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Chapter 3: Part 1

Leon glared at Wesker, he was so hard to read, especially with his dark sunglasses on. Leon was taught, that in combat sitiuations, always read someone by there eyes. Now with his eyes being covered, Leon couldn't see a damn thing.

"So, whos gonna make there move first?" Leons hands were balled into fists, and he was pacing back and forth slowly, keeping his eyes on Wesker.

Albert smirked, and rushed at him, diving ontop of him, pinning his arms above his head, all in one swift movement he head butted him, then rolled out, elbowing Leon in his side, the ex-cop let out a gasp of pain. Standing, Wesker kicked him in his side, then drew a knife. "Us Umbrella employees don't play fair." He took it in two hands and brought it down towards Leons head, Leon rolled out of the way quickly and he heard the knife dig into the soft rock. He stood and kicked Wesker in the face with a roundhouse. Then he brought both his fists down on his back with all the might he had. Wesker fell down, on the ground back first, the knife was sticking out of the rocks handle first.

"Leon, you loose both ways. If you kill me now, that would be a great victory, but an even greater loss awaits you." He signaled behind him. Leon turned and saw blood floating at the top of the placid water. Then he felt legs hit his knees, knocking him over. He had let his guard down. Leon was on his back, a sharp rock digging into his already hurt side.

Wesker brought down his foot onto Leons stomach, blood spurted from his mouth. Then the unthinkable happenend. Leon started to laugh. Wesker had confusion on his face. "What the hell are you laughing at Kennedy?"

"Heh… The fact that us Umbrella destroyers don't play fair either." Leon grabbed the handle of the knife that was sticking out the ground beside his left arm, and stabbed it into Weksers leg, Albert let out a scream of pain and clutched the bleeding leg. Even though he had unmatchable speed, that should slow him down a couple notches. Leon stood, his mouth bloody, and drops of blood seeping through his shirt. "Like we both said earlier… It ends… NOW!"

Leon gave him a swift upper cut to the jaw, and he fell backwards, onto his ass. Leon then kicking him between the eyes, breaking his glasses, they fell off his face immediately. Mr.Kennedy saw why he wore them, his eyes were pitch red, the colour of pure blood. Leon then bent down and grabbed him by the throat, picking him up. He was so busy choking the life out of Wesker that he didn't notice the green that outlined his vains. It was the virus, pulsading through him, giving him a new stronger life. Wesker stopped moving, and Leon let him go, his body fell into a limp pile on the rocky floor…

Chapter 3: Part 2

Ashley was dead. Leon had gone into the water to get them, and once both of them were on the shore again, he was only able to bring Claire back by quick rescue breathing. They both said nothing, the silence was enough, Ashley looked so peacefull. She was so young too. They both paid respects, and set out into the great unknown.

As they walked along the indoor grotto, that connected with the ocean, Claire took Leons hand. "I thought I lost you…" She said, her head down.

"I know… What you did back there, risking your life to save me and Ashley… I thought I would never get to tell you how I felt…" Leon didn't look at her either, just held tightly onto her hand.

"You don't have to tell me Leon, I know. I feel the same way." She sighed, she knew they could never be.

"But I know, we both know, that there could never be an 'us' things wouldn't work, I couldn't love you that much and loose you…" He squezzed her hand tighter.

"Shut up and kiss me." She turned and looked at him, pushing him against the rocky wall, and started to kiss him, roughly and passionately, a fire burning inside of them both. There mouths joined together, and had a meeting of the tounges. He wrapped his arms around her, and she loved feeling his warm embrace. Then they both stopped. She looked up at him and bit her bottom lip.

"We can't do this…" Leon sounded hurt, he knew it hurt her too. Claire backed away from him, and they continued to walk in silence.

There was a tension, and Leon felt it too. It wasn't sexual, it was love. The passion that they both had. When she had started to kiss him, he felt nothing else, just her. It was how love felt, and it felt good. Too good.

Then, something happenend, Claire stopped and turned to Leon. She looked at him menicingly. "Fuck me… Now."

"The hell?" Leon raised an eyebrow and was going to say more, but there they were again, he was against the wall, and she was sucking his face, harder, faster, like the world would end in minutes…

Chapter 3: Part 3

Chris Redfield traced his finger along the curves of the naked body of Jill Valentine lying beside him. They had made love for hours, and then stopped, there bodies spent, and had fallen alseep in eachothers arms. They had a love that only those faced with life and death could apperciate. Then the phone rang. It was Berry. He said that he had not recieved a transmition from Leon, Ashley and Claire in hours. He was getting real worried.

Chris jumped out of bed, still in the nude, still with the phone in his hands. He pulled up a pair of boxers, then started to pull up his jeans, getting the details from Berry. He had to go find her, he had to go save Claire, aside from Jill, she was all he had left, and he would not loose her.

Yet a long distance away, Claire and Leon were quite alright. After Claire had pounced on him, they had found a secure room to stay in, still locking lips and tounges, Claire started to unbotton Leons jeans frantically, at the same time, they broke the kiss momentairly so Leon could take off her red halter top. Claire finally took down his pants, her hand rubbed the growing bulge in his pants. Leon was un doing her bra, as it came off, he broke the kiss again, to take in her buetiful body. Her breasts were perky and youthfull and she had a well toned body, with no flaws to the human eye.

There shoes and socks were already on the floor, and Leon began to take off her jeans as well, sliding them slowly down her body, licking her calfs and thieghs, longing to taste her, and feel her. Once they were off, she kicked them far away from the two, and she began to pull down her black thong teasingly, as it slid off, he smirked, and she smiled too. Claire moved his boxers down, he stepped over them, so they were off all the way. She got down on her knees and took his member in her hands, she started to play with it, and moved it into her mouth, her tounge taking it to town, Leon let out moans of pleasure, his hands made there way to her hair, she moved her head forward and backwards, she stopped and stood up. Walking to a near by desk, she whiped it clean of all the items, some went crashing to the floor.

She lay down ontop of it, and Leon walked over. He took her thieghs in his hands and spread her open. "Leon be gentle, its my first time... Please..." She had such an innocence to her rebel and modern side. Slowly he slid himself into her, a tiny bit of blood fell to the ground. She bit her bottom lip hard in pain and in pleasure. Once he was as deep as he could go, he pulled back, and then continued the pattern. She yelled his name over and over, she gasped time and time again groaning and moaning in agony and in longing. Then she felt something, little did she know it was the virus. The lust in her went sky rocketing, and she wanted him now more than anything in the world. She grabbed his waist and pulled her self up, straddling him, her arms wrapped around his neck and she kissed him as she rocked on him back and forth.

Both of there orgasms were building, and the climax was near. Leon expanded, and she felt something tear, something that hurt like hell, and felt like heaven, moments later she did the same, white liquids came out from her, they both kept going, not wanting to stop. Then finally, both of them came to a halt, and lay together on the ground in both there embraces till sleep came, there fears were over. They had eachother. Yet nothing could have prepared Leon or Claire for the monster ahead. Its name... Chris Redfield, the jealous brother.