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Pairing: Rory/Logan in the future

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You Make Me Wanna

You can dress me up diamonds
You can dress me up in dirt
You can throw me like a line-man
I like it better when it hurts

"Rory, get your cute butt over here and watch these fireworks with me," Logan cooed across the room of their 8th floor apartment. He was standing in front of the double doors to the balcony with a bottle of champagne and two flutes, ready to celebrate their two year anniversary.

"I'll be there in a minute," she called out from the bathroom, a mere ten steps away.

"You're going to miss them," he called as he opened the champagne and poured it into the two glasses, holding one out to his beautiful wife as she gracefully approached him, fully clad in her fuzzy cow pajamas.

Oh, I have waited here for you
I have waited

"Thank you," she gave him a chaste kiss to the cheek and leaned her head onto his shoulder, sighing happily.

"You know, you look incredibly sexy in those pajamas," Logan whispered as he proceeded to kiss down her neck softly.

"Well I must say those flannel boxers you're wearing are driving me crazy! I seriously thought you agreed not to wear those anymore after the incident when you wore them the last time," she winked at him and he went back to kissing down her neck.

Pausing only momentarily he smiled, "I'll never forget the disgust on your mother's face when she walked into your room and saw you with your hands down these very pants!"

"Yes well, breakfast the next morning wasn't the most comfortable, especially after she told Luke what she'd walked in on. But I mean, we are married and that was like a week after our honeymoon,"

"That my darling wife was probably the best second honeymoon any couple could have had! We definitely put all the other couples to shame," he stopped kissing her neck as she snuggled up into his body. They had now made their way to the couch and Rory was sitting in Logan's lap, all too happily.

"I wish we could just sit here like this forever. Forget about work and just laze around, drinking coffee and reading," she sighed contentedly again as her husband wrapped an arm around her waist, pulling her close to him.

"That, my dear Ace, would be heaven, but alas, we are both busybodies and could barely keep ourselves still during our two week long honeymoon. What's to say we could do that for the rest of our lives?"

"I know. You can't blame a girl for dreaming," she turned her head to face her adoring husband and gave him a soft kiss on the lips. He smiled at her before standing up and walking into the bedroom. Confused, Rory stood up and looked off to her husbands exit.

"Where are you going?"

"To bed, care to join?" he asked mischievously.

"But it's only eight o'clock," she standing awkwardly in the middle of the room, while Logan leaned onto their bedroom door's frame.

You make me wanna la la
in the kitchen on the floor
I'll be a french maid
When I meet you at the door
I'm like an alley cat
Drink the milk up, I want more
You make me wanna
You make me wanna scream

"Precisely!" he winked and sauntered over to her, winding both of his arms tightly about her waist. She didn't protest but easily lost herself in the kiss that he pulled her into. It started off with just the mere capture of her lips, but seemed to travel into a battle of the tongues- much like they always had to see who would gain the control. More times than not, Rory became the victor, wanting every ounce of Logan she could taste, but Logan always came at a very close second, tasting more and more of Rory as time passed. Not that they were kinky or anything!

Just as Rory realized they had reached the bedroom, she pulled away hastily. Logan, shocked from the warmth of her lips, blinked exaggeratedly and then gave her a questioning look. She smirked, followed by a big fat pout.

"What?" he asked completely confused at her sudden actions.

"I never gave you your anniversary present," she smiled at him again.

"I thought this was my anniversary present," he smirked at her and kissed her fervently until she put a silencing finger between their lips.

"Nope, I want to give you your present first," she whispered breathily onto his own mouth.

"Can't it wait?" he asked impatiently.

"No it can't wait!" she yelled, the distance between them still close.

You can meet me on an aero-plane
Or in the back of the bus
You can throw me like a boomerang
I'll come back and beat you up

Logan began to ring out his ears, "Next time warn me before your going to yell Ace,"

"Just come over here and let me give you the present already!" she said dragging him towards the couch. Once they had settled, she reached her hand under the cushion and pulled it out excitedly holding a thin envelope.

"Oh a card, I'm already excited," he said with glimmering eyes.

"Don't be cheeky you butt-faced miscreant!" she laughed while giving him a good smack on the arm.

Logan pulled the card out slowly and read over the cover a few times confused. The card read:

"Happy Anniversary to a wonderful dad!"

"Um, darling I think you chose the wrong card," he gave her a distant look and handed it to her like she was mentally incapable.

"No that's the right one," she said pushing it back towards him.

"But it says Happy Anniversary Dad. I'm not your dad so then…" his eyes widened immensely as the realization hit him. His lips curled into a giant smile as she began to squeal excitedly.

In all the rush of excitement Logan pressed his lips firmly against his wife's as he leveled her out on the couch. She pulled away giggling, "Logan," she moaned and he stopped to stare into her glowing baby blue eyes.

"I am so happy. This is by far one of the greatest days of our lives!" he squealed and kissed her again. He pulled away, realizing he was squishing the poor girl and sat her up.

Oh, I have waited here for you
Dont, keep me waiting

"Okay, so glad I told you. I know we're young and I just graduated and all, but I can still work for the New Yorker as planned and I've actually already talked to them about Junior here," she said pointing to the flat tummy where their baby laid.

"Wow, you sure planned that out well. What have I told you about living life spontaneously?" he joked kissing her neck again.

"I know, but this is my job here and I'm very excited about all of this. Is your dad still mad at me for not accepting his offer?" she asked timidly.

"I my dear darling wouldn't worry about it. My father loves you almost as much as I do, so have no fear if his paper will miss one of the greatest writers of our time, aside from me of course," he finished with a confident smile.

"I am so a better writer than you," she teased and settled on kissing him before he could protest.

"I'm not sure if it's just because its our anniversary, but I'm thinking you being pregnant is extremely hot! I've never been more attracted to you than I am right now!" he gushed into her ear, causing her moan slightly.

"This reminds me of the day of graduation. Do you remember?" she asked with a giggle.

"Like it was last week babe, like it was last week," he said dreamily.

"Well that's because it was last week, I just wasn't sure if you remembered considering how drunk you were," she smiled at him, but it faded quickly when she realized his face had turned sour. "What?"

"You drank then," he accused.

"No I didn't, I had only virgin cocktails," she defended.

"No you didn't, I gave you something that was pretty heavy," he said regretting the events of the graduation party.

"Funny, but I didn't drink that stuff. Please don't tell me your going to be one of those overprotective husbands who watched everything I eat and makes me eat…greens," she gulped.

"Never Ace, I would never make you eat a vegetable. But darling, alcohol and cigarettes are a whole other ordeal. Oh and your going to have to stop the coffee," he said in a rush, forgetting the sacred rule of all that was holy.

"Oh. Oh no, I am not giving up my coffee!" she screamed, realizing the horribleness of pregnancy.

"Darling it's for the baby, there's always decaf!"

"Mean," she pouted, but knowing his wife and what made her forget things, he gave her a string of kisses across her jawbone and down her neck. "You're still mean," she said sternly, but started to falter as he pulled at the buttons of her pajamas. "Still mean," she whimpered, as he pushed the cotton off her shoulders wrapping his arms around her tiny body. "Okay maybe not so mean," she smiled into his next kiss and fell into the easy routine that was their togetherness.

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