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CHPATER ONE: "Make a wish, Stewie!"

"Can I take off the blindfold yet?" Jessica asked.

"No," I said. "It's a surprise!"

"Hey Erica…"

"What, Lindsay?"

"Can I drive on the way home?"


"Why!" she whined, getting out of the car.

"You just got your permit a week ago!" I whined back.

"Ten days!" she said, correcting me as we went to get Stewie out of the car. No good… the super smartness trips and falls… So, then we pick her up and walk her across the parking lot.

"Are we at Eat 'n Park?" she asked.

"No," Lindsay said.

"But why! We get discounts and free strawberry pie!"

"Because I'm not listening to my boss on your birthday," I said.

"I want pie…" Jessica moaned.

We opened the doors, and Lindsay clapped her hands over Stewie's ears so she couldn't hear the Mexican music playing that would give it away.

"What is this!" she yelled.

"Chill, Jess," I laughed as we stumbled into the restaurant. The waitress screwed up her face as we made our loud entrance with laughter and tripping and that, but we made it!

"Err… may I help you?" she asked.

"Yeah," I said. "We have a reservation."

"We WHAT! HUH!" Jessica yelled.

"Stewie, shut up…" Lindsay said.


"Wednesday…" the waitress muttered. "Eight o'clock. Is that correct?"

"Yeah," Lindsay said.


"Um, we have the party table," I explained (DANG IT! First chapter and it's already happening!). "It's her birthday."

"Oh, well… right this way," she said, lightening her face into a smile of amusement.


"Stewie, shut up!" Lindsay whispered.


We were led to our table with Stewie still screaming ("KNIGHTS KISS DAY! WHAT! HUH! TELL ME!"), and then we rounded the corner and saw it. The one with all the balloons and party stuffs… Lindsay and I stood on either side of Jessica, and Lindsay took her hands off of Jessica's ears.

"Ah, that's better," Jess said. "Now take off the blindfold!"

Lindsay and I untied it, and Stewie's face lit up at the site of the table. She clapped, jumped up and down, and then threw an arm over each of our shoulders.

"I think she likes it," I said to Lindsay as Stewie nodded. She flew into the booth, and Lindsay and I sat opposite her. Jessica started playing with the balloons as we ordered, and then we started talking.

"This is awesome!" Stewie said all excited.

"We knew you'd like it," Lindsay said. "So open the presents!"

Jessica sat still a minute looking over at the gifts, then she grabbed Lindsay's and began shredding it apart. When she had finally gotten through three layers of wrapping paper, she found the Nightmare Before Christmas shirt at the bottom and was beaming as she threw it on over all of her other clothes.

"Courtesy of Hot Topic," Lindsay said.

"I love this!" Jessica said, now undoing my gift. It was small, but it fit Stewie like a glove… she opened it, did her little 'I-love-it' freak dance thing, and put it on.

Happy Bunny in a straightjacket necklace. Haha…

Later on after we ate and there was peace among burps, we all sat back in enjoyable pain from eating this huge taco platter. Stewie had to've eaten half of the thing herself at least… and there were twelve freaking tacos!

"Good, Jess?" Lindsay asked. Jessica fell back into the seat and put her hand on her stomach.

"Burp," she said with a smile.

Then suddenly (notice how everything happens suddenly? lol), I heard it… that clapping… Lindsay and I peered round Jessica's shoulder to see half the staff coming out carrying a plate of fried ice cream with a candle in it. They sat it down in front of Stewie, smashed a big sombrero on her head, and they sang their little birthday song:

"Happy, happy happy birthday! Happy, happy happy birthday! Happy, happy happy birthday! To you! To you! To you! OLE!"

Then they ran off back into the depths of the 'Employees Only' rooms, and Jessica laughed her butt off.

"Make a wish, Stewie!" Lindsay said.

Jessica shut her eyes tight and blew out the candle with one quick poof.

"What'd you wish for?" Lindsay asked right away.

"She can't tell you," I said. "Then her wish wouldn't come true!"

"Yeah," Jessica said. "But can you guys help me? I cannot eat all this…"

"Oh, but we have faith in you, Stewie," Lindsay said. "The bottomless pit!"

"Let's just eat and fast," I said. "We gotta be back by ten anyways since we've got school tomorrow."

So we stuffed our faces, burped, and went to leave. But Jess refused to let us take another step away from the table unless we took every balloon there with us, and I'm sorry to say that poor Lindsay got stuck in the backseat with them when we left Chi Chi's ('You're gonna die, Stewie!')…

Anyhoo, by the time we made to Stewie's, Lindsay and I had a half hour til we had to actually be home, so we went inside with Stewie to chill in her room til we had to go. We fell onto the couch-bed on the bottom of her bunk bed (she's so lucky… bunk beds and she doesn't even have to share 'em…) as Stewie popped in Nightmare Before Christmas and sat down at my left.

Lindsay and I had been laughing and that and joking and singing along the first fifteen minutes, but when we wanted Stewie to join in, she'd just smile and sit quietly. We exchanged puzzled looks.

"Uh, Stewie?" I asked. "You ok?"

She nodded.

"Did the food make you sick or anything?" Lindsay asked her.

"No," she replied.

"Headache?" I asked.


"Then what's wrong?"

Stewie just kept looking off blankly at the television.

"Do you think that… sometimes… I don't know…" she said awkwardly. "Do you guys think wishes come true?"

"Well, yeah, duh," Lindsay said. "Not all of them, but yeah…"

"Why, Stewie?" I asked.

She was staring blankly again. But when Lindz and I followed her eyes, it wasn't at the television; it was at the picture of us with Paige, Jack, Will, and Elizabeth from summer. I looked at Lindsay with a dropped jaw and she bit her lip as we looked back over at Stewie.

"Jess, you didn't…" I said.

"Didn't what?" she asked. Then she looked over at the picture, to us, and sighed. "Aww, now my wish'll never come true…"

"Stewie!" Lindsay and I chorused.

"What!" she asked. "Is it a crime! I just miss Paige and them, that's all…"

"What about me?"

A head with long blonde hair fell from the top bunk with a large grin, but all three of us (and the head) screamed. The head lost its balance and fell off of the top bunk hard to the floor. We stared in disbelief as we got up slowly.

"Paige?" I gaped.


"Jess? What's all the yellin' about?"

Shoot! It was Stewie's mom… Lindsay and I froze as Jessica ran up to the door and slammed herself against it gripping the doorknob.

"Err… nothing!" Jessica said. "Just watching a scary movie! We're good!"

Once we were sure Jessica's mom was gone, Lindsay and Stewie helped Paige up off the floor, and I looked up on the top bunk to see how she had gotten there (the ruby, duh), but I was greeted with the site of Will and Elizabeth!

"What the freak!" I said.

Lindsay and Jessica looked up from the floor, and they gocked, too as Elizabeth climbed down off the top bunk quietly.

"Will! What-"

"Just let them stay here!" he said. "This is urgent; they'll explain everything. I'll be back by sunrise with Jack."

"But we can't!" Lindsay said. "School's in and our parents are unavoidable! Not a good time!"

"Please, we need you again," Elizabeth said. "It's bad."

"Well, yeah it's bad!" Jessica said.

"Look, just trust me," Will said.

And just like that, he was gone.

Okay, we just got landed with pirates again. We are so dead.

The three of us turned to Elizabeth and Paige wide-eyed.

"What-were-you-thinking!" Jessica yelled.

"Look, it's important," Paige, said. "And we promised to see you before the year was out because you left the ruby with us so when it was convenient for us we could come here!"

"All right, shh…" Lindsay said. "Be quiet and tell us what the heck is going on before Jess's mom catches you."

"My father has disappeared," Elizabeth said. "He's been missing for two days."

"Maybe he got lost on his afternoon stroll?" I asked. "What about it?"

"Well, Jack and I sailed in for a visit and restock last week," Paige said. "Then just the other day Governor Swann turns up missing, and everyone in the manor's getting suspicious and blaming me and Jack for it!"

"What?" Jessica asked.

"That's messed up," Lindsay said.

"So we need somewhere to hide Jack and Paige for the time being," Elizabeth told us. "And there's no better place than here."

"True…" we said.

"So can you put us up for at least two weeks?" Paige asked.


"I don't think we can…" I said. "We've got school to go to, parents who don't know who the hell you are, and –"

"Lindsay!" I said, cutting her off. "You're grandma home tonight?"

"No, night shift. Why?"

"Cuz you're having a sleepover!"

"But I've gotta go to my dad's tonight!"

"So tell your dad you need to do an assignment on the computer and you're spending the night!" Stewie said.

"Yeah," I said. "Besides, I've gotta be home in ten minutes."

"But what do I when Will comes back in the morning?" Jessica asked.

"Call Lindsay," I said.

"But what if they don't show up until after we leave for school?' Lindsay asked.

"Minor details," I said. "Come on Lindsay, we better hurry. Come on, you two. We need to get out of here and now before you're found out."

Lindsay and I crept out the hall with nods of good luck form Stewie, and we ran out the front door quickly and quietly as possible. We ran down the stairs and into my car.

"Where are we going?" Paige asked, falling into the backseat with Elizabeth.

"Just stay with us," I said. "That's all you need to worry about."

I thrusted the keys into the ignition and started the car as fast as I could. Then I started down the road along the playground, made a circle, and headed up Pittsburgh Street and eventually the hugunjo hill.

"Is it the same house that we landed in last year?" Elizabeth asked.

"No," Lindsay said. "My grandma and I moved up to Fourth Street near Erica. We're almost neighbors!"

I pulled into Lindsay's grandma's driveway, and we got out, ran on tiptoes to the house, and Lindsay got us inside. I called my mom to let her know I was on my way right now, but then there's that lucky turn of events…

"Lindsay! School's been cancelled for tomorrow!" I said, walking into her room. She was getting nightclothes out for Liz and Paige who were standing beside her.

"Really?" she asked. "Sweet…"

"Yeah! Power outage… weird, huh?"

"You mean lucky," Lindsay said, pulling out her black and pink star pajamas and handing them to Paige who looked rather scared to be honest.

"Lucky? Well yeah…" I said. "We needed that one… Oh, and I can stay tonight and help you. I asked already and I knew you wouldn't mind the help."

"Call Stewie and let her know," Lindsay said. "Tell her to come up as soon as Jack and Will come back and that I'll leave the back door unlocked so she can get in."

"Okay," I said. "We'll be in the living room, right?"

"Yeah," Lindsay said. "We can't all fit in my room."

I picked up the cordless again and went downstairs to call Stewie and set up the living room for the four of us. I came out of the kitchen carrying a bowl of Doritos and into the living room where Lindsay was on the couch, and Elizabeth and Paige were on the sleeping bags in front of the television. I sat next to Lindsay on the couch as we watched the end of Save the Last Dance (it was on TV lol).

But instead, we went on jabbering about all of this…

"Well, you can only stay two weeks at most because of the ruby," Lindsay said. "But I'm not even sure what we're gonna be able to do with you for just two or three days…"

"You can't be left alone," I said.

"Don't you trust us?" Elizabeth asked.

"Yeah, we just mean we don't want you to order pizza and the pizza guy start a mob at my house and it burns down before I get home from school," Lindsay said.

"Any ideas then?" Paige asked.

"We'll improvise," I said. "What we do best. But it's gonna be really hard…"

"Nah," Lindsay said, turning off the television. "Passing gym is harder."

"Whatever…" I laughed. "What are we doing tomorrow anyways?"

"Well, we still have to get dresses for the Christmas Dance on Friday, so maybe we'll go to the mall and we can go to Divito afterwards like we planned," Lindsay said.

I nodded, and I got on the floor next to Paige and covered up in a blanket.

"Okay, sounds good enough," I said. "I asked Holly today in school if she was going to Divito, too, and we'll probably see her there."

"Mmm'k," Lindsay replied.

She stretched and yawned, falling back into the pillow she was using on the couch. She covered up, too, and shut out the light on the stand next to her.

"You two comfy enough?" I asked Elizabeth and Paige.

"We're fine," Elizabeth said. "Really, you've been more than hospitable."

"Not such big words!" Paige said. "We're not but humble pirates!" she said, quoting Barbossa. I was surprised she did seeing as we had just gone through a whole mass of chaotic Barbossa slaughtering this summer… Okay, so one Barbossa isn't a mass slaughter… big whoop! We still worked our butts off to kill her!

At that, Paige smiled at us and fell back to the sleeping bag giggling. Elizabeth looked from me and Lindsay, and we just smiled innocently. Lindsay then laughed a bit.

"I take it she read that book I gave her for her birthday…"


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