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Chapter 13: explanations of futures past

James was furious. What had gone wrong? Harry had simply disappeared. He had been right there! It actually seemed like they had infiltrated Voldemorts headquarters and would have lived to escape. As it was the sudden disappearance of his future son has shaken James so much that they had barely made it out of there in time.

But they had made it out. Under any other circumstance sneaking in and out of Voldemort's lair would have been a victory. But now they were left with no Harry, no information and lots of wounds.

"Dumbledore! What the hell happened? You did the tests you must know something!"

The old man just gazed at him thoughtfully. "It would appear that Harry went back to his own time."

"Back?" said Sirius voicing James own confusion. "How could he have gone back? Do you think that Voldemort figured out how to send him into the future?"

"I don't believe so." Said Dumbledore "Time is a tricky manner. We are all mortal and thus the victims of time. But what is time to something that was there when it began and something that will be there when it ends?"

"Oh no you don't!" roared James. "I will not listen to you make no sense. My future son is gone! As we speak his vile cousin is probably shoving him around! I want answers!"

Lily let out a sigh somewhere between disapproval at her husband and encouragement. Her normally gorgeous red hair was matted where a death eater had slashed her head and her green eyes were dull.

"Although the tests show nothing conclusive about how Harry may have come to be here. I have theory." The older man said slowly.

"Feel free to share." Sirius snarled.

"We noticed when we did Harry's tests that he is very strong magically. I also know that both of Harry's parents share a similar magical strength. I believe that love brought Harry here."

James rolled his eyes. Come on!

Undeterred Dumbledore plowed on in his explanation. "By his own confession Harry was in trouble with his uncle when he appeared in my office. What he probably wanted more than anything was not a scolding from his uncle but a mother…a father." The headmaster's heavy gaze landed on James and Lily. "Despite the difference of time if his mother or father were wishing for a child at the same moment with the same intensity, that could cause time travel. It is the stuff of ancient magic, before spells when magic was simply a wizard wanting bad enough for the action to happen. As you know I have always maintained that the strongest magic happens through love."

"But…" said James trying to comprehend the implications of what his old teacher was saying. "I haven't been thinking about kids…"

Lily shook her head. "That afternoon before harry came, I was think about having children. Me and James had just been talking about not having a child, I mean to have a child in these times is almost like asking for trouble. But I always wanted a child and I was just thinking…" a tear leaked out of her eye and James rapped his arm around her.

"Lils, you could have told me…" James started, but she cut him off

"It's just not practical, not in these times… But I guess it's in our destiny anyway."

Sirius cleared his throat. "But then how would Harry have ended up back in his time?"

Dumbledore nodded slowly. "If Harry and his mother both dearly wished that he was back in his rightful time."

James looked at his wife, taken aback. Lily had loved having Harry here and she had just said that she had wanted a child. Why would she wish him back to his own time, where her sister was abusing him?

"Don't look at me like that James!" Said lily, a tear leaking out of her eye. "Harry was captured by Voldemort! I would rather he be anywhere other than the hands of that monster. I'd rather Harry face Petunia then the king of the snakes! And I'm sure that Harry wanted to leave too, or else the spell wouldn't have worked."

"Yes." Said Dumbledore "Harry must have wanted to leave as well."

There was a horrible silence as everyone digested what had just been said.

"Well at least we have the tests." Said Sirius "And the memory. We can find a way to change the future, so Harry doesn't end up at his aunt and uncles house."

"Alas." Said Dumbledore with a heavy heart "I have been through Harry's memory many times now and all I have come to discover is that Lily and James are betrayed by their secret keeper, but the secret keepers name is never mentioned. And the tests have so far proven useless."

Sirius looked angry. "Are you saying there is nothing we can do?"

"Yes. We will just have to let time take its course."

9 months later:

"Look Prongs, I've been thinking a lot about this whole secret keeper thing."

"Do tell Padfoot."

"Well I'm the most obvious choice for secret keeper, aren't I? Maybe that's what went wrong before? Maybe the death eaters got it out of me?"

"What are you saying Padfoot?"

"I think you should change to Peter. He's a less obvious a choice. Voldemort would never guess it was him."

"I don't' know Padfoot I trust you with my life. I don't believe you would betray me."

"Please Prongs change it. We can't have gone through this whole thing for nothing! Marlene died for Merlin's sake! You know as well as I those tests aren't gonna be able to answer the questions where asking. Dumbledore's already analyzed them as much as he can! Peter will be the perfect ploy and Harry will never have to grow up with the Dursley's!"

"Alright, Padfoot. Maybe your right."

The End.

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