The Blessing: The Visitor

"Madam Dumbledore?"

The White lady in the painting looked up from her desk and peered out into the corridor of the Ministry of Magic. All outside her realm was dark and she could not make out her visitor, beyond the obvious fact that it was a woman.

"Yes?" She replied in a voice rich in cheerfulness. "What can I do for you at this late hour?"

"I have come to ask your blessing." said the visitor, remaining hidden in the shadows. "Forgive my coming so late. It is a private matter and I wished to speak with you alone."

The white lady waved her hand good-humouredly and smiled. She felt her memory stirred by the voice and was pleasantly reminded of times past. Youth, love, children…Albus.

"Not at all." She said kindly. "I am glad of the company. Now, what blessing do you require of an old druidess that cannot be granted by the living?"

The visitor sighed and shifted slightly. The White lady had in her turn provoked recollections of childhood and springtime rituals, maypoles and dancing; of two White elders laughing and singing in the sunshine, smiling together as if without care or concern. The auburn hair of the man contrasting sharply with the white of his and his wife's robes as they waltzed in fertile English fields.

Another sigh. The White lady's smile widened.

"Come, child. What is so difficult that you are troubled thus?"

"Madam Dumbledore." The visitor repeated her words slowly. "I ask your blessing for my marriage."

"There now!" Cried the White lady, clapping her hands together with glee. "What was so difficult about that?"

There was a pause.

"I have married your husband."

This is definately an odd one. Probably only one more chapter, and I doubt you'll be any less in the dark than you are now, but I'm going to post it anyway. Would love some feedback :)