Disclaimer:I never liked how Shade died in Firewing. The main character's death is not good. I'm a big fan of the Mega Man Battle Network series, so I figured this was the best way to try resurrect him. Shade his colony belong to Kenneth Oppel the net navis (minus the navis that you don't recognize) all belong to Capcom.

All I own is this story.


By:Rock Raider.

The last thing the bat remembered was falling accepting his doom. He believed it was worth it, though. He died so his son could live, that was all that mattered to him. He passed through the tree, so he knew his body was safe from that giant bat, Coma Zotz. However, then, the place around him became weird. Numbers, commas, other miscellaneous keyboard symbols started passing by him. The lines of writing the bat didn't know of began flowing past him like water. What are they? How did they get into his resting place? Just then, bats in the distance began flying to the entrance of Nocturna's realm.

"Hey, who are you?" 1 of them shouted. "What are you supposed to be?"

What were the bats staring at? Did it have some sort of link to the strange lines bypassing the bat's corpse? Just then, a green being walked up to the dead bat. It looked like a human's body, but it was hard to tell because its whole body is covered in some strange green armor. It looked down at the bat corpse.

"This must be what the professor wanted." The being said. "I'd better get it back to Scilab in Netopia."

Netopia? What kind of place calls itself a ridiculous name like Netopia? Perhaps it's a human city. In the years in the bat's life, it saw what humans had done. But the humans were evil, he knew that well. The being picked up the bat's body where several bats flew in to try to stop it, but it created a wall between itself the bats.

"Sorry, but I can't allow you to stop me." The bat said.

"We won't let you take Shade, whatever you are!" a bat said.

Take Shade? Was that bat just kidding? It was going to take Shade? What kind of idea possessed the being to do such a thing? It didn't matter now, the bat was dead, so it couldn't do a thing to stop the being. But just what did it want with a dead bat anyway? The wall poured into 2 walls created a path. Just how could this being possess this kind of power? The being carried Shade out through the path walked through the Underworld up to a hole that had a giant hand holding a bright light over it. The being floated up to the light carrying Shade with it. The giant hand then pulled up to allow the being to escape the world.

"I have the bat, Dr. Opelle." The being said to a human Dr. Opelle? That sounded like a human name? Could a human be controlling the being that took Shade? Reasonable. The human kneeled over revealed it had a big bushy gray mustache hair of the same colour. It smiled.

"Excellent, put it in the specimen chamber let's take it back to Scilab." The human, apparently Dr. Opelle said. Dr. Opelle brung out a small tube the being carelessly dunked Shade inside.

"Hey, be careful." Dr. Opelle said in a slightly harsher tone. "We need this bat for the experiment." Need this bat? What could he be used for? Shade was dead, so he couldn't be of much use to them now. "Our experiment's a dud without it." The doctor said. "It's the only bat corpse around."

"Oh, sorry." The being said. A disk sealed over the tube, sealing Shade inside. Dr. Opelle then stuffed the tube inside a truck sealed. What could they be doing? Dr. Opelle climbed into the front seat turned the key in the ignition.

"Back to Netopia." Dr. Opelle said as the car revved up started moving. If Shade were alive, he'd start moving, try to break free, but he couldn't. What was the human doing? It didn't matter, all he could do now was lie in that tube while the truck rumbled through the forest.

"It's my fault."

It had only been a day since Shade died, his son felt like the whole colony was mad at him. His father, Shade Silvering, was dead, to save him. Shade was a hero to everybody in the forest. He gave the sun back to bats brought peace with them the owls. he died for a single bat.

"Dad, I miss you." The small bat said. "It's my fault you're dead. If I could, I'd turn back the sands of time, die instead of you." The small bat looked around saw several young bats like him, with both their parents. Elders with sons, other things like that. That bat only had his mother to look after him now. He felt ashamed over his father's death.

"Thinking about your father again, huh?"

The bat turns around saw a bright-furred adult female bat roost next to him. He turned around hung his head.

"Mom, I'm surprised you're still speaking to me." The bat said. "I don't deserve it." His mother placed both wings on his shoulder.

"C'mon, Griffin." The female said. "You're father did what any father would do."

"I just wanna fall from Tree Haven for what happened to dad." Griffin said. His mom sighed, she then wrapped her wing around Griffin pulled him in close.

"I know it's tough, I miss your father too." She said. "But he didn't die in vain." Griffin, wracked with guilt sadness from missing his father, buried his head in his mother's fur.

"MOM!" the small bat shouted. His mom, tearing up a bit herself from missing her mate, held her son close to her. She then looked up at the sky. It didn't matter to her that Shade was a runt, she loved him with all her heart, now he's gone.

"Shade." She said to the sky. "I miss you."