A clean sheet.

Summary: What would have happened if Terra came back and if she and Beastboy started to date? How would this affect one certain teen, as the truth unfolds before her eyes. Raveast.

Disclaimer: I do not own, and never will own, Teen titans. So don't sue me!

A quick authors note: This story is a true one. This is based on my own current love life. I'm not going to name names but suffice to say I am Raven in the situation. So, apologies for any OOCness, I just want to get it right. Thanks!


Chapter one

Raven sat and stared out at the grassy verge. She was ruffled by a gust of wind and she cursed nature for a moment before reappreciating the spectacular view they had on their island.

Sighing she closed her eyes and restarted her chant, as she cleared her head from all thoughts.

"Azarath Metrion Zinthos. Azarath Metrion Zinthos. Azarath Metrion Zin—"

"Boy am I ever glad to hear those words again."

Raven's eyes snapped open and she nearly fell over backwards. The sun shone down casting the shadow of a scrawny blonde girl across the grass. Raven regained herself quickly and with some mild shock on her face stood up.


"The one and only," boasted the telekinetic, winking. Raven groaned inwardly but managed to maintain her composure. She gave a small smile.

"You're…uh…back," she added, with some discomfort. Terra smiled.

"Looks like it," she confirmed. Raven frowned.

"How did you—"

"Get out of the stone?"


"Well, it's a long story," Terra sighed, melodramatically, flicking her blonde hair. "Some people started worshiping the statue after a while and whispering some mumbo jumbo. God knows how but one day they must have done something which broke the rock. Well, here I am."

"Wow," Raven answered, with no feeling whatsoever. For once she felt nothing either, as she said it, and she realised how much she hadn't missed the girl.

"So," she quickly ventured, veering her thoughts away from that. "I guess you'll be wanting to come back to the team now."

"That's the general idea," Terra nodded. "That is, if I'm allowed."

"I'm not the leader," Raven countered.

'If I was you wouldn't have betrayed us in the first place,' piped up the inner voice of the Azarathian. 'You wouldn't have been allowed to join us at all.'

She mentally batted it, and realised she had some deep seated issues.

Terra smiled knowingly, if slightly smugly. "Yeah, that's true. So, where is almighty leader boy then?"

"I don't know," Raven answered in monotone, her cold face looking uncaringly at the girl. "I don't have him on a leash."

"Okay, fair dues," Terra submitted, raising her hands. "Sorry I disrupted your…uhh…whatever it is you do…keep up the good work!"

She gave a thumbs up and disappeared on a flying rock, in a flash of yellow and brown. Raven's forehead throbbed.

"Whatever it is you do?" she quoted, grinding her teeth. "You've got some nerve, Terra."

Three substantially large rocks exploded, sending sparks flying around. Raven didn't even flinch, but she let her hands relax.

Looking at her palms she saw deepset, bleeding nailmarks where she had dug her fists together, and realised with some horror that she wasn't pleased to see Terra at all.

What she was feeling was dread of what would happen next.

Slowly but surely she made her way back to the tower, dragging her feet slightly, and wanting to go back to the peace she had had ten minutes earlier.


"So what do you think, Robin?" asked Terra as Raven walked into the room. It looked as if she had found Robin after all.

"Well, of course you can rejoin the team," Robin added. "You're one of us. A titan."

Terra clinched him in a hug. "It feels so good to hear that. I love it here."

Raven wanted to disappear. Instead she walked straight up to the two and gave an unconvincing small smile.

"Welcome back, Terra," she offered, politely. Terra smiled as if she was above the goth girl, and almost looked down her nose at her.

"You finished doing your thing I take it?"

Before Raven could even reply there was a sudden sound at the other end of the room.


The squealing made Robin and Terra jump. Raven merely turned her head. She knew that voice all too well.

Her stomach sank. She knew what was coming next and she knew she wouldn't like it either.

"Beastboy!" yelled Terra, running over to and hugging the green teenager. "How are you?"

"What are you doing here!" BB asked, incredulously, hugging the telekenetic tightly. "It's so good to see you!"

"I got set free," Terra stated, pulling away from the hug and gazing at the boy. "It's great to be out."

"Are you back? For good?" queried the boy, excited. Terra nodded and BB squeezed her tightly once again. Raven turned around, pulling her hood up in the process, and left the room of excited squealing behind her.

A solitary tear made its way down her pale cheek and landed on her leg as she strode away from the pain.

Her worst fears had been confirmed.

Beastboy and Terra were together again.


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