I'm a rabid Gabriel/Carl fan who can't write Angst to save my life from a herd of ravenous, leather-clad Faramir' s. And so I wrote this to torture myself instead. I need a hug.

Warnings: Evil(!)Carl and Suffering(!)Van Helsing. Sleep deprivation is baaaaaaad.

A Kick At The Wall
that stubbed a toe of: Nikoru Sanzo

Van Helsing sighed and bowed his head. He pointed up one finger as he apologized to his guests. "Excuse me, ladies."

The hunter walked over to the one thing that had failed to stand between what an ordinary man would call a good night's rest, and what one hedonistic friar would call "the glorious singing of paths to new discoveries." Van Helsing gave the wall one swift kick and lent a voice to many a night's longsuffering.

"Keep it down, Carl!"

The thumping and creaking paused. It was followed by high-pitched female giggling. There were no footsteps, and Van Helsing had to restrain himself from completely tearing down the wall.

The darned fool didn't even bothered to get up, walk over and knock his response!

"No! You keep it down!" came the muffled reply, and the noises resumed.

The hunter's shoulders sagged with resignation. He absentmindedly peeled off a loose strip of wallpaper, and then turned to face two pairs of eyes that hungrily leered at him.

Van Helsing grinned cockily as he tapped a silver stake on his shoulder.

"Since I value that lecherous little friar more than I value my vampire bite-free neck, I will ask you ladies to be more quiet, unless you agree to take this outside. You can hiss all you want, but no dramatics and screaming, please?"



End of Angst (for me and Gabriel)
And Resumption of the Weird Nocturnal Noises
From The Other Side Of The Wall