"The Date"


"So Kim, where do you want to go?"

"Wherever you want to go is fine with me."

A smile appeared on Ron's face. I know where to take Kim. They walked to the Middleton Pottery Emporium. Ron made a mess of himself trying to make a clay vase for Kim. I'll pick up a dozen Red Roses for Kim to put in the vase. He ended up with clay pieces stuck to his shirt and all over the table. Kim smiled and tried not to giggle watching Ron trying to make the case. Kim finished the clay figurines she was making and helped Ron with the vase. They brought them up front so they could get fired in the kiln. Ron noticed the figurines looked like her family. He recognized Mr. and Mrs. Drs P. Wait a second, there are 6 figures. Ron looked carefully as Kim was setting them down. Does that look like me? Ron grinned real wide and pointed at one of the figures, "Is that me?" Kim just smiled back and nodded.

They left the Pottery Emporium and they stopped at old fashioned hamburger restaurant a few doors down for some old fashion sodas. Ron took Kim by his house.

"Ron, what are we doing at your house?"

Ron just smiled, "I just need to pick something up, wait here. I will be right back."

"What are you going to get?"

"You'll see."

Ron walked into his house and walked out with backpack. Ron had only been inside the house just a few minutes.

"Ron, what's in the backpack?"

"Patience, KP. You will see."

They started walking again and they found themselves approaching Middleton Park. Ron led Kim to the middle of the park. Ron opened up his backpack and pulled out a blanket and set it down on the grass. He motioned for Kim to sit down. Ron took a large candle out, light it and set it next to Kim. Ron laid down on his back and gazed up at the stars. Kim followed suite and laid on her back and looked up at the stars. It was a beautiful night. The sky was crystal clear and the stars were shining. Ron glanced over at Kim. He smiled. Kim is so beautiful. Kim felt Ron gazing at her and turned to look at Ron and smiled. Ron took Kim's hand and stared back at the Stars.

Ron took his free hand and pointed up at the sky, "See Kim, there the big dipper." From her angle, Kim couldn't tell exactly what Ron was pointing at but she was pretty sure it wasn't the big dipper."

"Uh Ron, I think the Big Dipper is that over there." Kim pointed to a different location.

Ron turned to Kim and smiled, "I have no idea Kim." He turned over and put his elbowed to the ground and turned to face Kim. Kim turned over and did the same thing. "So, KP where do we go from here?"

Kim reached over and took Ron's hand. "I'm not sure Ron but where ever it is, we will figure that out together."

Ron gently squeezed Kim's hand with a big smile. "Together, we can work through anything."

They gazed into each others eyes and continued to make small talk. Ron looked down at his watch. "Kim, it's time to get you home. I don't want to get in trouble with your Dad on our first official date."

Ron got up and blew the candle out. He pulled some foil out of his bag and covered the top of the candle and put a rubber band around the foil to keep it from falling out. Kim helped Ron fold the blanket and Ron placed the blanket and the candle back into his backpack.

Kim and Ron walked back to Kim's house and sat on the front porch swing for a few minutes. "Ron, I had a wonderful time."

Ron just smiled, "So did I KP."

"Guess, I should head inside?"

Ron just nodded.

"Ron this night has been…"

Ron placed a finger on Kim's lips before she could finish. Ron smiled, "Perfect KP."

Kim smiled and nodded. Ron leaned in and kissed Kim goodnight. They both felt tingles in their spines as they shared the kiss. Reluctantly Ron broke the kiss, "You better get inside KP, its getting late."

Kim had closed her eyes as they kissed. She opened them and nodded. She turned to open the door. "Goodnight Ron. Sweet Dreams."

"Goodnight Kim. I already know my dreams will be sweet. I will be dreaming of you."

Kim blushed, squeezed Ron's hand before she let go and walked into the house.

Ron had the biggest smile on his face as he walked home. He whistled a tune. Nothing can bring me down at this moment.


The End.