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Note: This chapter is three parts!

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Hidden Depths


Marih Dimitri

Chapter Four: Part Three: Escape from the Strip


"I hope you have a good insurance coverage for this car, Lola," He stated, seeing a group of cars approaching quickly, "You're gonna need it."

End Flashback

Wile e. sped towards westbound on W. Tropicana Ave., speeding towards the four way intersection, glancing quickly at the rearview mirrors, seeing a couple of black jeeps filled with the Black Agents speeding towards him. He pressed on the gas and sped up towards the red light.

"Hang on, everyone," Wile E. Shouted as he made a fast sharp turn on the red light, speeding past a couple of cars, the gang moving sharply along with the Hummer, cutting them off and heading northbound on the 604 Las Vegas Strip street. The black jeepsfollowed in pursuit, having no regard on whoever was on the road, speeding faster towards the Black Hummer. Wile E. weaved his way around the multitudes of car, all the while, checking his rearview mirror, seeing the Black Agents preparing to hoist up a missile launcher. Bugs looked back, his eyes widening.

"Them thugs. There's tons of people in 'ere," Bugs shouted, narrowing his eyes on the Black Jeep, "A lot of lives may go up in smoke."

"Then we can't let that happen," Wile E. exclaimed, narrowing his eyes, "everyone, hold on tight. I'm going to go in reverse."

Roadrunner immediately held on to Athena tightly, while Bugs, Honey and Lola braced themselves for Wile e's Action. Wile e slammed on the brakes, causing the Hummer to skid and stop instantly. He switched the gears to reverse, and speedily backed up towards one of the Black Jeep, slamming it out of the way and continued to speed backwards on the wrong direction. The Other Black Jeeps skidded to a halt, turning around and racing towards the opposite direction that Wile e. was driving in backwards, heading southward on the northbound of the Strip.

"Way to go, Wile E," Athena exclaimed.

"Someone has to be my eyes in the back, I have to keep focused on the front," Wile e shouted, continually speeding backwards, focusing his attention at the Black Jeeps, that were creeping closer towards him.

"I got youse covered, Doc," Bugs exclaimed, unbuckling himself and hopping into the trunk. He peered carefully and watched as some oncoming traffic was heading towards their direction.

"Turn Left," Bugs shouted, in which Wile E turned left, avoiding a car. "Now Right," Bugs shouted back, Wile E. swerving past the car, continually speeding backwards. Bugs kept giving out directional commands to Wile E, while he swerved through the traffic, avoiding to hit the on coming cars, while the gang moved sharply in the directions that Wile E. was going through, holding onto each other. "We got ta get outta 'ere," Honey sharply exclaimed.

"Working on it," Wile e. hissed in a irrate tone, looking back quickly and seeing that the roadway behind him was clear of cars, almost passing the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino. Bugs saw that the four way intersection stoplight that ran through the Las Vegas strip intersecting to the southbound of the Blvd was opened.

"Hey, Doc! Why don't ya git this Ride facing tha right direction,"Bugs suggested, keeping his eyes on the back of the road. "Right! Hang on tight, everyone," Wile E. stated, preparing to turn the wheel around. Bugs grabbed the ledge of the seat, with Lola grasping onto the handle above her, the rest of the gang, clinging onto each other. Wile e. sped faster, quickly turning the wheel a full 360 degrees, slamming on the brakes slightly as the Hummer spun around, facing the right direction, moving towards the South Las Vegas Blvd. He then sped upon the street, sharply turning right into the West Russell Road, going eastward. The Black Jeeps turned after them, some pushing cars out of the way, and driving next to the Hummer on each side.

"Damn..they caught up with us," Wile E. breathed in frustration. Roadrunner looked outside, seeing that the Black Agents were preparing to jump the Hummer. He unbuckled his seat beat and place a wing upon Wile e's shoulder. Wile e. looked upon Roadrunner eyes through the rearview mirror, nodding at him. "Do what you can...and be careful," Wile e. firmly stated. Road runner then wrapped a cloth around his wing and looked upon Athena and Honey. "Stay back," he said, holding up a sign firmly. Athena and Honey moved back, pressing themselves against the other side, away from the window. Roadrunner turned around, and with all his strength, smashed his arm through the window, shattering it open, with the shards of glass scattering outside on the road. Athena and Honey looked upon Roadrunner with widen eyes, amazed that their flightless friend had such upper body strength, despite his appearance. Roadrunner climbed out of the car and into the top of the roof, throwing away the cloth and keeping himself balanced while the Hummer continued to speed through the street.

"Wow...just...wow," Athena whispered, her eyes widened, in astonishment.

"He owe's ya a mirror Lola," Honey smirked, chuckling a bit.

"I know. But he didn't have to smash the window, I could've rolled it down for him," Lola said, sighing.

"It doesn't matter. What matters right now is getting out of Las Vegas," Wile e seriously stated, keeping his speed, flying through all the stop signs and lights.

"How can he stand up there," Athena inquired, looking up at the ceiling. "Heh..don't worry. If RR can stand atop a speeding train and still avoid me..then he can stand on top of this Truck..and keep those thugs from getting to you," Wile e smirked, quickly remembering all the sketches they had done together of chase scenes on top of a moving train, in which he always ended up getting rammed over by the caboose.

"I just hope that he'll be careful," Athena remarked, looking down, holding her hands in concern. Bugs placed a hand upon her shoulder gently, smiling upon her. "Don't worry, goirl! Roadrunner will be fine. He's just as tough as tha rest of us." Athena smiled back at Bugs, nodding her head as she looked up at the ceiling once more. Roadrunner stood his ground, his eyes shifting upon the two Black Jeeps on each side, mentally preparing himself for anything.

High above the sky, Ermac was inside a helicopter, looking down upon the Hummer, narrowing his eyes hatefully upon it. He lifted up his watch, which had an small pop-up screen on it, one of the black Agents coming upon the screen. "Sir, we have the Hummer covered on both sides. What are your orders?," the Black agent hastily said.

"Get the girl and make sure she's not harmed. As for the rest that are in the Hummer...execute them," Ermac venomously said, his eyes peering daggers at the Hummer.

"At once, sir," The Black Agent remarked, the screen shutting off. "Soon...you'll be in our grasp, little girl," Ermac whispered hoarsely, "and NO ONE...will stand in my way."

The Lead Black Agent closed his com-link watch. "We've got our orders. Get the girl..and destroy everyone else," he shouted to his comrades. The other Black agents prepared to board the Hummer.

"Looks like the getting ready to jump," Lola exclaimed.

"Nothing..that RR can't handle," Wile e smirked, speeding faster through the streets. The blacks leered closer to the Hummer, with four Black Agents jumping on top on the roof, with Roadrunner glaring at the four, posed for battle.

"Heh...just a roadrunner. A walk in the park," one Black Agent smirked. Roadrunner smirked inwardly to himself as he peered towards one of the Black Agents, gesturing him to come. One of the Black Agents leaped up, unsheathing his sword, readying to slash towards Roadrunner. Instantly, Roadrunner jumped up and slammed his left foot directly into the Black Agents stomach, sending him flying back towards a wall, in which he crashed in the trash can, passing out. The three remaining Black Agents leaped up into the sky and rushed toward Roadrunner in three different directions. Immediately, Roadrunner slammed his elbow into one of the Black Agents stomach, throwing him towards another Black Agent, knocking them both off of the hummer truck, while running up to the other Black Agent and sending him flying off of the roof.

Soon, four more Black Agents leaped to the side of the car, but was stopped abruptly as Roadrunner held on to the railing side of the vehicle and knocked both Agents off of the side of the car and into the streets, and back flipping into the other side, slamming both Black Agents out of the sides, landing back into the center of the roof, preparing for more Black Agents to come.

"They just keep on comin' and comin'," Bugs exclaimed, watching as many Black Agents leaped towards the Hummer, only to be throw out by Roadrunner in numerous forms.

"We've got to brush them off. Roadrunner can't just toss them out continually, "Lola firmly stated, "He'll tire out eventually."

"Don't worry..I have a plan," Wile E. Stated, speeding faster, approaching a street, "Hang on everyone." He made a sharp right turn into Wynn St., causing everyone to move abruptly to the right side, with Roadrunner instantly grasping the right hand side of the car, his talons digging into the side of the car door, clutching tightly. Wile e. sped through the street, seeing the Black Jeep still on his tail.

"I hope you have a good plan, doc," Bugs said, narrowing his eyes at the Black Jeeps sped up towards them.

"Trust me. I know what I'm doing," Wile e stated, quickly looking up at the ceiling, as Roadrunner looked onward towards the Black Jeeps.

"We're approaching West Alia Baba Lane," Athena exclaimed, looking at the street sign ahead.

"Eh..there's a couple of buildin' ahead too," Honey stated in reply, looking behind the car, seeing the Jeeps getting closer.

"Hold on everyone," Wile e. shouted, punching upwards towards the ceiling. Roadrunner laid flat on the roof, grasping each side of the car, and digging his talons into the side of the steel. Wile e. quickly made a dash towards a patch of dirt quickly swerving into an short alley way, speeding past the road, crossing into some midway building, plummeting his speed, watching as the jeeps swerved to the side, one crashing into a corner of a building while the other one stayed right at his tail. He made a sharp right turn on West Reno Avenue, speeding down to the next road, making a sharp left turn, his eyes peering at the rear view mirror as he saw the black jeep hitting a semi-truck, flying off the road and out of sight. Wile e straightened himself out, driving northward on South Valley Blvd.

"You totally rock, Wile e.," Lola exclaimed, smiling at him.

"You can congratulate me when we get out of Las Vegas," Wile e. said, smiling back at Lola, keeping his eyes on the road.

"Eh, unfortunately. Them thugs gots another 'ink ta say about it," Bugs sourly said, looking through the back mirror, seeing a couple of black bikes coming towards them.

"Won't 'em screwballs eva quit," Honey huffed in annoyance.

"Not until they get what they want," Lola breathed, looking upon Athena with sadden eyes, as she gazed at the black bikes coming to each side of the Hummer. Roadrunner instantly stood up, his orbs gazing upon the black bikes. Two black agents starts to jump on towards the roof, unsheathing a katana sword, while the other bikers pulled out a silencer, both pointing it towards Wile e.

Wile e growled lowly, looking towards the road. Roadrunner narrowed his eyes upon the two black agents, in a fighter stance position.

"I should...turn myself in," Athena whispered sadly.

"NO. NEVER THINK OF THAT," Lola shouted, her oceanic orb firmly cast upon Athena's, "We're your friends and we vowed to protect you at all cost. No matter what."

"But...it's not worth risking your lives..for me," Athena gasped tearfully.

"It's worth it to us because you're our...family,"Wile e stated, smiling, looking upon her orbs with sorrow. "Oh...you guys," Athena sniffed, hugging Bugs and Honey.

The Black agents upon the roof top leered closer to RR, preparing an assault against him. Wile e. quickly glanced up at the ceiling, smirking to himself. "It's time to put all the stops. Hold nothing back, RR," Wile e. shouted while strapping Lola's seat belt tightly, "Better prepare for this."

Roadrunner nodded, reaching underneath his wings, pulling out two metallic objects, opening them up, revealing them to be sharp blade fans. The Black Agents glanced upon each other, looking back at Roadrunner, as he gestured the black agents towards him. Both Black agents ran towards Roadrunner, thrusting their katana's towards him. The black agents on the bike were about to pull the trigger when Wile e. instantly slammed on the petal, heightening his speed away from the bikers. Bugs and Honey pushed Athena down upon the seats, covering her with their bodies. Roadrunner instantly dodged one of the black agents, while he twirled his metallic fan towards another one, slashing the right hand side of the other black agent, kicking him off the roof. The black agent regained his balanced and charged towards Roadrunner, swiftly thrusting his katana blade at him. Roadrunner dodged each movement, stopping the blade mid-way with his metallic fan, thrusting his foot into the black agent's stomach, causing him to hurtle off the roof. One of the black agents in the bike sped towards the Hummer, tilting it upwards and jumping onto the roof, hitting Roadrunner directly in his face with his foot. Roadrunner regained his balance, running towards the Black Agent, waving his fans towards him and swift, fast strokes, slashing his stomach and kicking him off of the roof. Two more black agents jump up on the roof, rushing towards Roadrunner, engaging into a battle with him.

"Looks like Roadrunner havin' some company up 'ere," Bugs exclaimed, looking at the ceiling, watching as two more Black Agents were hurtled off the roof. Wile e. heard police siren off in the distance, growling to himself.

"Great..just great. Now we've got the authorities attention," He hissed in frustration, "We've gotta get outta here NOW!"

" We can always take the 15 interstate highway," Athena squeaked out.

"The 15 highway," Lola repeated slowly, "Wait it minute...isn't 15 north close too..."

"Yeah...it's...close ta da..area," Bugs muttered in realization.

"Umm...am I missing something," Athena questioned.

"We've just found a way outta here," Wile e smirked, "but..we'll have to maneuver our way through the 15. I don't really wanna go there..but..we've got no choice. We hafta leave this place. Hopefully..there arent' many people on the roads."

Bugs, Lola, and Honey nodded towards Wile e, while Athena looked upon them perplexed. Wile e exited to the 593 eastbound and speeded towards the connecting on ramp of the 15 highway, going north, weaving his way through the traffic. Roadrunner knocked out the remaining black agents from the roof, tossing them aside towards a dirt patch road. He wiped away a small amount of blood from his beak, that was caused by one of the black agents hitting him in the stomach. High above the Hummer, the black helicopter loomed forward, with Ermac gritting his teeth.

"I tire of this," he hissed, "I WANT THAT GIRL IN MY POSSESSION."

A black agent slowly approached Ermac, bowing to him slightly. "S-sir...you have a conference call from the general," he stammered.

"Connect me through him at once," Ermac ordered, in which the black agent bowed and typed in the password on the laptop. Soon, the general appeared on the screen, his eyes piercing towards Ermac. "I hope you have good news to report," the general cooly said.

"We...are currently chasing down those rabbits and we shall have the girl in our possession," Ermac stated, sweating a bit.

"You'd better, Ermac. You've already had two strikes against you. I don't need to tell you what happens if you fail...again," the General hoarsely whispered, slitting his eyes upon Ermac. Ermac gulped down, nodding towards the General. "I shall not fail you, sir," Ermac said, sweating profusely.

"Pray..that you don't," the general hissed, closing the link. Ermac growled lowly, looking upon the Hummer as it passed various intersection freeways, going in a North eastwardly direction towards the mountains.

"Lower the helicopter and depart from the Hummer. There's the nellis base close ahead and I don't have the time to deal with them," Ermac ordered, looking upon Roadrunner, who was still on the roof, "I'll get the girl myself."

Wile e. continued to drive through the 15 freeway, passing several intersections and overpasses, the sun sinking lowly, diamond light Star appearing in the dark bluish sky. Athena looked above, seeing some news helicopters following them along with a police helicopter and some police cars behind them.

"Just our luck..the new's media is filming us and the police are after us. Not to mention, those thugs in the black bikes and in the helicopter right above us," Athena sighed.

"I...know it looks bad, but...we can't give up hope," Lola beamed, "we're gonna get out of this..and we'll make sure your safe."

"Thanks Lola," Athena smiled weakly, while Bugs and Honey hugged her gently.

Wile e looked ahead, seeing a sign that said, "NELLIS AIR BASE 5 EXITS AHEAD". A wide grin plastered along his face, speeding up more and going into the empty carpool lane. "We're about to approach the Nellis Air base," he exclaimed, grinning.

"Poifect," Bugs beamed.

"What's so perfect about that,"Athena questioned.

"Da Nellis Air Base is a military hanger. Restricted airspace, which means dat no helicopters can fly in 'ere."

"And that..in turn..means that the News helicopter will have to pull back and the black helicopter as well...if they don't want any confrontation with the military," Wile e. explained.

"But..won't the police copter still be able to fly into the zone?"

"Of course. They probably got da permission from da military ta fly into 'ere airspace," Bugs commented.

"Yeah..you're probably right."

Suddenly, a loud boom was heard from the sky, the ground shaking harshly. Wile e. gripped his hands on the steering wheel, trying to maintain control, while Roadrunner steadied himself, slamming onto the roof and gripping all sides with his wings and talons. Athena's eyes widen as she saw a blue helicopter plummeting down into the ground, people jumping off of it right before it crashed into the ground, bursting into a ball of flames.

"What the hell was that," Wile e. shouted, keeping his eyes on the road.

"Dat was da police copter. It...just..blew up," Honey exclaimed, nervously shaking.

"Those innocent people," Athena sadly stammered, tears spilling down the side of her eyes.

"Don't worry. They made it out of the copter safely," Lola confirmed, seeing ambulances arriving and picking up the people from the street, "but..who could have done this?"

"Anybody wanna make a guess..it was 'em thugs," Bugs angrily hissed.

"Looks like it," Wile e. commented.

Ermac glanced upon the rubble of the police copter, turning his attention back towards the Hummer. "That should take care of that nuisance," he snarled, looking at the roof, "now..to get that girl once and for all." Roadrunner stood up, shaking the dust off his feathers. The two biker thugs started to pull back, exiting out of the freeway off ramp. Roadrunner quirked his eyes, perplexed at this odd movement from the thugs. Soon, four black agents jumped from the black helicopter into the roof with Ermac following them, his emerald eyes gazing upon Roadrunner venomously. Roadrunner narrowed his eyes upon Ermac, focusing upon him entirely, positioning himself in a fighter stance, with his metallic fans in his hands.

"What's going on? I thought I heard a thud on the roof," Lola said, looking up at the ceiling.

"I don't know," Wile e said, looking up at the roof quickly and banging it with his fist, "What's the story RR?"

Roadrunner took out a small piece of paper and scribbled on it. He then grabbed it with his foot and placed it on the windshield. The gang's faces widen, they're faces flushed out of all color as the paper had the words "ERMAC" written in bold letters.

"No," Athena whispered, looking up on the ceiling, "Roadrunner...please..be careful."

Roadrunner pierced his sharp onyx orbs upon Ermac, preparing for anything. Ermac slitted his emerald orbs upon Roadrunner, standing still.

"Kill everyone that's in this vehicle, but I want the girl alive and unharmed," Ermac ordered. The black agents leaped towards the sides of the Hummer, while two others leaped to the front.

"What the..," Wile e yelled out, as a black agent shattered through the front windshield, glass spewing everywhere. Wile e. swerved to the right side, sending the glass fragments to the opposite direction. Lola unbuckled her seatbelt and leaped out to the front, sending an hard upper left high kick to the black agent, knocking him off and up to the sky.

"Sista, cover Athena and don't let her go," Bugs ordered, unbuckling himself as two black agents smashed they're way through the side window panels. Lola trailed from the hood of the Hummer to the back trunk, standing next to Bugs.

"Need a hand," she stated, smirking at Bugs.

"Glad ta sista," Bugs exclaimed, both rushing towards the two black agents.

"Wait a minute..there's four black agents. If Bugs and Lola are fighting the two in the back, with one thrown out, where's the other one,"Wile e questioned.

Instantly a black agent smashed his way through the passenger side door, head locking Wile e, who growled lowly, while trying to maintain the Hummer car, swerving erratically back and forth into traffic. Roadrunner steadied himself, while Ermac rushed into him, pulling out a left uppercut, instantly hitting him in the right cheek. Roadrunner counter, thrusting his foot into Ermac's stomach, hitting him backwards, trying to keep in balance as the Hummer swerved around. Wile e. quickly unbuckled his seatbelt, inhaling as much air as he could. He thrusted his elbow towards the Black Agent's stomach, hitting him directly, and kicking him out of the passenger door. Lola and Bugs continued their assault of the Black Agents, with Bugs sending the Black Agent flying out of the window. Lola dodged an attack of the Black Agent, sending a powerful kick into his stomach. Athena and Honey held each other in the corner of the left side. The black Agent slowly lifted himself back up, instantly eyeing Athena.

"At last..we've got you," he smirked evilly, grabbing Athena's wrist. Athena screamed, trying to pull away from the Black Agent.

"OH NO YOU DON'T!!!," Bugs and Lola shouted. The Black Agent looked up, as Bugs and Lola leaped into the air and thrusted their foot in a high kick, knocking him away from Athena and out of the car. Athena glanced at Bugs and Lola, tears streaming downward from her orbs, instantly hugging them both, having her face pressed against Bugs soft fur along his chest.

Bugs looked down, gently hugging her and stroking her strands of hair, cooing her gently. Lola looked upon Athena with sadden eyes, gently nuzzling her neck as well. "We'll get them. Don't worry, "she whispered.

Ermac and Roadrunner went head to head, throwing fist, kicks and jabs at each other, while maintaining their balance upon the roof. Soon, the two forcefully locked their hands to each other, trying to push the other backwards, seething at each other. Ermac pushed Roadrunner backwards a bit, lifting up his left leg and jabbing towards RR's stomach, hitting it directly, causing Roadrunner to lose his grip, clutching his stomach tenderly, stumbling back slightly. Ermac created at huge fire ball and hurled it at Roadrunner. Roadrunner took out his metallic fan blades and shielded himself from the blast, putting both fan blades together and swirling them around forward, causing sonic waves to push out from them, with Ermac stepping back through the sheer force of the waves. Ermac looked backwards, seeing himself sliding back towards the edge of the Hummer. He leaped into the air, thrusting his foot towards Roadrunner, hitting his right wing directly. Roadrunner hissed in pain, his metallic fan blade falling on the roof. Ermac proceeded to thrust punches and kicks towards Roadrunner, hitting him directly every time. Roadrunner slumped down a bit, tremendous pain coursing through his body, his right wing broken and slumped into the side. Ermac ran towards Roadrunner, disappearing into the air. Roadrunner ran to the center of the roof, looking around, preparing for a attack. Ermac reappeared behind Roadrunner, instantly thrusting his foot into his left leg, a crack being heard as Roadrunner fell flat, pain being shot through his leg. Roadrunner slowly lifted himself up, standing in one leg whilst holding his injured arm, glaring upon Ermac.

Ermac quickly sprinted towards Roadrunner and grabbed him by the throat, throwing him towards the front of the Hummer.

Wile e gazed towards the road as he saw Roadrunner landed in front of him, weaken and in pain.

"ROADRUNNER," Wile e. yelled out, catching the attention of the gang, who looked towards the direction that Wile e. was gazing upon.

"Oh no," Athena gasped, leaning forwards towards the edge of the passenger seat towards the front.

"Lola.. Come up front and take the wheel," Wile e. barked out angrily, never keeping his eyes off of Roadrunner, as he clung on to the front of the broken windshield with his left wing. Lola instantly jumped to the front of the passenger side, as Wile e. glanced at her slightly, looking forward.

"We're coming up towards an off ramp that's close to the base. Take the off ramp and follow the train track trail. Up ahead, their's an empty dirt patch road that leads to the 93 freeway. I want you to take that trail. It's the only way we'll be able to loose these thugs and the authorities," Wile e firmly stated.

"But..what about the military," Lola exclaimed.

"We'll be cloaked in the darkness and that road hasn't been used in years," Wile e. explained, "It's the perfect way to get out of notice from the thugs and the media. Now, when I jump, you get on the seat and take over driving, okay?"

"You got, genius," Lola chuckled a bit, with Wile e. smirking. Swiftly, he jumped to the front of the hood while Lola quickly jumped to the driver's seat, taking the wheel and steading the petals of the Hummer, swerving a bit, but maintaining control of the vehicle.

Wile e. skidded his body towards Roadrunner, gently lifting him up and placing his left wing over his shoulder, keeping them both balanced. "I've got ya, buddy," Wile e. stated, with Roadrunner smiling at him weakly, in tremendous pain. "We better get you inside." Wile e. started to carefully walk towards the now broken window, but Roadrunner protested, shaking his head furiously. "Why not? What's wrong, RR?" Wile e exclaimed. Roadrunner pointed up towards Ermac, who was standing up on the roof. Wile e. narrowed his eyes, anger rising up, coursing through his veins. Roadrunner looked upon Wile e., his onyx eyes beaming, sparkling in utter rage. Wile e. nodded, understanding his long time best friend, both of them looking up towards Ermac, and slowly heading up towards the roof.

Ermac looked down upon the large sunroof, smirking widely. He grabbed both sides of the handles and ripped off the sunroof, throwing it away to the side, causing a car to swerve towards an edge, crashing into the metallic wall. Athena, Honey, and Bugs looked upwards as Ermac smirked upon the three of them, his eyes sharply focusing upon Athena. "Now..after all this time. I shall take..what belongs to me," he cackled evilly. Bugs shoved Athena behind him, preparing for Ermac's assault. Ermac was about to jump down when he received a hard kick in the chest, stumbling back a bit. He gazed up with fire in his eyes upon Wile e. and Roadrunner, who stood in front of him, glaring daggers towards him, in a fighter's stance.

"Are you sure you wanna go through this, Roadrunner," Wile e softly spoke, gazing upon Roadrunner's eyes. Roadrunner briefly glanced back at him, nodding his head slowly, wincing in pain, with determination into his black pool of orbs. Wile e. nodded as well, gently wrapping his arm around Roadrunner's left wing, locking it at place, while Roadrunner stood on his right leg, taking the pressure off of his other leg, which was broken. "So, you two wish to die," Ermac darkly spat out, glaring upon the two venomously, "allow me...to fulfill your request." Ermac ran forwards towards them, leaping up and thrusting his right foot towards Roadrunner. Wile e. instantly pulled Roadrunner towards him and blocked the attack, thrusting out an upper cut towards Ermac, hitting him square on the chin. Ermac roughly landed back on the roof, flat on his face. He immediately rose up, narrowing his eyes upon Wile e. "Just for that, you'll be the first to die, Coyote," Ermac spurned out, gathering energy together and forming a fireball. He thrusted the fireball towards Wile e., who pushed Roadrunner out of the way, getting hit at the process, his left side scorched from the fire. Roadrunner's eyes widened as he saw Wile e. racked in pain. Roadrunner growled lowly, narrowing his eyes towards Ermac. With malice intent, Ermac rushed towards Wile e. about to thrust out his fist towards him. Roadrunner, with incredible pain coursing through his body, ran towards Ermac and leaped up into the air, sending a barrage of powerful kicks at his chest, causing him to move backwards rapidly. Then, both Wile e. and Roadrunner leaped into the air and sent a powerful kick towards his chest, sending him flying high in the air, with Ermac crashing on a small car, passing out.

Wile e and Roadrunner looked upon each other, smiling. Roadrunner instantly fell back, passing out from the immense pain he was feeling, Wile e catching him and gently carrying him back inside the Hummer. Lola drove off the freeway, taking the off ramp, and going underneath the bridge, heading towards the dirt patch road, shutting off her headlights. Bugs crawled to the back of the trunk, using a wrench that was in the car and smashing both rear lights, the shards of glass drifting off to the side of the road. Wile e. laid down on the back seat cushions, gently caressing Roadrunner, holding him tightly and gently, watching him breath heavily, pain being felt every portion of his body.

"I-Is...he going to be...o-okay," Athena stammered, gently placing her hand upon Roadrunner's uninjured wing.

"He's...badly hurt and he'll need medical attention. Unfortunately, with the cops and the media buzzing around, we can't head into a hospital," Wile e softy spoke, stroking Roadrunner's soft blue feathers that crested on top of his head, "However, the place we're going...they will help him recover from his injuries."

"And...what..place is that," Athena questioned, gently nuzzling Roadrunner's beak, seeing him twitch a bit.

"Eh, it ain't tha swangest joint around, but's it's da piorfect place ta lay low and keep 'em thugs off of our back fer a while," Bugs confirmed, placing a hand gently upon Athena's shoulder.

"Yes..but..where," Athena repeated, confused.

"You'll know soon enough, Athena...soon enough," Lola breathed, continually driving down the dirt patch road, seeing that noone was following them.

In the command center, Ermac bursted through the doors, clutching his ribs, his face and arms bleeding all over, the general standing in a podium, his back facing away from Ermac.

"You haven't got the girl..have you," the general smoothly said.

"N-No..sir. However...I shall have her..soon," Ermac stammered.

"You've had your chances. You're an utter failure," the General seethed out, "and now..you must..pay..for your follies."

Instantly, two black agents appeared and grabbed Ermac, dragging him away, as he screamed for mercy, with the door shutting instantly behind the general.

"I guess...he wasn't cut out for the job," a voice whispered into the darkness, chuckling.

"Not now, Rain. I'm not in the mood," the General hissed.

"Okay, okay. I'm sorry," Rain playfully sang.

"Just go out there and get the girl by ANY means necessary," the General sternly ordered.

"As you wish, general," Rain chuckled, disappearing into the shadows. A tall figure with sharp emerald orbs slowly walked towards the General, bowing upon facing him.

"You summoned me, Master," the tall figured hissed out slowly.

"I want you to go...and follow Rain. Give me a report on these creatures. Observe them...carefully. I want to know who and what these people are," the General stated, "However, don't interfere with Rain. Stick to the darkness...as usual. If anyone..tries to interfere with your work. CRUSH THEM!!!!"

"I shall do your bidding, Master," the tall figured replied, bowing down and disappearing into the shadows.

"I shall have you. Mark my words," the General spoke out, "and however is standing in my way...will pay with their lives."

High above, in a mountaintop overlooking the backway of Las Vegas, a small little yellow birds flaps his wings, carrying a piece of paper with him, traveling towards a black and white feline, wearing a white kimono, with a straw hat place atop his head. The yellow bird flew in front of the feline, tossing him the piece of paper, in which he instantly caught it, darken orbs beaming out.

"Hmm...what an upset," the feline cat spat out, reading the parchment, "numerous accidents...a police car destroyed...wreckage on the freeway. Sounds like the gang is getting in their usual...trouble."

"Ohhh..you don't know the half of it, puddy tat," the small yellow bird exclaimed.

"Hmm..what kind of mess..have they p-p-p-putting themselves into this time,"the feline cat questioned," we better find out." The feline cat expertly dropped down towards the bottom ledge of the mountain, following a dirt trail towards the desert, with the small yellow bird following him.

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