Well, this is my first Fan Fic ever! I know I only joined about 4 days ago, but I needed to post a new TT story. Not many people have done stories like this, even though I had expected a lot of people would have after Winner Take All, but this is gonna be a little different.

Couplings are: Raven/Robin, Star/Speedy, Terra/Beast Boy, and Cyborg/OC. But, it will be Star/Robin for the first couple chapters, so if you are a Rae Rob fan, don't leave, and if you are a Star/Rob fan, you'll get what you want for about 3 or 4 chapters. ENJOY!


We arrive at Titan's Tower while our wonderful heroes are deep within a game of poker. (Don't know anything about it, so don't yell if I say something wrong or make a mistake!) Playing with fake money chips, their scores are all over the map. Starfire, of course, is in last due to her not knowing how to play the game. Raven is in fourth, but has been even quieter than she usually is the entire game. Beast Boy is in third, creeping slowly on Cyborg, who's in second. And none other than robin is in the lead.

"All right people, this is our last hand. Whoever wins is excused from any cleaning during the week AND gets to assign who does what chore." Cyborg said as he began to deal out the cards.

"So, let's see. After I win, Cyborg can clean the bathrooms, Beast Boy can vacuum, and Raven can do all the dishes, and scrub down the T-car. Starfire can be excused from it all, well, because I like her so much," Robin said as he kissed star on the cheek. (Ugh, I can't believe I'm actually writing this!)

Beast Boy and Cyborg groaned as Starfire blushed. Raven sat there still, before she said, "Don't be a sore loser when I win, Robin."

Robin jerked his head around. "What makes you so sure you will win? You're in fourth place. There's no way you can beat me!" he said.

Raven smirked, and then shrugged. "Lucky guess," she said quietly.

He furrowed his brow. He then picked up his card and looked at it. "Hah, who does she think she is? I've got this game made! I have the winning hand right here." He thought to himself. He slid over 80 blue chips, which were supposed to be hundred dollar ones.

They all gasped. "You're betting 8000, without even thinking about it?" Cyborg said, as he sweat-dropped. Robin crossed his arms and nodded.

Raven looked at the pile, and then slid 105 blue chips in. Robin's eyes opened as wide as they go. "What? You actually think you're going to beat me?" he practically shouted.

Raven sat back in her chair, and said, "Wait and see."

He pushed 40 more blue chips. She responded by pushing 50. He then pushed 75, hoping to intimidate her. She stared at him, and he thought he had now won.

But he almost dropped dead as she pushed her entire pile into the middle. "If we were actually playing, that would be about 50 thousand on my part," she said.

He looked at her, his mind going nuts, telling him he should go over there and smack her, then kill her. Robin took a deep breath, and pushed his pile in as well. "That's-that's 120 thousand, totaling the amount to 230 thousand. Whoever wins this hand will win that entire game," He said, also adding in Star's ten thousand, Beast boy's 15, and Cyborg's 35.

"I'll go first," Star said cheerfully. She laid down a 3 of diamonds, a six of spades, a two and four of hearts, and a jack of club. "I am victorious! I have all pictures!" she said happily.

"Star, you have to get either consecutive numbers in a certain set, or the same number in certain sets. Like this, I have 3 aces," Beast Boy said happily as he laid them down.

Cyborg shook his head. "Sorry man, but your dreams end here!" he said as he put his 4 kings onto the table.

Raven looked at Robin. "Bird Boy, I insist you go first, considering it will take all pressure off of me when I lose," Raven said gloomily. But Robin didn't know that it wasn't all true.

He chuckled to himself, and then he smiled and shook his head playfully. He said, "You played well everyone, but Raven will have the joys of cleaning everything, now that I have won," He said as he put down a straight in spades.

Raven's eyes opened widely.

"See, I'm so much better than you are," Robin said with a smile.

"Robin, you are good, but there is so much more you need to learn, like a good poker face. For now though, I hope you enjoy scrubbing toilets." She said with a grin. Robin's jaw dropped after his smile disappeared. Rave gingerly turned over her hand, to show them her royal flush in hearts. She then went and grabbed all of the chips.

"That was fun, I need to go meditate though," she said as she stepped up. "Oh, I almost forgot. Cyborg, you can scrub the car, Beast boy, you can do the dishes, Star, you can vacuum, and robin, have fun in all the bathrooms," she said as she walked away with her cloak swinging gracefully behind her.

Cyborg then did a little victory dance, for scrubbing his car was his favorite thing to do. Star and beast boy decided to go watch TV, and robin still sat there, jaw wide open.

After a few minutes, he shook himself out of it, and then got up, and walked toward his room. He looked around in a spaced out way. He then saw something he had never noticed before; Raven's room was right next to his.

He decided that he had been acting like a jerk the entire time. He knocked on her door. There was no answer. He knocked again. Still nothing. He then decided it was his job as leader to make sure she was all right. Plus, he really wanted to see her room.

He gently opened the door. He walked in, and was surprised that it wasn't as creepy as everyone thought it would have been. It was a dark purple color, with a black rug. There were large sculptures, and big paintings. She had tall bookcases, and a desk, but that was it. His eyes traveled around the room. He saw her lying on the ground, fast asleep. He walked over, and gingerly picked her up, and put her on the bed.

He pushed a stray piece of hair out of her face, but his hand was grabbed soon after. He looked down awkwardly at the light purple hand clasping his green gloved one.

"Robin, what are you doing in my room?" she said quietly.

"I had knocked on your door, because I wanted to apologize for being such a jerk, but after I heard no answer, I came in. I saw you asleep on the ground, so I picked you up and put you on your bed. I didn't think you'd wake up, though." He said as he began to rub the back of his neck.

She smiled, but then was surrounded by a white light, and she disappeared. Robin gasped, and his eyes went big before he was zapped.

He then found himself standing next to raven in a large room with about 50 other people. Star, Cyborg, and Beast boy were then standing next to them.

A voice then came out over the loud speaker. "Welcome everyone, to the Battle Blitz (I couldn't come up with anything else, so I took the name from Teen Titans fighting game) You 50 lucky people have been chosen to fight among yourselves, to fight for a wonderful prize. We will call you back in about an hour or two to tell you who our top 16 finalists are, so dress to impress."

The people were then flashed back to wherever they had been before. The titans looked around the tower in disbelief, not exactly knowing where they had been just a few minutes before.

"Uh, what just happened?" Beast Boy said as he scratched his head vigorously

Robin said, "We were all invited to participate in some tournament, which I think we all should." Robin said.

"We need to get dressed, though," Starfire said with a smile on her face. Her face then lit up again about 2 minutes after. "I think we should dress each other. Cyborg can dress robin, robin can dress Beast boy, and Beast Boy can dress Cyborg. Then, I'll dress Raven, and she will pick out my wardrobe. Do you like?" she said, nodding her head hopefully.

They all shrugged. "Sure, why not?" Robin said. Star then squealed and grabbed Raven's hand.

Robin walked downstairs in a leather jacket over a light blue mesh shirt. He wore very worn dark jeans. Glancing at his watch, he knew that that would be called down soon.

Cyborg came down with a long black jacket on. Underneath it, he wore a bright yellow shirt, and a bright orange pair of pants. "That's the last time I ever let Beast Boy near me with anything neon."

Star came down next. She was in a dark red halter top, and diamond studded black flares. Her hair piled on top of her head in a very messy bun.

Beast Boy walked down, strutting his stuff, acting like he thought he was cool. He was in a plaid jumpsuit, and wore large combat boots over it. His hair was gelled in front of his face. All three other titans began to laugh hysterically. Beast boy then frowned angrily.

They looked up at the staircase, hoping to see Raven, but there was nothing still. Star furrowed her brow. "Friend Raven? Please come down. We wish to see your outfit," Star said. She still didn't come down. Star sighed, and flew upstairs.

A few moments later, she walked out with a smile on her face. She floated downstairs. "RAVEN!" she shouted angrily.

They watched the stairs closely, hoping she would come down soon. Their mouths opened. She walked downstairs. She wore a white tank top, and an asymmetrical bright pink skirt. She wore chunky heeled sandals, and her hair was scrunched and pulled back with a pink clip.

"Friend Raven! Doesn't she look wonderful?" Star said as she placed her arms around her shoulders.

"I can't believe you managed to talk me into wearing white and pink at the same time." She said as she crossed her arms. There was then a large white flash, and they found themselves at the mysterious place, but now it looked like a ballroom.


The Titans were sitting at the same table with a girl that had long black hair with pink streaks. She wore this really glitzy black outfit that Raven really liked.

They stopped the small chitchat they were making with her when a young man stepped up. He had messy black hair with red coloring. He adjusted the microphone, and then spoke into it. "Hello, my name is Wyatt Tashioro, and I was that winner from last year, which is why I will be hosting the event this year. (I do not own that name, or the image. It belongs to dark16angel, and is found in the Code Lyoko story The new Kids. It's actually a pretty good story.) To begin, we will find out who has placed where, which will decide who will face who in our first round. The judges have chosen how many points each person should get, so here it is."

"In 16th place, we have Speedy, the skilled archer, and apprentice of the magnificent Green arrow. In 15th is Plasmus, a man who has the ability to be made of some weird gooey junk. In 14th, we have Control Freak, the couch potato with the ability to turn inanimate object into evil monsters. In 13th place is Jinx, the spicy girl with much knowledge of hexes. In 12th place, it is Beast Boy, the teen titan shape shifter and party animal. Coming in at 11th, is the powerful water breathing telepath, Aqualad. In 10th place, we have Starfire, the beautiful alien princes, who'll pack a powerful punch. In 9th is Elektrana, the talented witch. In 7th place is Cyborg, a mean metallic masher. At 6th is Gizmo, the mean little boy with horrible language, but cool toys. In 5th is Terra, the rocking rock and roll queen. In 4th is Bumblebee, the butt-kicking queen of the hive. In 3rd, is mammoth, the maniacal monster," he said before he took a slight pause.

Raven and Robin looked at each other. Neither of them had made it yet, but Robin wasn't worried. He knew he'd either come out on top, or if he didn't, it definitely couldn't be Raven who did.

Wyatt turned back to the stressed out group. 34 other people still had high hopes for it, but 32 would be crushed when they found out who had made it. "In second place, we haveā€¦"

I think I'll let you wonder a little bit before I continue. I hope you enjoyed it, and please review. I only have one story, and I will be able to update soon.

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