Everybody's Fool

AN: Hello there. This takes place AFTER Blast From The Past, so I hope you enjoy it!

Summary: It's been five years since Voldemort was defeated... and Lily, James, Black and Lupin still stayed in Harry's world. Lillian is 5 years old, and when Harry and Draco pay a visit to the park and run into Ron and Hermione, something...or someone...turns to the dark side...

WARNINGS: Includes Dark Ron and Hermione, Mentions of rape, Blood, swear words Slash

AN #2: Note that there are TWO Harry's in this story! The one that was in the fic first and then the one that Lily James had... if you're confused...

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Chapter 1: A Day In The Life Of Me


It was an ordinary day in the Wizarding World, for the most part. Harry and Draco were with Lillian at the park, Remus was at work, Sirius was moping around, Ron and Hermione were being secretive (they had arranged a dinner meeting, so hopefully everyone would be informed of what they were being so secretive about) and Lily and James were spending time with Harry.

Yep, just a regular day. Voldemort had been previously defeated by Harry himself - people were shocked, even though they thought he would defeat Voldemort, which he did - it was just remarkable, that's all.

People were still busy, even with Voldemort gone. Deatheaters were still about and the Ministry still had to capture them. Deatheaters among them were Lucius Malfoy, Bellatrix Lestrange, Crabbe, Goyle, Parkinson, and a few others. The Ministry had most of them caught, but some escaped, and they were on the run for them.

Harry and Draco were busy watching Lillian on the swings at the park, when Ron and Hermione entered the park entrance and walked over to them.

"Hey, you two,"Harry greeted, and punched Draco to greet them.



"So I suppose you won't tell us why you're being so secretive?"Harry asked.

Ron laughed. "Look who's talking."

Harry punched Ron playfully and they both laughed. Hermione shook her head.

"You two are such idiots,"Hermione said.

"Hey!"Harry and Ron both yelled.

"I hate agreeing with a mudblood, but it's true,"Draco said as Harry punched him. Ron looked ready to choke Draco, though.

"We are not!"Ron exclaimed.

"It's a good thing you married Granger, Weasel Bee,"Draco started. "Otherwise you'd be insane by now!"

Harry tried to bite back his laughter, but it was no use. Well, it was when Ron punched him.

"What do you think you're playing at, Weasel Bee?"Draco yelled, helping Harry off the ground.

"Ron, that was uncalled for!"Hermione yelled.

Ron stalked off, Hermione following suit.

"I swear I'll never understand them,"Draco shook his head and looked at Harry. "You all right?"

Harry was unconscious.


Nobody saw the smirks on Ron and Hermione's faces as they left the park.

"Damn Weasel, rot in hell,"Draco muttered, picking Harry up in his arms and calling to Lillian. No answer.

"Lillian!"Draco yelled. "LILLIAN! Where are you!"

By the swings - was a note.

He walked over carefully, Harry in his arms, picked up the note and read it.

It said:

Dear Harry and Draco,

If you want to see your daughter again, come by the old abandoned house in the Forest next to the Burrow. I'll give you three days, and if you don't show up, Potter'll die too.


Ron Hermione Weasley

Draco could have fainted. T-they're evil! The dinner was just a scam to injure or even kill us! They're not even on the light side! Draco's mind yelled as he ran back home with the note - only hoping that Lily and James'd be there also.


Lily, James, Black and Lupin were sitting in the living room playing with baby Harry just as they heard Draco running into the house.

"Mr and Mrs Potter!"Draco yelled, running into the living room with Harry still in his arms.

"What is it, Draco?"Lily asked. When she noticed Harry unconscious in his arms, she gasped. "What happened!"

"We were at the park - Lillian kidnpped - Weasel Bee..."Draco said, panting.

"Sit down, Draco,"Lily said, watching as James took Harry from Draco.

Draco sat down in between Lily James, never taking his eyes off Harry. "We were at the park and we met Weasley and Granger. They talked to us for a little while, and we played around a bit - talking, and then Weasley punched Harry, making him fall to the ground. They left right after I yelled at them, and I looked around for Lillian - and found this note,"Draco said all in one breath, passing the note to Lily, who gasped when she finished reading it.

"What is it, Lils?"James asked.

"Read it, James,"Lily said, sounding as if she were going to cry. James passed her Harry - who she didn't seem to want to let go - and looked at James silently while his eyes scammed through the note.

"They were never on our side. Why does Harry call them his closest friends?"James growled.



"Because they were."


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