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How the Inu brothers became brothers again and more only to have everything else in their lives fall into total chaos! SessXInu WARNING Kagome bashing (not that I don't like her but for this fic she will be OOC) Please reviewers be honest yet tender this is my first Fic.

Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha, or any of the others for that matter, only the plot is mine so pleases don't sue.

Chapter 1 Happiness, Shock and Pain

I couldn't tell you what started it off precisely, but I am guessing it was around the time of the final battle with Naraku. Archenemies and rivals joined forces to accomplish a common goal – the destruction of that manipulative, malicious Hanyou known Naraku. I fought alongside both Kouga and my older half brother for three solid days before that wretched demon drew his last breath. When the dust settled and I grasped the completed Shikon no Tama in my hand, I found that my heart's desire had changed. Becoming a full demon was no longer what my soul yearned for…

"What are you going to wish for?" asked Kagome quietly, attempting to hide her curiosity as she tended to the wounds Miroku sported from the battle.

I found my eyes locked on the jewel for I don't know how long, just gazing pensively into the iridescent depths, before I came to my decision. Shouting for Kagome, the girl lifted her head to look upon me as I tossed her the jewel. When it landed in her outstretched hand, I watched, as it was immediately absorbed back inside her body. Everyone present just gaped at me, dumbstruck.

"What are all of you gawking at?" I shouted, knowing full well why they were all staring at me with astonishment.

I saw Miroku and Sango shake their heads in disbelief; Kouga mumbled something that ended with me being called a mangy mutt and if I wasn't mistaken, (because it was so fleeting) a smile graced my brother's face before he took his leave of us, disappearing from sight and into the forest surrounding us. I was almost tempted to go after him and ask him if I had seen what I thought I saw, or if it had been a brief illusion, but thought better of it as I recalled the terms of our relationship outside of this temporary alliance. Walking up to Kagome expecting a warm reception at my decision, I received something that merely served to confuse me instead. As I approached the young Miko I could see her eyes gleaming with unshed tears.

"What's wrong Kagome? Why are you crying?" I reached out for her, but before I could touch her she bolted for the woods. Moving to go after her, I found myself quickly stopped by Miroku's arm on my shoulder, and I watched as Sango sprinted off after her. I could still hear her sobs and sniffles as well as Sango's soothing words and questions as to what was wrong. Just about to tune out their conversation and allow them their privacy, I heard the one phrase that would haunt me for years to come…

Through choked sobs and panting breath I heard Kagome's words. "I thought he would wish to be human so he could be with me. How could he be happy being what he is?"

With tears threatening to break free I turned around to head into the forest, only to run immediately into Kouga, the look in those serious blue eyes of his told me that I was not the only one that had heard Kagome's comment.

"For what it's worth Inuyasha, I'm sorry…" He offered considerately, bringing his eyes to meet mine, the usual hostility absent from the demon's gaze.

"Sorry for what?" asked Miroku while looking back and forth between Kouga and I, obviously confused, as his human range of hearing had not allowed him to pick up Kagome's comment.

I thought, between Miroku's innocent confusion and Kouga's perceptive and pity filled stare, that I was going to fall apart right where I stood. Instead I broke the intense and uncomfortable gaze with Kouga and bounded through the treetops as fast as my battle-weary legs would take me. I didn't know where I was going; all I knew was I had to get away before I my inner destruction became an outward one.

"What's up with him? Miroku asked of Kouga. "What were you sorry about?"

"I was sorry that he had to find out the hard way that, even after 500 years and countless lifetimes, some souls are still un-accepting."

It took Miroku a few moments to catch the full meaning of Kouga's words; once he did he asked him what they had heard. When he relayed Kagome's words, the Houshi's face was filled with uncharacteristic anger and menace. He couldn't believe that after all of her talk about not being Kikyou or anything like the undead priestess she could behave in such a manner and say such a thing. After all he had been through with her and for her, it was hard to believe that she still wanted to change what he was, which meant she really didn't care about who he was. Miroku stood to head in the direction his Inu-friend had taken off in when Kouga spoke up.

"Where do you think you're going monk?"

"To find my …"

"Stay put."


"-He needs some space right now, if he wanted anyone around he wouldn't have taken off into the woods like his haori was on fire. You need to leave him be."

"I suppose you're right, I just hate to see him hurt like that and there's nothing I can do."

"Who's hurt like what?" a voice asked from behind the wolf and the monk, Miroku turned around to see Kagome and Sango standing just outside the ring of trees. He noticed Sango was no longer playing 'comforter' to the girl from the future and wondered if the Slayer was as upset with the Miko as he was.

Kouga observed the heated look the Houshi was throwing Kagome and he knew the next few moments between them were not, in any way, going to be pleasant.