The Natural Healing Process

Well it has been a few years after the digidestined saved the digital world and everyone is off in Universaty and working. T.K is in Universaty studying to be a lawyer, Kari is in teachers college, Cody is in his last year of high school and Ken is a professional Soccer Player for Japan. Davis was also in Teachers College and Yolie was an entrepenural woman who started a newspaper dilivery company.

Some background information: Davis and Kari dated for 3 years, then Kari broke it off when she went off to teachers college, Davis eventually recovered and began dating Yolie

Our story begins on a plane, due to Davis's desire to be spontaneous. Which he had been planning to try for a long time now. Along side him was his lovely girlfriend Yolie, or so he liked to tell her to keep her in a good mood. Their destination was Faeroes a small island off the coast of Norway. The plan was to spend a year there with nothing more than the essentials and create a new way of life. Yolie decided to just go along with everything because if she didn't, Davis would probably find some way to use reverse phycology to make her agree anyway.

The plane was not one of those Air Canada 747s. It was a beat up old bush plane that seemed to be leaning over to one side due to the amount of cargo in the back of the plane. They had brought alcohol (Davis's idea), Food, Matches, Blankets, and an axe. The ride was long and rough and by the time they had reached the Norwegian sea it had started to rain. Calling this shower a little drizzle would have been very oxymoronic. It was raining so hard that the echo of the drops on the exterior of the plane was deafening.

Then it happened, without rhyme or reason the plane just stopped. This drops of rain suddenly became very hollow. Yolie looked at Davis and Davis back at Yolie. The look on her face could have shattered safety glass.

"You idiot" Yolie shrieked "Why did I ever agree to this, our plane, if you want to even call it that, is out of gas and when we lose momentum we are going to sink to the bottom of Davey Jones' locker"

Davis stared blankly back at her "Don't fret buttercup, you wanted adventure didn't you"?

"Listen you intoxicant pig, You better get us out of this mess" Yolie croaked

"Now honey pie, All in good time" replied Davis lazily

"What did you say"? Yolie asked in astonishment

"All in good time" Davis repeated rather annoyed now

Yolie shot up and ran to the front of the plane. She grabbed the pilot and shook him quite violently

"Do something" Yolie wailed in desperation

"Well I don't know if there is anything I can do, we are losing altitude, if I can keep it flying straight hopefully we will be able to reach land" the pilot replied in a scared tone. Yolie knew that even with a certified pilot on board, that she was the sharpest tool in this shed. So she decided to take things into her own hands.

Yolie looked around the plane

"There's got to be something I can do".

Yolie stopped... you could almost hear the gears turning inside her head. She reviewed what supplies she had to work with. Food, Matches, A blanket, and an axe. When she saw the axe, Davis's face came to mind but she decided not to make the situation worse than it already was, so she dismissed that thought immediately.

"I know"! she exclaimed, with a tone of triumph "I'll make a parachute".

Yolie took her shoe laces off and tied them together. Then she took Davis's shoe laces off and tied them together as well.

She took the blanket and laid it out flat. Yolie then ripped holes in the corners and wove the laces through, she then tied the 4 laces together at the bottom. If this didn't work her dress was sure to support them both, it was like swimming in a pool of cashmere. Well this was it, Yolie held her breath for about 3 seconds, exhailed grabed Davis's arm just as she leaned out the door.

What happend to Yolie and Davis?

Will they back back to civilization?

How do Veemon and Hawkmon fit into all this?

Will the rough conditions ahead help heal there relationship?

What made Davis and Yolie fall in love in the first place?