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Hey. Yeah, I know what you're gonna say. Been a while huh? What can I say. Isn't much chance for down time when you are now the top dog in the fight for good. That's right, the buck stops here! Well, usually. I'm like the CEO or something. Who said a drop out can't make it big.

It started like this. After nuking Sunnydale we all drove up to LA. Angel let us use his hotel while we regrouped. Some of us were homeless, others homesick. The Council was no more. We didn't know just what we accomplished down there but hello! Evil? Not going anywhere just cuz Spike got a little crazy with his matches.

Spike, another name I haven't thought of in a while. He was wrong at the end. I did love him….do. I do love him. I'm sure you figured that out already. You always were bright. But it wasn't the kind of love he felt. When I died, he was a wreck. That much is obvious from what the others have said, stories remembered over a few glasses of wine. When he died, I just…went numb I guess. I missed him terribly, and my heart did ache a little. But I never had that all encompassing love for him that he had for me. I was just about ready to admit that someday….Yeah. But someday is here and no. So life moves on, rather easily may he rest in peace. He might not be happy with the ease I had adjusting, but he wouldn't have wanted me to pretend I was feeling what I wasn't.

So anyway. Evil? Still around folks. Did you think that a few thousand slayers popping up around the world would mean a time of peace? That's right folks, thousand. Turns out that every girl who has the secret mojo pumping in her veins now has the power only Faith and I knew. Walk past a sandbox. See that girl throwing down with the bully picking on some lil kids? She's one of us now.

Things did go slow for just long enough before rearing it's ugly head again. Giles, with Willow's hacking abilities, transferred all the Council's accounts into two accounts, one for him and one for me. No! We weren't profiting off this, I was by no means suddenly well off. Well, I'm not doing that bad, I gave myself a nice salary. What am I stupid? I wasn't about to look into continuing my job down at the local Doublemeat Palace. Once we saw the vast amount of money the council was sitting on we decided to do a little organizing. With the help of Angel's pal Gunn we began to reform the Council but with a little style.

Ever heard of the BGC? Didn't think so, we don't really advertise much. It was a joke, one we all got a laugh over.

Faith swaggered back into the lobby with a brown paper bag clutched to her chest. Giles was in England. After dropping off the girls at a retreat he was taking some time to talk some theories over with the coven. Willow wanted to go, but well Kennedy could be rather persuasive when she wanted to be. Besides, Willow and I had some plans of our own to talk through.

"So we split the money up into two accounts, Giles and I on them," I explained to Willow. Filling her in on where we found the money stashed. "Most of their books and relics were destroyed but what we have we've put into safety deposit boxes."

"So what do we do now?" Willow ran her fingers through Kennedy's hair, who was sprawled across her lap.

I leaned back in my chair, shrugging my shoulders. "Well, Giles told me to figure out what I wanted to do. He said I'm the slayer and its my call."

Faith set the bag down on the table and sat on the arm of my chair, playfully pushing me towards the other side. "Again with all the "The slayer" shit. B, you ain't been the chosen girl for years. You're half of the Chosen Two. And you're only as good as your worst player, and wouldn't you luck out. I'm the other player and I kick ass!"

Willow and Kennedy chuckled at Faith as she puffed out her chest. I shook my head. "What he meant was that I had to figure out what I wanted to do. I mean, with all the slayers popping up in the world it's not just one girl. We have the potential to do some real good."

"My thoughts exactly B!" Faith leaned forward and pulled out a bag of lemons and three fifth's of tequila. Kennedy jumped off the couch and jogged into the back, Willow pouting at the loss of her girlfriend in her lap.

Buffy took one look at the bottles and raised her eyebrow at Faith. "Are you crazy?"

"No B, time to do a little damage." Faith grabbed a few shot glasses and a salt shaker out of the bag. "We've been here for a month and I have yet to see any of you just relax and have a little fun!"

Kennedy came walking into the room, a plate in one hand, a knife in the other. She plops down on the floor, in front of Willow and grabs the bag of lemons. As she dices them up I glance at Willow. She seems almost as surprised as I do. Kennedy catches up exchanging glances and she shrugs. "Girls got a point. What's it gonna hurt?"

"That's more like it," Faith grinned, opening one bottle up and pouring a shot for each of us. Willow sheepishly looked at me and joined Kennedy on the floor. Faith slid off the arm of my chair, sitting across from them.

Soon I had three pairs of eyes looking at me. I did not really feel like getting drunk tonight but I also didn't want to go upstairs and spend a long lonely night in my room, like last night. And the night before. With Dawn in England with the potentials no one else was in the hotel. Except for Xander. He got sick of living with four girls and took off for a weekend alone, just him, a sleeping bag and the sky. Said he had to commune with nature to find his purpose in life now. I think he was missing Anya and just wanted some time alone to grieve.

Suddenly I felt a hand grip my ankle. The next thing I knew my ass stung and I was sitting next to Faith, her hand letting my leg go. I must have looked royally pissed because I saw a flash of regret in her eyes. Something I saw a lot actually. We had gotten friendly since everything went down but things were far from normal. Sometimes I think she forgets herself and thinks she's overstepped her bounds. In this case she's wrong so I smile slightly and sit up. "So how do we do this?"

Surprised them all on that one, if the raised eyebrows are any indication. Faith smacks her hands together. "Alright! Bout time B," she says as she gets up, walking over to a small stereo and putting on one of her mix cds. Something you might not know about Faith…she loves music. Yeah, you've seen her dance but its more than that. She thrives on the stuff. When no one is looking she'll hum a tune or sing quietly to herself. I know cuz I've been looking. I don't know why, but she does get this innocent look on her face when she's singing. It's intriguing. Anyway, she likes to spin and made several people mix Cds. They are quite the hit and everyone who is anyone has gotten one. If you get one it's a gift from Faith, and everyone knows she isn't that friendly so they're really coveted. I haven't gotten one.

The fast guitar beat starts and Faith stands there with her eyes closed, her body shaking quickly to the beat like she's revving up. When it all picks up she headbangs a little then plops back down next to me, grinning. "Now, who wants to play a game?" Everyone shrugged and looked at Faith, who leaned closer to the table. "K. How about we play 20 questions, but instead of thinking about a thing, you have to think about a secret. Something no one at this table knows." She raises her eyes from Willow to Buffy, then from Willow to Kendra and back again. "That means something the best friend and girlfriend don't know Red," she purred with a smirk. "Game?"

Willow met Faith's glare. "I'm in, but how will we know what to ask? A secret could be anything from making out with Giles to always having to lock the door three times in a row."

"You're right, but that don't matter. Questions are completely up to us, just have to be yes or no. If one person gets a yes the other three do a shot. If you get a no, you do one." Faith finished her rules and looked around, seeing everyone nod in understanding until I raised my hand a little. "What happens if we guess right?"

Kennedy leaned forward, resting her elbows on the table and looking slowly at each of us. "If you guess the secret right, you get to make that person do one task. No matter what that task is, you have to complete it. Word is bond, if it's broken in this group it won't be forgotten."

"But!" Faith rudely butted in, knowing she'd never break her word again but wanting to keep things in perspective. "Tasks are private, between just the two of you. They can be completed anytime in the next 24 hours with no notice and all instructions must be followed without complaint!"

I didn't like the idea of having to do anything just because someone said it, but what would any of the girls really make me do. Couldn't be that bad…"And if no one guesses correctly?"

"Your secret is safe and that person gets to give one task to the other three. But something silly like flashing the neighbors, prank calling Angel or eating one of Buffy's cookies."

The table broke into a fit of giggles, with the exception of me. That stung. I had tried really hard to make those cookies right. I wanted to thank everyone and made lil bags for each of them. Who knew forgetting the sugar was such a big deal? I glared at Faith, determined to get her back. "Who's first?"

Faith grabbed her six pack and passed everyone a beer. She took a fifth and placed it on the table, spinning it. Everyone watched as it slowed. I got nervous as it slowed near me but moved closer to Kennedy. "Alright Ken, think up a secret quick. Willow starts, then me, then you B."

Everyone nodded and Kennedy thought for a minute. "OK. Willow you go first. And no using magic!" She playfully glared at her girlfriend.

Willow wiggled her eyebrows quickly at me before turning to look at Kennedy. Faith caught me trying to hide my grin and looked to Kennedy. That girl was in trouble, Willow was a little too cocky at the gate. "I skip my question and move straight to my first guess…you still smoke?"

Kennedy's jaw hit the floor as Willow broke into a grin. I started laughing and Faith just looked confused. "That's not a secret. I know you smoke!"

Kennedy shrugged and looked at Faith. "Yeah but you don't know I ain't supposed to. See, smoking all on the hush hush. Buffy didn't even know I did smoke so she was the only one totally clued out." She sighed in frustration. "I didn't have anything better!"

Faith looked to me for help but I only laughed softly. She turned to Willow who smiled. "She has to do something for me!"

"Yeah Red, like she doesn't every other night!"

At that I burst out laughing and everyone looked at me strangely. "What? It was funny!"

Faith raised an eyebrow at me. I smiled before looking down shyly. The way she looks at me sometimes, I can't take it. The feeling…That's when Faith realized what got into me, who's hands were holding an empty beer bottle. "Damn B, I must be getting slow in my old age." Faith lifted her bottle and chugged the rest of it, taking the two empties and replacing them. I just took the bottle and began to sip again, thankful for the distraction.

"So, it's Willow's turn now right?"

"Yea Will, got a secret?" I smiled, rubbing my hands together. I was ready for this round. There were a few questions I'd always wanted answers to.

Willow looked a little scared as she nodded, quickly sipping her beer. Faith looked thoughtful and stayed silent for a minute. Kennedy took her shot like a pro and Faith began.

"Is your secret a sexual fantasy of yours?" Willow nodded and everyone but Faith did a shot.

"Is it with a man?" Willow shook her head no and I did another shot, making my head spin. I wasn't used to doing two shots in a row.

"Is it with one of us?" Willow nodded and everyone but Kennedy did a shot.

"Fuck…" I mumbled under my breath. Faith finished her shot and gave me a nudge of encouragement. Slowly I did my shot, following it with some beer.

I think Faith took pity on me because she got up and went back to the stereo when it was her turn. She took her time switching cds. This time a soft melody started which quickly turned into a rock ballad. She floated back over to us and sat down. "Oh yeah, my turn. Is it with two of us?"

Willow swallowed and nodded yes. Faith looked to me shocked. "Sorry B. Thought I'd get a no to that one."

"Thanks…" I did yet another shot, but this one was easier. I think I'm getting used to them. Well, I had an idea where this fantasy of Will's went. I'm a lil surprised it involves two of us but I got a pretty good idea what it might be. "Can I make a guess?"

Willow looked at me quickly. "Yeah."

I think the tequila might have started acting on my behalf because I reached over and slung my arm around Faith, pulling her onto my lap and looking at Willow over her shoulder, smiling pretty. "Wanna join?"

Willow gulped and turned five shades of Red. I smirked triumphantly and let go of Faith. I don't think she noticed though because she didn't get up right away. We watched Kennedy relax as Willow explained it was back in high school. Kennedy didn't like it but she was cool with it.

"Now I own you Will!" I purred to her, still over Faiths shoulder. Why hasn't she moved yet? I grip her hips to move her and I feel her stiffen, before she's off me in a flash. What was that?

"Since the first bottle is now gone, I'm gonna call an hour intermission. We wouldn't want to get sick too fast and ruin the rest of the game? Good then." And with that she was out of the room. With a slight shrug to me Willow stood up and grabbed Kennedy, leading her upstairs. I bet they're gonna go make out, I mean up… make up.

So, I stand up and go in the direction Faith took off. I find her sitting on a bench outside the hotel, smoking a cigarette. I sit down next to her and we're silent for a minute. Something spooked her I think, but I'm gonna leave that for later. "Can I bum one?"

Faith looks at me out of the corner of her eye before slowly reaching into her pocket and pulling out her pack, tossing it to me. I flip it open and remove her lighter and a cigarette, quickly lighting it and handing them back. She watches me as I take my first real drag and I surprise her when I don't choke on it. "I didn't see you as a smoker B."

"I slept with Spike almost a year before anyone knew. Think I couldn't hide this?" I say as I raise the cigarette in the air.

She laughs and nods knowingly, looking out across the street. "So, what else don't I know?"

I take another drag and blow a couple smoke rings, earning a grin. "Isn't that what the games for?"

"I know, but I got that one for free. Thought I'd try my luck." She reaches between her legs and pulls out a beer, offering one to me. I hadn't even noticed the six pack resting between her feet.

I accept it and screw off the top, taking a sip and turning so I'm facing her more. "So, what do you want to know?"

She looks at me for a minute before taking a similar position to mine. Now that we're facing each other she looks at me closely, probably wondering if I'm serious or just jerkin her chain. Guess she decided to go for it either way. "You forgive me?"

"No beating around the bush huh?" I get out shakily. I wasn't quite ready for that.

She drops her eyes, looking up at me through her eyelashes. "There are lotsa things I do to bush…" She pauses, licking her lips. "Beating ain't one of them."

That I was ready for.

I soften my look, the alcohol glazing my eyes. That's why I tell myself anyway. I reach my one hand out and lightly run my fingertips up her arm. "Like what?"

I see her eyes flicker in confusion. I like when I catch her off guard. It's actually rather rare. I raise my eyebrows at her curiously, still teasing the hair on her arm. I chew my lip a little while waiting for her reply and that's when I lose her. She's onto me. "Nuh uh! I asked a question B. You ain't getting nothing for free."

She pulls her arm away and I actually miss having it to play with. Where'd that come from? Anyway, what did she ask me? I think for a minute, the vulnerable look behind her eyes reminding me. Did I forgive her? I hadn't given it much thought. We'd been busy fighting the First, then sorting out the council. We just kinda fell into a routine and I didn't even think about the impact her being back meant. I don't know what I looked like but Faith's looked went from vulnerable to scared. That's when I knew for sure. "Yes Faith. I forgive you."

She looks at me shocked, and visibly shaking a little. Not much, but for her its huge. "It can't be that easy B. I was a fucking mess. I did shit that no person with a soul should do to another. I hurt you and your friends in more ways that I can bare to imagine. How can this be it? I come. I fight. We win. You forgive. No way…"

I sighed and leaned back against the bench, turning slightly from Faith. "That was easy? Faith you risked your life over and over battling the First with us. When we went down, I got hit and you took charge. You kept on even when I was weak." I wiped a tear before it fell from my eye, not particularly fond of that memory.

"B! That was a hell of a hit you took. It slowed you down for a second and I covered ya. Wasn't all that big. You got back up and showed them all." Faith reminded me. She reached out and had her hand holding my shoulder. I don't think she even noticed when she closed the distance between us. "None of that would have happened if it weren't for you. We'd all be dead if you hadn't fought the good fight."

That's when I realized she still had no idea how great she was. Inside she's still that kid I met years ago who thought she was some big mistake. Yeah, she's come a long way, learned the hard way how things can go down. But even when she takes responsibility and tries to earn redemption she still thinks she doesn't matter. "Faith, I couldn't have done it without you. If you hadn't come to help I don't know what would have happened. Caleb would have killed more of the girls. Possibly me. The girls wouldn't have had you there to inspire and teach them in ways I couldn't. You really got them ya know? You were… are invaluable."

Faith sat there quietly, her face turned away from me. Her eyes were watered up but she seemed to refuse to let any fall. I turned away from her again and we sat in silence for a while. "So anyway. Giles wants to kinda replace the Council right?"

I was surprised in her interest. I figured wouldn't really be interested in the details. "Yeah, he feels the need is greater than before, considering all the potential's we uncorked."

Faith nodded and looked thoughtful. "The Bad Ass Girls Club. I see it in neon lights hanging behind your desk."

I smiled, laughing softly. "You can't say Ass in a business name and we aren't exactly a club."

Faith pondered this for a minute. "Bad Girls Corp.?"

I was about to tell her every reason that name sucked, but I really couldn't come up with any so I shrugged. "It has potential."

She went for another cigarette and handed me one without my asking, lighting it for me. That's how Kennedy found us.

"Hey Will sent me out to get you two. She wants to get to you two." Kennedy said as she approached the bench. Before I had time to react she pointed and her eyes got wide. "Oooh! I'm telling Willow!"

Shit. Guess the cats out of the bag. I looked at Faith who shook her head, not sure what to do. "Whatever," I mumbled as I walked back into the lobby, taking my cigarette with me. Faith grinned and ran to catch up, taking big puffs on the way in. Kennedy followed begging Faith to let her have one.

"Buffy! What are you doing?" Willow demanded as they sat down. "You…you don't smoke!"

"Guess everyone got a secret for free. Chill Willow, slayer healing and short lifespan means no big." Buffy sounded so dismissive of it that Willow's words caught in her throat. She sat down and that was that.
Faith looked happier than a pig in shit now that she could smoke inside. That's her phrase. I never really liked it until I heard her say it a few times. Kinda grows on you I guess. Anyway, she opened up the next bottle and passed out the beer. "So, my turn. B, you ask first."

I decided to use Faith's question against her. "Is your secret a sexual fantasy of yours."

"Nice try B, but nope. Go figure!" Faith grinned at me triumphantly and I could have smacked her. I did my shot and felt it go down smooth. She watched as I took it like a pro. "Bout time the slayer showed her face."

"So….Is it just a fantasy?" Faith nodded yes and once again I had to take a shot, along with Willow and Faith. I think it was a conspiracy though. Somehow I always end up taking a shot.

"Is it about your past?" Faith shook her head no and Willow looked a little surprised. I did to I guess cause Faith gave me a little look.

"What? I'm surprised I don't have to do another shot!" I defended myself. Willow took her shot.

She shook her head and laughed a little. "Your turn to ask B…"

"Ohh." I didn't realize I was up again. I decided to go a different route. "Is it about one of us here?" Yeah I know, old question. But at least it narrowed it down. She nodded yes and I did a little happy dance as they all took a shot.

Kennedy was about to ask a question and then paused, considering. This gave me time to think too. It was a fantasy, involving one of us, but it wasn't sexual. This didn't sound much like the Faith I knew. Kennedy seemed to be at a loss too as it took her several minutes to come up with a question. "If it came true, would it be a BIG thing?"

Faith nodded yes and everyone but Ken did a shot.

"Would we see it coming?" Willow watched as Faith thought about her question.

"Yah know what? I don't have a fucking clue. I saw free pass all around and B's up." Faith looked around and everyone agreed. She really couldn't know what we think privately. My turn again. I turn my eye on her and think hard.

Suddenly my eyes light up! Brilliance. "Does it involve magic?"

Faith raises her eyebrow at me and smiles. I've never seen her smile quite like this before. Her face grows so soft for a moment and then its gone and she's grinning. "Yeah, definitely involves magic." I do my happy dance as they do their shots.

Kennedy liked my question because she wasted no time following my lead. "You want Willow to do a spell for you?" "Nope, sorry Will. If I wanted a spell it'd be you though." Willow smiles cheerily at the compliment and Kennedy shoots me a look. I match it with my 'what the fuck?' look.

Lets review shall we. 1) fantasy, not sexual 2) involves one of us 3) involves magic 4) doesn't involve Willow's mojo

Is this making sense to you? Yeah, me neither. Anyway, we continue this Round Robin on questions. Sometimes we're right, sometimes we're wrong. As I take the last shot of the bottle Faith raises her hands in victory. No one guessed her secret.

She stands and bows. "Once again, I give you an hours leave. If you dare continue we'll meet here and open the last bottle." With that she wiggled her ass as she walked outside.

I waved goodbye as Willow and Kennedy once again ran upstairs. Sometimes they were so cute together it sickened me. Ah, young love. I really didn't feel like sitting outside again so I got up, grabbing my bear and walking to the stereo. I grabbed Faith's cd folder and started flipping through. She had a shit load of mix cds. She burns them on her computer I guess. I pause as one catches my eye.


That's all it says. Most are like 'New Year's Eve 1998'. But this one is just a letter.


Come on. What would you do? Exactly. So I took a long sip of my beer and lit a cigarette I had snagged from Faith earlier. I popped the cd in, turned the sound down just a tad and pushed play. As I walked back towards the table a soft beat came on. A voice quickly accompanies the music.

Sometimes I think I'm scared

Sometimes I know

I feel like making love

Sometimes I don't

Buffy found herself suddenly wanting to dance. Everyone was still out of the room so she slowly started moving around the table to the seductive beat.

I feel like letting go

Maybe not

I feel like giving up

Is all we've got

I'm really starting to feel the buzz because I have never felt this relaxed dancing before. I don't know why but it just feels right. I turn around and am stopped by the sight of Faith, watching me.

Sometimes, is all the time

And never, means maybe

Sometimes, is all the time


I can't make out the emotion behind her face. She seemed pissed at first. But also scared. And now she's looking kind of amused. And I'm just not following, so I shrug it off, not really wanting to think much anymore. Causes headaches.

And I'm moving on

And I'm moving on, sometimes I feel alone

And I'm moving on

And I'm moving on

I look at her and call her to me with my fingers. She stays still a few beats then slowly walks over. I take her hands in mine and start to move them as I dance. She reluctantly starts to follow. Soon she's dancing slowly with me, only our fingers touching.

Sometimes I make believe

When we're alone

Machines have taken hold

Can you get me to a telephone

I see something pass over her face and she's smiling at me. I mean really smiling at me. I haven't seen that look since… well, the last time we danced. That night at the bronze, after taking out the nest. She looked at me like that before it all went down. Before we lost her.

It's just the little things

You used to see

Am I still that man who makes you who you want to be

I look down, the memory saddens me. She notices and lets go of my fingers, straightening instantly. She goes over and switches off the cd, quickly choosing another. "Whatcha doing messing with my stuff B?"

What the hell is with the sudden attitude? "I just wanted to listen to something else? What difference does it make, they're all just mix tapes."

She looks at me and nods, cracking her neck. "Yeah, sorry. Just the drink talking… I get possessive when I drink."

I was about to let it go. Then it dawns on me. Mix tapes? Yeah, the ones floating around that I don't have. "What? I'm not cool enough to listen to your music? Is it just over my lil brain's comprehension level?"

Woah! I wasn't that pissed. Where did that come from? Hehe… drinking's bad kiddies.

She looked at me, a little concerned. I have a temper sometimes. "B, I said relax. I just don't like people touching my stuff when I'm not around."

"Well, don't leave all those precious cds laying around in front of the one person who doesn't have one and maybe they'll be safe." Yeah, I laid it all out like that. Who said I didn't have a way with words. I didn't even wait to see what she had to say in reply. I just spun on my heels and walked upstairs.

I heard Kennedy and Willow walking downstairs half an hour later. I still didn't want to go down there, but at least I was more relaxed. I know I overreacted but it really did piss me off that I don't have a cd. Why was I singled out?

Anyway. Word is bond and all right? I headed downstairs just as Faith came in from outside. We both paused on the stairs, then walked straight ahead without saying a word. Willow and Kennedy gave each other a look as we sat down.

Kennedy spoke up. "Alright Faith, what are you gonna have us do?"

"Oh." Faith looked up from her seat in the chair. She seemed to have completely forgotten about us having to do a task. "I want you all to kiss. First B and Ken, Then Ken and Red and finally Red and B."

Kennedy just shrugged her shoulders and before it all dawned on me her lips were touching mine. Willow looked a little surprised and Faith barely watched as she slowly sucked on my lip. It was kinda…nice. Odd, but nice. Then it was over and she turned to Willow. Will smiled as Kennedy leaned in. Their kiss was more heated as Willow parted her lips and invited Kennedy's tongue into her mouth. Faith finally cleared her throat to get the two of them to break apart.

Here came the part that hadn't really sunk in yet. Kennedy kinda pushed Willow over a little and she looked over at me. I could tell she was waiting for some sign from me as to what to do. I looked at Faith who was challenging me with her eyes. She didn't think I had it in me. Well, that was enough to push me balls to the wall. I looked at Willow and smirked before reaching an arm out to her. She leaned into my touch as my fingers caressed her neck, pulling her to me. She inhaled slightly as we paused, slowing down so our lips touched. The kiss deepened quicker than either of us believed and I was now making out with Willow, while her girlfriend watched.

Gotta love Faith's games.

Once again she cleared her throat and we realized what we were doing. We quickly parted and she sat down next to Kennedy, unable to look her in the eye. For her part Kennedy blew it off. I sat down and shakily raised my eyes to look at Willow. She smiled at me a little and I smiled back. She was a damn good kisser. Almost makes me wonder if she still has a lil itch for me. The blush creeping onto her face tells me I may be onto something. I think I'll just tuck that little piece of knowledge away for a rainy day.

Before I knew it, all eyes were on me. Oh yeah, its time for my secret. I had to think of something not too depressing. Telling them all I still wonder if they'd be better off had Xander never learned CPR probably wouldn't help revive this party. Saying I'm not such the 'straight' laced girl they thought I was probably won't work either. Making out with Wills a few minutes ago kinda proved that already.

Faith starts to drum her fingers on her boots, growing impatient with me. Her thoughts drifted back to making out with Willow and it hit her. They wouldn't see this coming, not even after that kiss. "Alright, fire away."

"Is it a sexual fantasy?" I shook my head no, Kennedy took her shot.

"Is it a fantasy?" Original guys, really. Willow took her shot.

"Is it reality?" Well, duh. I nod yes and take a shot with Ken and Will.

"Is it past?" Buffy nodded yes and took a shot with Faith and Will.

The questioning went on and on for a while. Slowly they drained the last bottle. Willow barely had her eyes open. Kennedy gave up saying she knew too little of my past to have a chance at winning. Faith glared at me, thinking over my answers. With one shot left it was between her and me.

I was sure I won. There was no way she could figure it out. I stumped her just like she stumped me. Now we're even and I can put this stupid night behind me. She closed her eyes and started humming. Willow's eyes widened a little and Kennedy mumbled "that's nice" as she fell asleep on Will's lap.

When she opened her eyes I began to wonder. When her eyes met mine I began to worry. When she smirked I felt my heart drop. No fucking goddamn way.

"Hey B. Every take care of that down low tickle with Queen C?"

Fuck. Motherfuck. How the hell did she figure it out? I ran over my answers, all truthful. Their questions were too random though, at least I thought. I sighed and nodded yes, taking my shot.

Her eyes flashed bright in victory. She had me. She knew it. I knew it. She knew I knew it. That's what she liked best. I looked at the clock and saw it was already half past 6 in the morning.

"I don't know about you guys but I'm gonna go pass out now. I'll see you all this afternoon." I stood up and made my way into my room. I had no idea what Faith would plan but I had a feeling it wouldn't be good. Not after the way I blew up at her. As I laid down I tried to think of all the things she could want. Hopefully it'll just be like her maid or something. Yeah, I can do that….and soon I passed out.

You know Faith is never one to go easy right? Well, I woke up to Faith shaking my shoulder. "B. Hey B! Wakie wakie."

I growled and put the pillow over my head. She quickly pulled it off and made me sit up. "Rise and shine sunshine. You've got a busy day ahead of you."

I rubbed my eyes, yawning and stretching slowly. As I opened them I caught her watching me. Interesting. "What are you talking about Faith?"

She started pacing around my room. She seemed a little nervous. "Alright B. We've been through a lot all but the thing is, I'm not happy here. I know I'm supposed to be fighting the good fight and all but god B, this is just fucking boring. And if I'm gonna stick around I need some incentive. I can do just as much good somewhere else as I'm doing here. So why stay right?"

I look at her, wondering where she's going with this. She sounds like she's gonna leave town. I don't think I like that very much. She suddenly stops pacing and looks at me, smiling a little and now she seems shy. "I like ya B. I think you know that. I think everyone knows that. I am a little obvious sometimes. But I'm nonchalant about it so it blows over. No harm no foul. Well I'm kinda tired of it. I got no problems being your friend, but if that's what I am I'm gonna go find my own way for a while. Your job today is to decide what I am. If I'm a friend, wish me well. If I'm more, kiss me. I'm out the door at 10 pm."

And that's how she left it. She turned and walked away without giving me a chance to speak. I laid back in my bed and stared at the ceiling. I roll over and look at the clock. "4:00. What the fuck?"

I crawled out of bed and into my bathroom. I lucked out and got a suite with a private bath. Most of the girls had to share rooms. As the hot water hit me my muscles started to relax and I blanked out. When I finally finished I got dressed and went downstairs. I had no idea what to do about Faith. I figured we'd have to talk. When I went into the kitchen I saw Willow eating a sandwich. She smiled, "I've got an extra if you want?"

I got a glass of water and sat at the table with her. She moved her plate to the middle and I started to eat. "Last night was kind of wild huh?"

"Yeah," Willow said wistfully. "I really enjoyed Kenny's lil assignment." Only Wills got away with calling Kennedy that. She hated that nickname, but from her girlfriend she found it endearing. "Did you do yours yet?"

I almost choked on my sandwich. "Um no. Mine isn't really a time related thing, I got the rest of the day to get around to it."

I tried to sound relaxed about it. I didn't want her to think it was something big. I wished I could get her advice but these tasks are private. Luck was on her side when she figured out my secret. No one but me could know her task. "Speaking of which…have you seen Faith?"

"She left about 10 minutes ago. Said she had some loose ends to tie up or something." Willow finished her sandwich and wiped her mouth with a napkin.

"Oh." Great. She leaves me 6 hours. I'm already down to 5 and she isn't even here to talk to. "I think I'm gonna go take a walk. Oh, and for your task, you've gotta tell Kennedy it's okay if she smokes."


"It's her body Will. She's out there doing a lot more dangerous things than smoking. It might not be healthy but she likes it. At least go easy on her...make her go outside or something."

"Alright, I've got to go meet up with her anyway, I'll let her know its okay." She gives me a quick hug before running off to meet her girl. I'm glad things weren't weird between me and Wills. I was a little worried that kiss would shake her but she's acting like its nothing. Which is good since I have Faith to deal with.

I catch a cab and go down to the beach. There aren't that many people here and I find a quiet rock to sit on. I stare out at the waves and think back on all that's happened. She's right, I did know she liked me. I always acted like I didn't notice but I'm not blind. The way she'd look at me. The way she flirted. How much she hated Angel at first. But I didn't feel like that for her. Not really. Sure there is the slayer connection. I always feel better when she's around, even when we were trying to kill each other. It's like she's got a part of me I crave.

And I can't say I never thought about it. I have. I've had a few orgasms to those thoughts, but I never believed it would happen. I was just excited after a slay and she'd be the last person I'd see. Or I'd get hungry and think of her teasing me, swearing she knew I was lying. That I got the H and H's too.

I'd lie. Blow it off. Who can blame her for being tired of it? But I was telling the truth about not wanting to be with her. So what if I wanted to be near her and fantasized about her, years after she skipped town. Years? Yeah, I said that didn't I. Okay, so even after she went bad I took the occasional trip down memory lane. That doesn't mean anything.

The more I thought about it, the more I saw what I didn't see then. I was too clouded in my devotion to Angel, in my idea of right and wrong, to see what I really felt. I was attracted to Faith. I am, I've caught myself looking. I guess she has too. But I'm no where near in love with her. I don't think I could. But what if I'm wrong.

None of my other relationships work out and I thought they were right. And no matter what happens we're always drawn back to each other. Even at each other throats there wasn't anything dull about us, we hated with a passion. What's she like when she's loving with a passion? Woah…where'd that come from? Not a bad visual though…

I get a chill and look around, wondering when it got dark. I look down at my watch and see that it's 9:45. Great, I've got 15 minutes to get back and figure out what to do. Well, I know what I'm gonna do. I'll give her a kiss, see what happens. For once I'm gonna use my gut and not my head.

I run back to the hotel at full speed and walk up just as the door is opening. Faith is backing out, talking to someone. The door opens fuller and I see Angel and Willow.

"Buffy!" Angel says, a little anxiously. Things have been okay with us. He's trying hard to be friendly but I just get this feeling around him. He makes me uncomfortable. I'm still trying to figure that one out. Faith spins around and her eyes search out mine. She stares into them, patiently waiting for me to complete my task.

"Angel was just telling us what he found out in Wolfram and Hearts files on the Council. Turns out a lot of their texts were kept at a different location. We might have caught a break." Willow seemed genuinely excited.

Faith picked up her bag and rubbed Willow's arm. "I'll see ya Red."

"Bye Faith!" Willow said, giving Faith's hand a squeeze. Faith smiled and patted Angel's back, exchanging a silent goodbye. She walked down the steps and stopped in front of me.

"Going somewhere?" I asked quietly.

She nods, smiling sweetly. "Gotta see a man about a girl."

I look down as she quotes one of my favorite movies. Sometimes she can really surprise you. Suddenly I look up at her, her eyes dark pools of brown, and I start to drown in them. I take a step closer, licking my lips self consciously. I suddenly really want to kiss her. She just stands there, watching me. I lean up onto my toes… "Buffy?"

I pause and close my eyes, resting back on my feet. I look over at the door. "Yeah?"

"Faith's got a train to catch. Come on and I'll fill you in," Angel says as Willow steps inside, holding the door open for them.

I look at Faith and the moments gone. She seems to realize it too and takes a slow breath. I whisper softly, "Stay safe."

She sighs and looks at the ground and I know I just hurt her. I suddenly want to take it back. I take a step towards her when she looks up at me, a cocky grin on her face. "Ain't no thang, B. I've got other places to be."

With that she turns and starts to walk away. I'd chase her but I know it would make things worse. Any walls she was letting down are back up, reinforced. I had a feeling we wouldn't be the best of friends.

And I was right of course. She kept her word though. We stayed friends. She'd call once every couple of weeks. Let me know where she was, if anything serious had gone down. I'd listen and fill her in on any new developments with the BGC. I think she liked that I used her name but she still kept to herself. After a couple months the phone calls came less and less. Most contact through an email here and there. I think she talked more with Willow because Wills knew everything before me.

Now, a year later, the Corp is in full swing. Things are progressing nicely. We've began teaching classes to the potentials, honing all their skills. We've added teaching to the list of watcher duties. Every potential is assigned to a watcher, no more than 10 to a group. That watcher teaches them their normal school lessons as well as training. Except instead of art or music electives it's weapons training. Not that we don't offer creative outlets, that's just in the down time.

Things have settled nicely and everyone is happy. Especially today. I'm almost ready. What? I forgot to tell you? Well, you know me. Once you get me going I just can't stop. Actually, it kind of relates, but you can't tell anyone I told you.

A couple days after our night of tequila fun a ring popped up on Kennedy's hand. Her left hand, ring finger to be exact. Most of the time it was a simple silver band. It was even removed during training. But if you caught her when she wasn't looking. When she was just idly playing with it. You'd catch the light flickering off a shiny clear stone.

I kinda figured out what Willow's task for Kennedy was. Wouldn't you?

Everyone else was pretty clueless. It was amusing, being on the inside without anyone knowing you were.

One night we were all walking back from the movies. By all I mean Wills, Ken, Xander, Dawn and me. That's pretty much the group now. So anyway, we were walking home when a few vamps jumped out of no where. Ken and I jumped into action. We didn't do too shabby if I do say so myself.

As we pushed Wills, Xan and Dawn behind us we took on a fighting stance. The first vamp headed for me while Ken got one of her own. After connecting a one two punch I kicked the vamp in the stomach, sending him into the wall and dusting him. Just as I was gonna turn to help Ken I felt myself get slammed into the wall. I hear the growl of a vamp in my ear and I slam down on his foot with my boot. Not a stealthy technique but hey, why mess with success? He stumbles back and I spin kick him to his knees. He kind of sways there a beat before I kick him in the chest, sending him back to the ground and drive the stake into him.

Meanwhile Kennedy was kicking some ass of her own. I didn't see what she did but apparently she was kicking ones ass as another moved in towards Wills, Xander and Dawn. Xander, ever valiant even with one eye, put himself in the way. Kennedy staked her vamp fast enough to see the vamp grab Xander by the shoulder and push him into the wall. Kennedy ran over and tapped the vamp on the shoulder. He turned around, surprised by the innocent gesture. He was even more surprised by the piece of wood suddenly protruding from his heart.

Wondering why I started talking about patrol yet? It does pertain to what I was saying. When Kennedy reached out to help Xander out he yelped in pain. That was too cute by the way. He sounded like a 8 year old girl. He looked at her shocked. "You cut me?"

Kennedy spun around to face him. If I hadn't been looking for it I wouldn't have noticed it. She slipped the ring into her pocket before facing him. She held out her hands and nothing in them could have cut him. He shrugs and figures it must have got cut when he landed.

Now see, if I hadn't known about the task I wouldn't have ever been watching her hand. Then I wouldn't have known they were trying to hide it. Amusing, no?

I have other stories but I see they're boring you. Needless to say I started making it harder for them to hide. Finally they told us all and started to plan the wedding. It was just as much fun as when Anya got married. Except we didn't have an anal retentive ex-vengeance demon hovering over our shoulders. May she rest in peace.

And that brings us back to today, what I forgot to tell you. See, told you it all fit together.

Willow and Kennedy are getting married today. Everyone is going to be there. Well I think. I hope. They did invite Faith but never got a RSVP. Faith doesn't seem like the type to do that so they're planning on her being there just in case.

I'm planning on it too. After a year I was good and ready to face Faith. I've learned a few things about myself. Even without loving her, Faith is all I seem to want. So I've decided to try and get her back. Worth a shot right? She took one on me.

Oooo! There's the horn. Xander's picking me up so I have to go now. I'll get back to you as soon as there's more to tell. I'll try to keep in closer touch next time.