The Bladeblakers don't know Hilary in this story. But, I think it will turn out nicely.

Summary: Tala and Hilary destroyed the abbey and Boris. Now, they need a place to stay. Can the Bladebrakers help?

Or will Kai only make matters worse? Tala/Hilary/Kai

Hilary: 17

Tala: 18

Tyson: 18

Kai: 18

Ray: 17

Max: 17

Kenny: 16

disclaimer: I don't own Beyblades, but I do own this idea! So no stealing.



"Hilary! Tala! Get up here!"

I looked at Tala, who had his head down sighing.

"What'd we do this time?" I asked, teasing.

"What'd we do last time?" he replied getting to his feet. He grabbed both our blades, and threw mine at me.

Only Tala and I were allowed to touch each others blades without being frozen or dying.

"Come on Hilary. Let's go before Boris finds a new toy to test on us."



"Hey Kai. Where you been?" Tyson looked up from his position from the floor, momentarily stopping polishing

Dragoon for a minute.

"Remember Tala, from my team when I was on the Demolition Boys? He's coming over soon. To stay for a while."

"Isn't he in Russia? With Boris?"

Kai looked like he was about to murder someone before he answered, "Ya. He got a blader from the abbey to help

him. Boris is gone. At least for now."

"That's cool. Grandpa won't mind. When's he coming?"

"Tomorrow." And with that, Kai strode from the room, the trails of his scarf flying behind him.



"Go Tala. I'll be fine. I'll only be six hours behind you. Don't worry. I'll take care of Boris. Oh, and Tala. Don't tell them

I'm coming. I know where Tyson lives. I'll be fine. Now go!"

"I'll watch for you. Come to Tyson's with the cover of night."

I smiled, hugged Tala briefly, and pushed him towards the gate. The hug was just to annoy his. And he's huggable. Tala

held out a fist to me. He took my hand, dumped what was in his hands to mine, and closed my fist around it.

"Use him well." Then, he was gone.

I opened my hand to find a surprise. Wolborg. He let me use him, so he could know, feel, when Boris is defeated. And brag

that he helped. I smiled and pocketed Wolborg with my own blade.


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