "Tell me Claire, have you ever been penetrated"

"What" She looked stunned, and scared. Wesker liked those both.

"Have you ever made love"

"No..." She didn't why she was answering to this sick fuck, though she knew she could die right now, and dieing a virgin would suck majority.

"Good then you and Leon shall have fun." Wesker said, sticking the needle in her neck. "This is a new virus I have been testing out, you will be one of my first genie pigs. Have fun"

That was the last thing Claire heard, before everything went black. But little did she or Wesker know, that not to far away Ashley was crying, for in-front of her, was the dead body of Leon Scott Kennedy...

End Of Chapter 1