Kenny walked down the halls to the bathroom, brushed his teeth, rinsed, spat, & then walked down the stairs to the ground. He turned left & walked into the kitchen where Dr. Opelle, a woman with blonde hair, blue shoes, blue skirt, & a black shirt, & a little girl with red & white shoes, a white shirt with red sleeves, purple shorts, & long blonde hair, all sat at a table, eating breakfast. The woman turned to see Kenny & smiled.

"Morning, dear." She said.

"Morning, mom." Kenny replied. He sat down at the table & poured some cereal. He poured some milk on it, picked up his spoon, & started eating it. Dr. Opelle looked down at him.

"Hey, sport." Dr. Opelle said. "So, how's the navi?" Kenny looked up at his father.

"Well, he seems like he doesn't want to be a net navi." Kenny said. Dr. Opelle became confused.

"He doesn't?" He asked.

"Abolutely not!" Shade said. Everybody turned to Kenny, who pulled Shade from his pocket. He showed Shade to everybody, & Shade looked pretty mad. "I didn't want to be this boy's slave! But his FATHER had to pull me from the ground & turn me into this! Now I have to be his servant for the rest of my unnatural life thanks to him!" Everybody felt taken aback by this. Dr. Opelle in particular.

"But Shade." Dr. Opelle replied. "That wasn't my intention."

"Why should I believe that?" Shade asked. "I've seen what you humans have done to bats, & it's proven to me that they're evil!" Everybody except Kenny was shocked by Shade's outburst.

"Humans?" Dr. Opelle asked, shocked. "Evil? Why would you say such a thing, Shade?"

"Because it's the truth!" Shade shouted. "I know what your kind's done to us, it's unforgivable!"

"Shade, I can assure you, not all humans are evil." Dr. Opelle said.

"Don't lie to me!" Shade yelled.

"I'm not." Dr. Opelle said.

"You are!" Shade yelled. "You band us for no reason, & you send us far away from our home to kill us! That's disgraceful!" Everybody was very shocked by this.

"We what?" Dr. Opelle asked. "That's horrid!" Shade looked at him.

"I'm surprised you feel that way." Shade remarked. Why wouldn't he be? After all, Shade saw the humans take a bunch of bats from the north & fly them to the jungle to blow them up. "I figured you would've been happy to hear so many bats die."

"But, I like bats." Dr. Opelle said.

"Oh, really?" Shade asked. "Just how DO you like bats?" Dr. Opelle stared for a while.

"Live, obviously." Dr. Opelle responded.

"Well, if you liked bats live, you would've done something ELSE to me rather than this." Shade said.

"Well, this WAS the best I could do." Dr. Opelle said. "We humans aren't smart enough to bring the original creatures back live & intact. We've still got a long way to go before we DO get that far."

"Then you should've waited 'till you DID get that far BEFORE you did this to me." Shade said.

"I'm sorry if you feel that way, Shade." Dr. Opelle said.

"You have no idea what I'm feeling right now, Opelle." Shade said coldly. "I'm far away from my family, unable to see them, trapped in another world, & worst of all, forced to be a slave for your child."

"Shade, I already told you, I don't want you as a slave. I want you as a friend." Kenny said. Shade looked at him.

"& I said to prove it." Shade said. "Prove you want me more as a friend than as a slave, & MAYBE I will believe you."

"Yes, Shade." Kenny said. "I will." Dr. Opelle looked at his son.

"Are you sure you can handle it, Kenny?" He asked. "From what I understand, humans haven't been nice to him when he was still a bat."

"Don't worry, dad." Kenny said. "I'll try & show him how good humans can really be."

"Well, good luck, Kenny." Dr. Opelle said. "I doubt it'll be easy, though."

"Well, I CAN try." Kenny said. "Now I gotta eat."

"Yes, agreed." Dr. Opelle said, the family then proceeded to eat breakfast. Shade just sat in the P.E.T., knowing that the family was eating. Shade didn't think it was fair. Because of what Dr. Opelle did, he'd never get to eat again. He'd never eat another Tiger Moth as long as he was a net navi. He really wanted to eat food, but he didn't feel hungry. He figured net navis never get hungry, ever, meaning they didn't have to eat, so Shade would have to say goodbye to the Tiger Moths he enjoyed eating so much. A tear fell from his eye at the thought of this reality as the Opelles ate their breakfast.