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Silk Ribbon


The straw hatted teen sighed. He was currently on the floor of the mens sleeping quarters on the Going Merry, hopelessly tangled in a bunch of ribbons.

He had been wrapping a valentines present, but had somehow managed, in a show of idiocy only he could achieve, to get hoplessly ensnared in the pink silk material. His wrists were bound together akwardly since the box of candy was still in his hands, and his ankles were tied up and connected to his wrists.

How his red vest had come unbuttoned in his struggles, was something the raven haired youth would never know. Well, at least no one was there to watch him humiliate himself. Of course, that meant there was no one there to help him, either.

Thump Thump Thump.

After the sixth crash, the small nakama of the straw hat pirates, which was three people, turned to Zoro. The green haired swordsman massaged his temples in aggravation.

"Fine, I'll go see what our beloved sencho is up to." Zoro grumbled as he stalked towards the source of the noise.

Luffy had been skittish with him all day and was avoiding the older male at all costs. This had put Roronoa Zoro in a bad mood.

He kicked the door open in his anger before opening his mouth to yell at his captain. Only to to find himself paralyzed at the sight before him.

The teen was sprawled on the ground, his cherished straw hat having fallen off his head some time ago, shirt open wide enough to show off his smooth pale skin. Luffy turned to stare bemusedly at his first mate, who stood frozen in the doorway, and laughed nervously.

"Ano... Happy Valentines Day, Zoro" He smiled, only to blink when the door slammed closed all of a sudden.

Zoro, on the other side of the door, was trying to stem the nosebleed that particular image had caused. The only reason he hadn't bled to death had something to do with the fact that most of his blood had decided to flow southward.

Was Lufy implying...? Did he want to...? Bondage...? More importantly, why was he standing out here like an idiot!

There was another, louder thump from below the deck. Everybody sweatdropped and proceeded to ignore the following noises.

"Tch." Sanji lit a cigarette. "Marimo must have really liked those chocolates Luffy asked me to make..."


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