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Just the core group went to the meeting that night. Giles did most of the talking, Willow interrupting when she felt it necessary. We quicklyexplained that wehad no knowledgeof the pledge they had with the Council. I listened quietly for as long as I could, but eventually I had to speak up.

"Yes," Orlando was saying. "I'm not surprised they kept secrets even amongst themselves. Truly is most unfortunate for you, but the offense has already been committed."

"So you want to start a war over some miscommunication?" I said.

He turned his gaze on me, glaring. "That miscommunication cost me a beloved friend. That is a debt I cannot let go unpaid!"

"Listen... if all you 'good vampires' would carry some form of identification we wouldn't be in this mess. He was feeding off a young woman, what do you expect me to do? Ask if she'd been naughty?" My voice raises with each question, my hands moving wildly as I speak. "I'm not going to let you pick off my girls because I killed your bud."

I held his gaze. I wasn't about to look away first. Finally, he growled and stood up, breaking our connection. He paced around for a moment, the others in his brood standing silently along the walls. "Fine. No war."

"That's the smartest thing fangs has said all night," I hear Faith mutter from across the room. Orlando's back straightens and I know he's heard her too. Sometimes I wish she'd just keep her mouth shut.

Orlando turns, without uncrossing his arms he points to me. "You will do a job for me. Once completed, your debt will be paid and friendly relations between the Council and my family can return."

I shot Faith a look before she can speak. She gives me a look and I shake my head. Going off half-cocked won't help things now. I look at Giles and he's cleaning his glasses. I half smile and he shrugs. Guess this is up to me. "What kind of job?"

"Retrieval. A life for a life." He says, nodding to one of his boys. The vamp takes off down the hall and Orlando sits across from me. "One of mine has gone missing. I want you to find and return her."

"How exactly did she go missing?" I ask. I am not searching out someone who ran on their own free will.

"She's overseas. She was heard from only once since she left a week ago. Last night one of my sources heard a group of Lups talking about a raid on the Fawkland Islands a couple nights ago."

Xander pushed himself off the wall and stepped up to the table, his hand raised to pause the conversation. "Lups?"

Giles rolled his eyes and looked at Xander. "Eshlup demon. Non-violent, drifters."

"Just checking," Xander said, quietly taking his place against the wall again.

Willow leaned forward, "Why was she there? Sounds like an odd vacation destination."

Orlando looked at Willow. "Her brother died. Her human bloodline remains alive there. She remains a part of that family still today, almost one hundred years after her death. He was the only one left who knew her when she was alive."

"So you think she may have been harmed during the raid?" Giles asked.

"No." Orlando answered quickly. He paused as the vamp who left earlier returned. He handed a folder over and Orlando opened it. He pulled out a piece of paper and pushed it across the table towards Giles and I. "She's been kidnapped."

I look at the note, reading along with Giles. Xander, Willow and Faith crowd around us, reading as well. Seems someone has taken her hostage, the ransom set at $5 million. My mind seemed to be set. "I assume we aren't willing to pay?"

"Above all else I want her returned alive," Orlando said softly. I got the feeling he really cared for her. "But paying is the absolute last resort. I want the people who have done this found and killed."

He lifted his head and met my gaze. The room was quiet and I knew all eyes were on me. "Alright. I'll need all the information you've gathered."

He closed the folder in front of him and slide it to me. "It's all in there. As well as tickets for all of you to the Fawkland Islands. Her family will be expecting you. From there you're on your own."

I stand up, extending my hand. "I believe our meeting has come to an end."

He nods and stands up, shaking my hand. "Good luck."

The ride home was spent in silence. Xander and Giles picked up some food on the way back to the offices. Everyone agreed we needed to get started, since the tickets were for tomorrow morning.

Willow phoned Kennedy, who was with Dawn, and had them meet us there. We quickly filled them in on what was going on. I could tell by the look on Dawn's face she wanted to come, but she knew better than to ask. Kennedy, on the other hand, wasn't one to even ask. "So when do we leave?"

"We leave in the morning. You aren't going?" I replied.

"Dammit Buffy..." Kennedy started but Willow interrupted.

"Kennedy, he was specific on who was going. Besides, with all of us gone we need someone we can trust to run things here. You've got to keep the girls on schedule and you'll have to fill in for Buffy during training."

Kennedy paused, thinking about this. She gets to be top dog while we gone. I almost grin with her as she realizes this. "Alright, I'll stay."

Giles and Xander hit the books, recruiting Dawn and Kennedy. They're looking for any demon information in the area of the Islands. Willow, Faith and I hit the computers, googling our little hearts out. Well, at least I am. I'm sure Willow has a much better method to research.

By morning we're feeling a little more prepared. We've learned of a few spots that might prove useful. Demon hang bars and what not. Seems even sparsely populated areas have at least one demon bar. We've sent the ransom note out to be analyzed and should have the results by the time we touch down.

We all practically fall into our seats on the plane. Willow and Giles sit snoring two rows in front of us. Giles' head is against the window, Willow's head on his shoulder. It's kind of cute in an odd way. Xander is laying across the two seats in front of us, sound asleep with his headphones on. I think he's listening to Jet. In fact I'm sure of it now...

Gotta leave town got another apartment

Spent all my rent girl you know I enjoyed it, yeah

Gonna hang around till there's nobody dancing

I don't wanna hold hands and talk about our little plans, alright?

Faith's sitting next to me, singing along with Xander's music. I shake my head and snuggle closer to her, pulling the little airplane blanket up and closing my eyes. Soon I feel her hand sliding under the blanket, resting on my thigh.

Cold hard bitch, just a kiss on the lips

And I was on my knees, I'm waiting... give me

Cold hard bitch, she was shaking her hips

That's all I need

By now she was massaging my thigh, causing me to part my legs. She had also nuzzled her way against my neck, currently kissing and nibbling my shoulder as she continued to sing.

Gonna check her out, she's my latest attraction

Gonna hang around, wanna get a reaction

Gonna take her home cause she's over romancing

Don't wanna hold hands and talk about our little plans, alright?

Faith's tongue teased my ear and she whispered, "Follow me."

Then contact was lost. It took me a moment to realize she'd actually left her seat. I looked up and saw her enter one of the bathrooms. I instantly blushed. I never thought I'd join this club. I stood up slowly, watching the others to make sure they didn't notice us. They were still sound asleep. I almost hear the rest of the song as I followed Faith into the bathroom.

Faith pulled me against her as she locked the door behind me. Her kiss was demanding, catching me completely off-guard. Her hands gripped my hips and lifted me up onto the little sink. By the time I had her shirt off mine was open and my pants were dangling off one ankle. She pulled back and smirked. "Looking a little disheveled B."

"Can't imagine why F." I smirk back at her. She drops down to her knees, my legs spreading with a mind of their own. I feel her hot breath against my skin as she starts humming the rest of that damn song.

Cold hard bitch, just a kiss on the lips

And I was on my knees

I'm waiting, give me

I slide my hips forward, my hand snaking behind her hair, fingers tangling in her hair. I could feel the air move as she parted her lips, tongue slipping through...

Sorry... I'm getting a little distracted here. And now I'm blushing which means I have to change topics before someone notices. Usually I'm writing from the privacy of my bedroom. Instead, I'm in a one room cabin on the Fawkland Islands. Willow, Faith and I are sharing a king-sized bed. Xander and Giles are sharing the sofa-bed, another funny sight.

I couldn't sleep so I crept out of bed and started writing. We arrivedyesterdayand Abigail's family, she's the missing vampire, have been very helpful. She arrived in time for the funeral. They hand a night service so she could attend and walk in the precession with the family. Afterwards, she went off into the night, saying she'd be back by dawn. She hasn't been seen since.

Faith and I scouted out her route earlier this evening. Once we got a ways into the woods Faith grabbed my hand and interlaced her fingers with mine, "Ah, alone at last."

"It has been a little crowded lately hasn't it?" I asked, not really expecting an answer.

She squeezed my hand and turned so she walked backwards, facing me. "They seem to be taking us well."

I smile at her, "I prepared them before coming to get you."

"You've got such confidence B," she grinned. She pulled me to her and kissed me softly, wrapping her arms around my waist.

I sighed into the kiss, running my hands around her neck. We get lost in the moment before slowly parting and hugging each other tight. I pull back and smile, "We're supposed to be working Faith."

"I know B," she sighs. "But finding some vamp just isn't high on my list."

I slip out of her grasp and move around her, trying to look around for a track to follow. I'm not sure which way to go. I notice Faith looking me over. "Something on your mind love?"

She doesn't answer. Instead, she starts to walk to me... like a predator. The dark, glazed eyesburing withpure lust. My body reacted instantly but my mind wanted to play. I backed away from her slowly, matching her step for step. She neither gained, nor lost ground. She got an evil smirk on her face, one I hadn't seen in years and I almost went on guard. Then I noticed the light in her eyes, that was new. I took another step back and hit a tree. Her smirk grew into a smile and I knew I was caught.

In the blink of an eye her body was against me. Our tongues battled for control in a passionate kiss. Her thigh slide between mine and she ground against me at a slow, hard pace as her hands slide up my shirt. I ran my hands down her back and over her ass, squeezing and pulling her harder against me.

She quickly pulled my shirt off, throwing it on a bush. Her hands found their way to my breasts and her thumbs teased my nipples through my bra. I pushed off the tree and we fell to the ground. I rode her thigh as she removed my bra, her tongue retracing the pattern her thumbs had. I undid her shirt and slide my hands down her toned stomach. Her muscles quivered beneath my touch as I made my way past her navel. I undid the button of her pants and was about to slip my hand inside when she flipped us.

I landed on my back. Rocks and sticks digging into my skin as she kissed along my collarbone. My right hand fell on something and I picked it up, looking at it as Faith's lips moved over my breasts. "Mmm.. Faith?"

"Huh?" She replied, flicking my nipple with her tongue, her fingers undoing the button of my jeans.

"Baby, look at this..." I said, groaning as I recognized the bracelet I was holding.

"You want me to look at something?" She said, sitting back on her knees, obviously surprised. I handed her the bracelet and she shrugged. "So?"

"That's the crest of Orlando's bloodline. That means she went this way." I said, grabbing my bra and putting it back on.

"You can't be serious!" Faith said as I slid out from underneath her. She fastened her pants as I finished getting dressed. "I can't believe you."

"What?" I looked at her. "We've got a job to do."

"We were a little busy or didn't you notice? You can't stop working even when you're fucking?" Faith spit out at me.

"I didn't plan on landing on the bracelet! We have to find her before something happens. We promised."

"No, you promised." Faith said, taking off down the trail.

After that she wouldn't talk to me. We walked for another hour in silence until we found an encampment. It hand two guarded entrances and about a hundred different demons walking around inside. We turned back, knowing we'd stand a much better chance with everyone involved.

When we got back, Faith took a shower and went to bed. She didn't talk to anyone. So that left me with filling everyone in on what we found. We've decided to strike in the afternoon. We figure daylight would be our best option, since we don't know exactly what we'll find there. I should probably try to get some sleep, I have to be prepared for anything tomorrow. Till later...