GateWars: When Worlds Collide

Episode I

A new enemy threat, A past long forgotten, A secret revealed, And the return of one thought dead, Brings together two worlds; One, in search of advanced technology and civilizations. And the other, in search of a world with freedom and peace.

Written by: Lonie
Created: August 2000
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Rating: PG-13

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Stargate Timeline: Ra does not die at the end of Stargate the movie. Therefore, in regards to the Stargate timeline, this story begins right where the movie left off, and continues into and throughout the Stargate Sg-1 first five seasons.

Star Wars Timeline: The Empire is currently in existence under the Emperor's rule, and at war with the Rebellion, Jedi Knights, and supporting Galaxies. QuiGon was never killed by DarthMall, just severely wounded. Both QuiGon and Obi-Wan Kenobi takes it upon themselves to train young Anakin Skywalker, whom I'm placing at the age of twelve years old. Five years later, at the age of seventeen, and after a night of passion with Princess Amadila, whom later is found to be pregnant, Anakin is kidnapped and seduced by the Dark Side. From there, the Original Star Wars Trilogy timeline remains the same, for now at least. (smile) Anyways, the beginning of this tale of mine takes place just before the kidnapping.

Chapter Title: Immortality
Sequel/Series: #1 in the GateWars series
Stargate Spoilers: Stargate the Movie
Star Wars Spoilers: references to A New Hope and The Phantom Menace
Category: Action/Adventure, Alternate Universe (AU), Angst, Crossover, Drama, some Humor
Warnings: Character Death

Author Notes: In case you haven't figured it out quite yet (smile), this story of mine is a crossover between the Stargate and the Star Wars universes. I say universes, because it spans from Stargate the movie, up to season five of Stargate Sg-1. And pretty much spans all of the Star Wars prequels and sequels. Though, you will find a multitude of original characters throughout this series, the bulk of this story will focus primarily on the already established Canon characters of each fandom. So, don't get too discouraged when reading this segment, it's just the Prologue to get things started off. (smile) Enjoy!

Pronunciation Key
(for original character names and places)

Balotan --- bah' lah ten
Behza --- bay' zah
Loxniyah --- lok' nee yah
Verdan --- veer' dunn
Zantesh --- zaan' teh shh

Denotes Key

'blah' --- personal/inner thoughts
(blah) --- telepathic speaking

A small three man transport moved swiftly through the forest. Occasionally, experiencing turbulence when passing over medium sized boulders and downed trees.

"How much further?" A man in a long dark blue colored robe asked, his right hand keeping his wind blown hood from smacking him in the face.

"It's just over the next ridge, Sir," yelled the pilot over the raucous wind, while maneuvering the transport to fly between two tall trees in close proximity of one another.

He pulled back on the U-shaped steering wheel when he came to what appeared to be the side of a low mountain, and began flying upwards, parallel to its surface wall. As he scaled the mountain's side, his long purplish blue skin toned fingers danced rapidly over the transport's control panel, it's oddly shaped buttons lighting up in a sequence of different colors. Shortly afterwards, the control panel's buttons lit up on their own accord, in a slightly different color sequence. As if in response to, the pilot repeated the strange sequence of colors across his control panel and immediately afterwards, a low rumble could be heard.

Directly ahead of the transport, a small section of the mountain began to slide to the right, revealing an upward slanted runway with a yellow dotted laser beam of light coloring the center of its surface. The pilot pulled the steering wheel further back towards his body, momentarily gaining speed, before plunging swiftly into the opening in the mountain, which quickly closed after the transport crossed its threshold. Nearing the top of the runway, the pilot pushed the steering wheel forward, slowing the transport's acceleration as the runway momentarily became a steep downward slant, before leveling out into a flat surface. Finally, the pilot flew to what appeared to be a dead end, bringing the transport to a complete stop.

Hovering just inches above the floor, the pilot lowered the transport onto the surface, cutting off the engines. Then, pressed the palm of his right hand flat upon a green tinted rectangular shaped crystal. Suddenly, a low whine resounds, as the floor beneath the transport begins a rapid descent. Over head, two steel doors quickly slide closed, concealing the opening in the floor with a low hissing sound. Seconds later, the descending floor slows, its surface momentarily spinning slowly to the right before coming to a complete stop.

"This way," the pilot announced, glancing nervously at one of his passengers while grabbing a small brown leather tote bag from under his seat, just before hoping out of the transport. He watched his passengers anxiously as they exited the transport, then turned around, leading them towards a lift.


(Master Behza)

(Yes Young Zantesh)

(I do not think that he likes me very much)

Master Behza, Jedi Knight and current mentor to Jedi trainee Zantesh Loxniyah, allowed a small smirk to grace his face momentarily, before responding to his young padawan's statement. (Young Zantesh, he has never met you before. How is it that he can pass judgment on you, before ever meeting you?)

(I do not know, Master Behza. But I can sense his uneasiness towards me.)

(You are the first, and only one of your people to have been chosen by the Jedi council to receive training. From what I understand, that position is one of the highest honor amongst your people. Could not what you are sensing, be his nervousness at being in the presence of one with such honor.)


Zantesh focused his attention on the young pilot standing opposite him on the lift. He gathered that the young man was probably about three or four years his senior. Sweaty hands, steadily clenching and unclenching the brown leather tote bag, came to his observation. He watched, as the pilot continuously shuffled his weight from one foot to the other, as if anxiously awaiting something. He raised his gaze to the man's purplish blue skin toned face, keeping it steady while the man nervously glanced his way, before darting his eyes around the small lift. Stepping closer to the young pilot, Zantesh bowed respectfully in his peoples cultural greeting, "I am Zantesh, second born of the Loxniyah house."

The young man seemed to almost burst out of his skin with excitement, quickly returning the native greeting before launching into a steady stream of excited babble about how honored he was to meet the first chosen of their race to train towards becoming a Jedi Knight. Then, he went into a tirade of questions, shooting them off immediately one after the other. Everything from "what's it like training with the Jedi's" to "have you been in battle yet" to "will you accompany me on a test flight and teach me some new skills."


Master Behza smiled broadly, witnessing the discomfort of his young padawan. (It would appear, that I was correct Young Zantesh.)

(Yes, it would appear so.) Zantesh paused momentarily to answer a question before continuing. (Master?)


(Would the council be angered, if I used the force to temporarily quiet him)


Master Behza laughed out loud just as the lift came to a complete stop, the doors opening to reveal a large spacious control room. A tall purplish blue skin toned man in a long dark green garb approached the lift as the three occupancies exited. He bowed slightly as he greeted them, "It is an honor, Master Behza and Young Master Zantesh."

"General Verdan," Master Behza responded, both he and Zantesh bowing in return. "The Jedi council sent us as soon as we received word. Please," motioning for Verdan to lead them down a ramp, "tell us how you have managed to reach such an accomplishment."

Verdan motioned for the pilot, whom was currently staring at Zantesh, awe struck, to take his leave. He then led his two companions over to a large rectangular table where a virtual image of a small two man Fighter slowly turned, displaying schematics. "With the information the Jedi council was able to send us," General Verdan began. "My people where able to construct a Fighter that utilizes a Jedi's mental capabilities."

The screen turned slightly to the right, revealing the inside of the Fighter's cockpit. "As you can see here," General Verdan continued, pointing towards the virtual image. "Three specially made small devices are placed on the Fighter's navigation systems, weapons control, and force shields. Here," pointing towards a second virtual screen showing the image of a helmet with schematics being displayed. "Within the pilots helmet are two short magnetic cords that should be attached directly to the pilots temples like so." The virtual image of the helmet changes to an image of a mans head with the helmet on, two thin cords attached to his temples. "The cords are designed to relay whatever the Jedi pilot thinks regarding navigation, weaponry, or shielding to the small devices attached to the control panel, here," motioning towards the first virtual image of the Fighter's cockpit.


"These are functions that any Fighter pilot can perform manually," Zantesh announced, intently studying the virtual images. "I do not see what this new device can do for a Fighter pilot that is Jedi."

"A Jedi's mental capabilities far exceed those of a normal being, Young Master Zantesh," Verdan responded, walking over to a panel on the far left wall and typing in a series of numbers and letters. The large rectangular table shifted slightly to the left, displaying two different virtual images. Both with Fighters and timers at the bottom of each screen set at 00:00 seconds. He pressed the palm of his right hand flat upon a yellow tinted triangle shaped crystal, and the virtual images moved as one, engaging in a virtual battle against enemy Fighters. Shortly after both simulations ceased, Verdan waved his hand towards the bottom of the virtual screens. "As you can see, here."

Master Behza and Zantesh studied each screens timer. The one on the left showed 05:29 seconds, while the one on the right showed 02:42 seconds.

"The screen on the right represents the modified Fighter," Verdan said, a smug look on his purplish blue face as he witnessed the stunned expressions from the Jedi Knight, and his trainee.

"You've cut our counter attack time down by almost three seconds," Zantesh stated, the virtual images illuminating his young purplish blue skin toned face.

"Three seconds is not much time I know," Verdan stated, apologetically.

"But its plenty of time when engaging in battle," Master Behza responded, still looking a bit stunned. "This makes our response time three seconds faster then the enemies when under attack."

"Unfortunately," Verdan continued, motioning for them to follow him over to a large window overlooking a spacious area containing four Fighters. "We've only been successful when engaging in defensive measures. We have not been as successful, when engaging offensively." He turned, lowering his gaze to his two companions. "That is why we have asked for your assistance. We can not base our results on simulations any longer. It is time, to place the Fighters in actual battle with a Jedi pilot. We will monitor and gather valuable information from this room. Then and only then, can we begin to work towards modifications for an offensive attack."


Zantesh nodded his head in agreement, opening his mouth to accept such a task when he was interrupted...

"I would be honored to test the new Fighter, General Verdan," Behza announced, bowing slightly.


(An excellent pilot you may be Young Zantesh, but this task calls for someone with a little more experience)

Zantesh studied his Master's face worriedly. (But Master...)

(Contact the Council and inform them of these proceedings. I'm sure Master Yoda will be pleased of your report) Behza said telepathically, knowing that his young padawan regarded Master Yoda as a father figure. In fact, the young man seemed to go out of his way to please the tiny Jedi Master.

Seeing that his Master was not going to change his mind, Zantesh lowered his gaze, studying the floor. (Yes Master)


"Then let us begin," Verdan stated enthusiastically, grabbing a hold of Master Behza's arm and dragging him towards the lift leading to the Fighters, oblivious to the mental conversation that had just occurred.

Zantesh watched them go, his young faced marred with a worried frown. He knew that his Master was one of the Jedi's best pilots, only second to Master QuiGon, and that if anything happened, he would be able to handle it. But within the force, he could sense a slight uneasiness. And he was certain that Master Behza sensed it as well, which is probably why he insisted on being the test pilot. (Be careful Master Behza)

(I will Young Zantesh)


Twenty minutes later, after Master Behza received a crash course in flying the modified Fighter; picking three volunteer pilots to fly the regular Fighters; and Zantesh contacted the Jedi council, well, Master Yoda, and informed him of what was going on, along with a transmission of the information his people gathered so far in the simulations, the testing was ready to begin. Zantesh stood between General Verdan, who was giving out instructions, and the pilot who escorted him and Master Behza earlier and just happened to re-enter the control room unnoticed, so he could watch the demonstration. In front of them, was a large screen displaying a virtual image of space and the four Fighters exiting the planets atmosphere.

Verdan glanced momentarily at the running schematics on the side of the large screen, before nodding his head. "We are ready to begin a test run, engage."

The images on the virtual screen began moving, rapidly. Maneuvering in several twists and turns, picking up speed and slowing down as they flew in attack formation. A red dot on one of the virtual Fighters indicated the one Behza was flying in. Zantesh watched intently, as the fighter flew swiftly, slightly faster then the regular Fighters while performing several well known maneuvers. He smiled slightly, sensing his Master's enjoyment of flying such a Fighter.

Verdan glanced at the schematics once again before speaking, "Disengage."

The virtual images on the screen slowed there pace and began flying in a triangle formation. "Is everything all right, Master Behza?" Verdan asked, giving his people time to finish gathering information before the next test run.

A slightly distorted computerized amused voice answered, "You mean, other than my eagerness to go another round, General."

General Verdan let a smile grace his face while noticing a technician indicate that they were just about ready for another test run. "They say patience is a virtue, Master Behza."

"That is correct, General Verdan, but too much patience can be a hindrance. Especially to young men like us."

"Yes indeed," General Verdan responded, laughing out loud. He glanced at the schematics once again before announcing, "We are ready to begin counter attack test run, engage."

Like before, the virtual images began moving rapidly, performing twists and turns. Only this time, small blue flashes, indicating simulated weapons fire from the regular Fighters as they attacked, littered the screen. Everyone stood, awe struck, as the modified Fighter Behza was flying with precision, out maneuvered the other Fighters with near unbelievable speed. In just under one minute, he'd taken out two of the three Fighters. The third would prove to be a little more challenging, but after a few more seconds filled with acrobatic like flying, Behza emerged the victor.

The control room erupted in cheers of excitement as they looked at the timer on the virtual screen, technicians rushing to finish gathering information.

"It would appear that we were incorrect, Master Behza," Verdan stated, looking at the timer.

"How so," a slightly out of breath computerized voice queried.


Zantesh noticed the fatigue in his master's voice and telepathically, reached out worriedly (Master?)

(I am fine Young Zantesh) he replied wearily. (I believe that I may have over exerted myself in my excitement. Perhaps a long nap once I return)


"It would seem," General Verdan continued, unaware of the telepathic exchange going on. "That we were able to cut the counter attack time by nearly four seconds, as opposed to our previous results."

The slight smile gracing his face at the proclamation was slowly replaced with a look of concern, when he noticed the virtual image of Behza's Fighter re-entering the atmosphere on a collision course with one of the other Fighters, which was already in the planet's atmosphere and it's pilot would not be able to maneuver until exiting the ozone. He could hear the other Fighter pilots attempting to contact Behza, trying to get him to pull up and change course before entering. Receiving only silence in return, Verdan began relaying orders to attempt to find out what was going on, and if possible, what could they do to prevent what was about to happen.


Zantesh was in a full scale panic. While communicating telepathically with Behza, that uneasiness he'd felt earlier was now a full blown disturbance in the force. He called out to his Master in warning, panicking more when he could not reach him.

The disturbance rippled throughout his body, causing him to stagger backwards, collapsing. So caught up in what he could only describe as being ripped apart from the inside out, he didn't notice that he was being held up by the pilot who escorted them earlier. He didn't notice the chaos going on around him, as everyone desperately tried to stop a collision.

The disturbance in the force seemed to grow, as if something large in size was attempting to push its way through. Suddenly, in his minds eye, he could see the planet Balotan below, as he hovered in space. His mental eyes anxiously roamed his surroundings, and instead of seeing the four Fighters, he saw a huge, never before seen, golden vessel in the shape of a pyramid.

He watched, stunned, as it exploded in a glory of bright yellow and white light. A wave from the explosion rushed toward him, engulfing his mental body, causing excruciating pain. In agony, he cried out, feeling himself rapidly falling back through the atmosphere.

Just before he hit the ground, he startled awake, looking around wide eyed at the chaos around him, with General Verdan frantically barking orders. He pushed himself away from the pilot supporting him, just in time to see Behza's Fighter collide with the other Fighter, exploding in a red and white fiery scene on contact. A bright blinding flash of white light immediately followed, as a second, much larger explosion occurred.

"What was that?" General Verdan asked no one in particular, stunned as he watched several pieces of debris from the strange explosion hurling back down towards the planets surface.

The stunned quiet that descended over the control room was shattered by a loud agonizing cry of denial that took Zantesh several minutes to realize that the cry erupted from him.


To say that the being was angry, would be an understatement. He was pissed, extremely pissed. He was pissed at himself for allowing the Tau'ri to cause as much damage as they had. He was pissed at himself for allowing his curiosity and arrogance to cloud his judgment on the proper way to regain his peoples loyal trust.

He should have known that the ungrateful Tau'ri he'd resurrected was going to defy him. He also knew, it was that defiance he sensed that ushered him to save the Tau'ri's life. But now, as he witnesses everything he had worked so hard to accomplish be destroyed by the Tau'ri and his people, he regrets not following his first mind to kill them immediately.

At the sound of the transport rings activating, he turns his head, hoping that it is his first prime returning with good news. Slowly, he moves towards it, only to stop when he notices a small device. 'The Tau'ri have defeated me so easily,' he thinks, stunned slightly. In a howl of rage, he lets go of his human form while watching the timer on the Tau'ri's device...





A blinding blaze of bright white light filled his vision as he felt his ship violently lurch, throwing him to the floor and knocking him unconscious just before it exploded.


Five transports raced through the forest heading southward. Each with three to four passengers mixed with humanoids and androids all carrying medical supplies and rescue gear.

"Young Master Zantesh," General Verdan called out, the wind whipping violently through his hair. "Can you determine who is alive?"

Zantesh shook his head sadly, yelling his response over the raucous sounding wind, "I can not General. I can only sense, that there is a life force. It is extremely weak and getting weaker by the second."

General Verdan nodded his head in understanding and turned to the young man piloting the transport, relaying the coordinates being transmitted from the two remaining demonstrating Fighters.

Zantesh closed his eyes, attempting for the however many number of times, to reach his master. Again, he was unsuccessful. Wiping away a single tear, he hoped that the life he was sensing was that of Master Behza.


Pain, excruciating pain, rippled through his body. The smell of freshly burned flesh overwhelmed his senses. Coughing painfully, as smoke filled his lungs, he made an attempt to move his legs and realized that he couldn't. Something seemed to be holding them in place. He made an attempt to move his arms, only to choke out a cry of pain as the broken bones in his left arm rubbed painfully together.

He cracked open a painfully bruised eye, receiving blurred images of what appeared to be shapes of trees. Feeling nauseated, he slammed his eye shut and began an unsuccessful attempt to remember what had happened. He also tried to remember where and who he was, but gave up as the pain racking his body overwhelmed his ability to think.

Soon, he began to experience a strong urge to do something that he knows will save his life, but too dazed at the moment to figure out what exactly it is he must do. So strong is the urge, that he doesn't notice when a gentle hand touches his shoulder. He doesn't hear the voice call out loudly in some strange language and then speak once again to him gently.

Cracking open a bruised eye, a blurry purplish blue face came into view. He could feel himself opening his mouth to speak, but nothing would come out. He watched, as if looking through another's eyes, the blurry face lean closer. Before he could comprehend what was happening, his right hand shot up with lightening speed, grabbing the face by the back of its neck. With strength he didn't know he possessed in his current state, he pulled the blurry image of the face forward, crushing their lips together. He could feel the body struggling as he entered through its mouth, settling into place on instinct alone. Now that he was safe, it was time to heal.


Eyes glowed briefly before a head shake, as if recovering from a dizzy spell. The feeling of something wet running down the side of a chin was instantly wiped away on a sleeve by instinct. Eyes gazed down at an extremely burned corpse, partially buried under debris as approaching footsteps resounded.

"Young Master Zantesh," a voice called out. "Is it Master Behza?"

Zantesh turned a sad gaze onto his tall brethren hovering above him. He shook his head no, while gaining his feet.

"Then," a second voice spoke up. "It must be the test pilot."

Zantesh lowered his gaze to the wreckage before him. "I do not understand what has happened, but some of this wreckage is not that of our Fighters."

"That strange explosion," the tall man thoughtfully said. "Could it have been an enemy attack?"

Zantesh nodded his head slightly in an uncertain agreement. He could easily believe that perhaps it was an enemy attack, but his feelings told him otherwise. He would have to ask General Verdan permission to gather the strange material so that it could be analyzed, then contact the Jedi council to report what has happened. Slowly, he turned around and began walking over towards his escort and General Verdan, never noticing the slight smear of blood on his robe's sleeve.

-- The End --

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