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Hidden Depths


Marih Dimitri


Bugs was walking down at the lonely streets of Broadway in Looney Tunes land, his mind flooding with many memories of his years as a tv star. But all that was a cover for his real agenda. He had been an undercover agent, working stealthy to make sure that thugs, gangs, and all sorts of dangerous foes were off the streets and out of business. If there was a threat, he would deal with it and terminate the problem in an instant.

But, we was not the only one.

Many of his "co-stars" also worked as undercover agents, each working to make sure that the streets were cleanse of the filth and garbage that corroded the neighborhoods, tainted the business districts and brought fear among children. That was the worst of all. For Bugs, anyone who would harm a child would be his target for life. He would stop at absolutely nothing to make them pay for their crimes, for children were precious to him.

He enjoyed the laughter that he received from the children whenever he finished a sketch either with Daffy, Elmer Fudd, or Yosemite Sam. The giggles and applause was enough to carry out his day, even if he had to work afterwards on an assignment. He would focus one hundred percent on the job, never wavering off from his duties, knowing that the accomplishments that he was making, even though they would go unnoticed to the public, would be worthwhile.

Bugs continued walking down the streets of Broadway, his mind still thinking of all the years he had to work in the studios and still work in undercover assignments with his other "co-stars". He recently had developed a small crush on Lola Bunny, who was also a undercover agent as he was. But nothing serious had develop yet as far as friendship. To Lola, Bugs was just a fun guy to hang around with. Someone that she could talk to and express her problems and emotions to. Bugs saw things differently but never told Lola how he felt about her.

Only time would tell if he had the courage to tell her how he really felt.

Bugs stopped at a crosswalk at the corner of Broadway and Cherry Avenue. To his right, he saw Honey Bunny's Toon Diner. His sister, Honey Bunny ran the restaurant and served delicious breakfast every day. He would order the number two special, which was two tofu scrambled eggs with tofu bacon and two pieces of toast with a cup of coffee with some carrot soup on the side. He would seldomly eat enough the hot, steamy plate, sitting next to or across from Daffy Duck, his long time co-star and best friend.

Daffy was always labeled as the underdog, living in Bugs shadow for he was always getting more recognition more than Daffy was. However, Bugs knew better then most of the critics that would label Daffy as a second rate actor. He knew that Daffy was an extremely talented actor and even though they have gotten into quarrels in the past, Bugs knew that without Daffy, the shows and sketches just wouldn't work out. Also, Daffy was an excellent undercover agent in which he would work closely with Bugs. Like Bugs, Daffy despises anyone who would dare harm a child. In fact, most of the looney tunes co-stars hated anyone who would hurt children for they all deem them as their most precious audiences.

Bugs turned around the corner and walked through the streets of Cherry Avenue, memories still flooding his mind. It had been 30 years since he and Daffy, along with the rest of his co-stars had retired from their undercover work but that didn't mean that they stop training themselves, toning their skills. In his mind, Bugs could not convince himself that no one needed to be saved anymore for in his heart, he believed that their was someone out there. Someone who needed his help and support. Someone who needed to be saved and protected, but most of all.

Someone who needed a friend and needed to laugh.

Daffy had that feeling as well as Lola and all the other Looney Tunes who were undercover agents. The joy of children laughter is what keep them going. It's a sound that they would never get tired of.

Bugs continued to slowly walk down the streets of Cherry Avenue when he heard a small, sniffling sound coming from the alleyways. Turning his attention to the sounds of the small cries, Bugs slowly walked towards to the source of the sounds into the alleyways. Bugs looked on the ground in shock as he saw a young women, about the age of 16 years, with her legs scrunched up, her face pressing against her knees, tears flowing freely from her face. She had brown hair with streaks of blond highlights evenly coated. Her green emerald eyes were teary, worn out from the constant sobbing. Her face was smudged with dirt all over and her clothes were slightly torn. Bugs knelt down next by the young women, doing his best not to startle her too much or frighten her. The young women looked at Bugs, her tears still flowing freely from her eyes. Bugs was the first to respond.

"Eh, Are you...Okay?" Bugs softly asked. The young women only nodded her head in response. Bugs could sense that this young women had gone through a terrible ordeal. Slowly, he placed his hand on her shoulder gently and smiled at her, assuring that he wasn't a threat.

"What's yer name, honey?" Bugs soothly said, rubbing her shoulder gently. The young women looked at Bugs eyes, her tears still flowing down from her face. Seeing the warmth and concern that Bugs was giving her through his eyes, the young woman started to speak.

"M-My...n-name...I-is...Athena...Holiday," she choked out, still sobbing.

"Athena...that is such a beautiful name, for a goirl," Bugs commented, smiling to Athena. Athena smiled back at Bugs, giggling for a bit. Bugs was relieved to hear her giggle, for she was just a child to him. Bugs started to ask more questions.

"So...Athena. Are you here all alone or youse have gotten lost," Bugs softly questioned.

"N-No...I...ran...away from my home," Athena started to explain, sobbing slightly, "I was...chased by some men...t-they beat me and...raped me."

Bugs heart sank as he heard her words come out of her mouth. He was raging inside his body, his blood boiling at the fact that the young women was violated in the worst possible way and at a young age. Taking in a deep breath, Bugs slowly helped the young women up from the ground, his eyes never wavering off of hers. Bugs gently lifted her chin up, looking at her sorrowfully.

"I-I...sorry that happened to you," Bugs calmly said, smiling at her. Athena hugged Bugs softly, shedding her tears on his shoulder. Bugs gently rubbed her back in small circles, calming her down. Athena broke off from the hug and looked at Bugs, noticing his long ears perked up. She giggled slightly at touching his ears.

"Y-Your really nice, Bugs," Athena commented, giggling a bit. Bugs started to play with his ears.

"Eh, really? What do you think? Do you like my ears better up or down?" Bugs playfully said, moving his ears in odd directions, causing Athena to laugh at him. Bugs laughed as well, for he was glad that the playful gesture had made her stop crying. Bugs looked at Athena, gently placing his hand on her shoulder.

"You need a place to stay and this alley ain't the best place to be in after dark. Come, I'll bring you to my home sweet home. My sister lives with me but she can be rough sometimes, but don't worry about it. She's nice," Bugs invited Athena, gently taking her hand.

"T-Thank...You, Bugs," Athena softly said, giving Bugs a kiss on the cheek. Bugs slightly blushed over the small gesture smiling to her. In his heart, Bugs would find the ones responsible for harming her and make them pay for what that had done to her, and innocent child.

Bugs and Athena walked out of the alley way, with Bugs arm around her shoulder. Athena smiled at Bugs and didn't cry anymore, for she was happy to have found a friend.

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